Check Out What Curp Is

Every country has something that can help to identify the citizens that belong there and if you are wondering what you need in order to have a proof of identity in Mexico then you need to create a Curp y Rfc card. This is a unique code that helps to identify all the citizens in the country and it comes in very handy for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons this card is used is for identification and because every citizen is required to have one tracking down criminals becomes easy. This helps to bring down the number of crimes that are taking place in the country.

This identification also comes in handy for various government procedures and even when you want to apply for your driving license. You need something that is authentic that can help identify you and there’s nothing more authentic than the curp card. It is also required when you want to make a passport.

One of the ways that the Mexican government has ensured that the curp code is unique for each resident and citizen of Mexico is by coming up with a unique concept of creating the curp code. Every curp code is made up of 18 alpha numeric characters. These characters consist of alphabets from the first and last name, a few numbers from their date of birth, initials from their place of birth and so on.

The Mexican government also has a procedure in place in order to avoid duplicate entries because it is very much possible that two people were born on the same day in the same city and have the same names. Once the curp code has been generated for an individual, they can use it for a number of things and there are a number of benefits that they can avail of as well.