Locating Rare Pokémons

A lot of people are hell bent on finding a rare Pokémon. This is understandable as they definitely can be useful in the game. The big question is where can you find them? It’s advisable to head to a huge open park with different terrains. The place you decide to head to will depend on what kind of rare Pokémon you want to catch. For rare water or ice Pokémons you will have better chances in catching them near bodies of water (at the beach or maybe a park with a lake). Now for a rare fighting Pokémons you will have to head out to places brimming with physical activity like the gyms and parks. You can try catching n electric type of rare Pokémon at areas where there’s a concentration of electricity being used.

If you want to ease the process of locating rare pokemons then you must try pokemon duel cydia hack. In real part of the game where you need to hone some skills to catch the rare pokemon but after you have implemented the hack on your game you don’t need to worry about anything at all. You just need to sit back and enjoy if at all you need any rare pokemon then just type the name and get the pokemon in your bag.

Secondly it is also needed to level yourself up as much as you can so that the system will alert you about the rarest pokemon. You can also try buddy system and take a walk with your pokemon buddy and in the walk you can get the evolution of the pokemon.

If you have eggs then its mandatory to keep walking until it’s those eggs are hatched. The hatching process will the completed only in the travel. So if you are lucky you may also catch some rare pokemon from the egg.