Strategy Based Games Are The Best

A strategy based game is a game where players are forced to decide in decision making skills to get the real outcome. In other words, strategy based games are something where we have to decide on what is best to get the outcome. We have to think and play, we have to use our brains to get the real outcome of the game. Eg; Chess, Cards, Pacman (online game).

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Such game helps a child to think logically. Strategy based games helps children to think better and also improves their skills. Strategy based games is the best way to sharpen our tactics. It helps to think deeper and also make us more cautious while we play because our one small decision might help us to win or lose the game.

This is a role playing game; you will be giraffe, at least for the minutes you play on the Casanova. You will find different sizes of giraffe on your screen, and you will be given different size of head. The only thing you should do in this game is, keep you cursor on the head, and the drag the head to lessen or increase the height of the giraffe. The giraffes will be moving on the screen, you should match the size of the giraffe approaching you, which leads to a kiss between two giraffe. The main purpose of this game is to have different levels of kisses and you will have the bonuses which can plus your score.