Breaking Bad Series With Highest Rating

There is no other place better than here to watch סדרות לצפייה ישירה. You will be amazed seeing the collection we have for you. Today we present the synopsis of the popular show Breaking Bad. Here you will see many eminent personalities of the film industry: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, DJ Mitte, Dean Norris and many others.

So, the story goes like this that Walter White is a high school Chemistry teacher, who is absolutely passionate about not only the subject he teaches but also his profession. But how long does a happy, simple life last? Not long, and this is what the show teaches us.

Right after his second child and only daughter is born, he is diagnosed with stage III cancer. The doctors give him the ultimatum that there is no way that he can make it past 2 years. So, instead of continuing his job as a Chemistry teacher, which begins to go for a toss anyway after his deteriorating health, he decides to do something unbelievable.

Partnering with his former student, Jesse Pinkman, he starts his own drug dealing business where he makes methamphetamine which grows like fire in the market and everybody jumps right in. Soon, they see their business growing as the demands keep coming in. But Walter must be careful, not only with the competition he has around him but also with the police he has in his own family, Hank Schrader, his brother-in-law.

As the time goes by, his business flourishes and he gets an offer from the most powerful drug dealer in New Mexico and he starts working for them. But nothing sweet lasts forever as we learnt earlier. So, things begin to get messy here as well, thanks to Jesse.

As the seasons keep coming, the new twists and turns await them. Will you stick around to watch what happens in the end? Do you really have what it takes to handle it all? There’s only one way to find out.