Top Models Rocking Richest Celebrities

Modeling has seen its way to the top as a profession. It had not had its way into the world market as a career but of now it is highly appreciated. With the growing trends of clothing designs, models are highly marketable. This has been supported by having institutions teaching modeling. Now we have top models that have grown financially due to their jobs. They include;

Susan Holmes; she is among the most famous model and fashion designer in the United States. She started her career way back at the age of 17 where she was featured in the cover of San Diego magazine. At 45 years she has a net worth of $20 million. This has been achieved through her designs that were won by stars such as Kate Hudson and Venus Williams from her Susan Holmes slimwear. She has been featured in major deals like the British Film Inferno!  and the advertisement on Triumph lingerie.

Linda Hogan; she is an author, actor and model.  She has written a book about her life story called “Wrestling the Hulk: My Life From the Ropes”. She has been featured in many films and has been in TV for dating younger men. This 55 year old is still in good body shape and has a net worth of $20 million.

Kylie Jenner; this young model has people all over the world talking about her. Kylie is really popular due to the E! reality television series. She has this amazing body with perfect curves that has enabled her to major on modeling as a career. She is also a writer and TV personality. In any TV shows she is in, she’s been prominent. At only 20 years she has a net worth of $5 million which will immensely rise in the coming years. To mark her popularity she has over 29.5 million followers on instagram. Being among the richest celebrities is the major deal at a very young age.


With their amazing qualities of been models, nothing could suit them better.