Getting To Know What Is Dascoin

You should definitely know what is DasCoin, if you want a cryptocurrency change your life! Albeit it’s still a cryptocurrency like bitcoins and some other virtual cash, it has awesome features you cannot see from the rest. DasCoin have took the world by storm upon being launched last March 2017, and is now rapidly gaining popularity all over the globe!

What is DasCoin Cryptocurrency?

Basically, DasCoin is still a virtual currency that you can use for paying transactions; both on the cyberspace and on the real world. However, it’s considered to be the next generation of cryptocurrency, as it’s a hybrid between centralized and decentralized type of virtual currency.

For starters, you can observe that anonymity is one of the big things about bitcoin. But with DasCoin, such feature is eliminated, hence gaining it a high rate in integrity. It was designed to address the issue of money laundering, and it advocate that everyone must “Know Your Client” (KYC) to avoid shady deals.

Additionally, DasCoin runs on the mainstream economy, thus making it efficient to be converted into other real currencies. DasCoin also have a predictable inflation rate, hence making it easy to control. It’s frictionless in transactions, and you don’t have to wait for long minutes just to deliver DasCoin to the other end of a transaction. If bitcoin block chains take 30 to 45 minutes to get a transaction approved, all you need to wait is 6 seconds for DasCoin Explorer to work! That’s a huge noticeable difference, giving DasCoin the advantage.

You just have to know more about what is DasCoin, and some other related info surrounding it. It would also help if you keep yourself updated with DasCoin news, for you to know the current state of DasCoin. This could give you the advantage, especially in dealing with its inflation rate and other hot values.