Insanity Workout: The Target Areas

One of the reasons as to why the Insanity Workout is one of the best is that it has a balance in terms of the target areas. There are a lot of ways in order for you to exercise certain muscle areas, but no other routine does it as intensely as the Insanity Workout. There are plenty of Insanity Workout Blog which can be visited, and all of them share the same sentiment, and it’s that it is your hardest workout ever. To be specific, there are 5 target areas of the Insanity Workout. What are these? Let’s find out below!


From the video titles alone, you’d notice that the Insanity Workout focuses on the core, being its primary target area. It goes beyond the typical curl-ups and sit-ups, as it takes core development to a whole new level.


Instead of dumbbells, kettle bells, and other equipment, the unique thing about the Insanity Workout is that it makes use of your own body weight to sculpt the arms, as well as the shoulders and chest. This makes it not only an effective one, but also a convenient and cost-efficient routine as well.


The muscles at the back end have to be given proper care and are usually the least exercised set of muscles. The Insanity Workout is inclusive of Plyometrics, which helps to make your back end muscles much stronger.


While it’s not the main focus, as the lower-body muscle groups are, the exercises, in a bid to make it well-rounded is still inclusive of back exercises. After all, without a strong back, support for other muscle groups would be hard.


Plyometrics entails hopping and jumping, and this is something that targets the legs. All of these exercises help to tone legs and make them stronger.