The Science Behind Penis Pumps

Penis pumps, as stated in the name, involve a lot of pumping and routines if the user really wants to optimize the usage. Before you dismiss the idea altogether, consider the fact that penis pump have been around for years and a handful of companies already established their names and image on the penis pumps that they manufacture and produce. Bottom-line, penis pumps must be doing something right with the customers and clients they’ve earned.

How it Works

Whenever the air is extracted from vacuum penis pumps or a hydro penis pump spills out water, a vacuum motion is facilitated inside the cylindrical tube which basically causes it to swell up and fill the vacuum; the swelling is due to the expanding of the internal parts of the penis. To be more specific, the corpus spongiosum, tunica and corpus cavernosa expands because of the force of the vacuum or the negative pressure; this process improves the blood flow alongside lymphatic liquids. Other than that, the vacuum creates minimal pressure for the penile ligaments which enables a permanents increase in size.

Contrary to popular belief, penis pumps that use air vacuums have been present years before drugs like Cialis, Viagra and Levitra came into the picture; these ED drugs help those with suffering from erectile dysfunction. Nowadays, penis pumps are known to be an effective erection aid tool that even urologists recommend as an essential part of treatments. The latest penis pumps available today, specifically models offered by Penomet and Bathmate, make use of water in creating the vacuum effect; hydro pumps are said to be more effective and comfortable, especially when water is used in the routine. The newest pumps work wonders for penis enlargement as well as penile hydrotherapy. Penis pumps are safe and effective as long as the instructions are followed.