A brief introduction of blockchain technology

The blockchain technology has developed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. The identity of this person is still unknown that released this virtual currency. There is another name for this currency that is digital currency. Bitcoin or clear coin is a digital currency that is used for payment just like banks transaction process but there is no need for actual currency. Blockchain technology that has developed before years ago but now it has become the biggest groundbreaking technology. This technology makes better impacts on each industry. It has made marking related work too better as well as more transparent. No one industry cans fraud during the transaction process.

Blockchain technology v/s Bitcoin

Many people things that the blockchain technology and Bitcoin are the same terms but this is not true. Bitcoin is one type of currency. It has a specific form that is digital. The blockchain technology is a method to use a cryptocurrency. We can say that Bitcoin is a part of this latest transaction technique. The blockchain technology has made for Bitcoin in the beginning. So both terms of the blockchain technology and Bitcoin are not the same but interlinked with each other.

Blockchain technology will disrupt: There are many industries which are affecting by this latest technology. There are major benefits of this technology in each industry in the market. This is a digital ledger that used for keeping records and all business has the biggest need for transactions records for future uses. There has been listed below the name of those industries which are highly effecting by the blockchain technology.

  • The banking industry
  • Money transfer industry
  • Stock trading industry
  • The healthcare industry
  • Real estate industry
  • Online music industry
  • The legal industry
  • An education industry

To sum up, business industries have been highly affected by this new transaction technology which is used the clear coin for payment.