Exploding & Imploding Kittens: Some Great Adult Board Games

As old as we can be, we always find ways to have fun, whether with our friends or just by ourselves. From online games like Agen Domino, or its real-life version which makes use of the actual chips and cards. Whatever version it may be, what matters is that you have fun with what you do. If you love board games, and if you love to play with kittens, then Exploding kittens may be a great game for you to play. Here’s a deeper look at Exploding Kittens.

Game History

This is a game that was originally introduced by Elan Lee, and was made possible, thanks to a Kickstarter project, where the amount of funds that they have obtained as a goal was achieved, and even exceeded in just 8 minutes. This was published in July 2015, and since then has managed to sell millions of sets around the world. It has been labelled as a card game for those who love kittens, explosions, laser beams, and in some instances, goats.


The cards are placed on the deck, except Defuse and Exploding Kitten cards. The deck can be shuffled and the player can draw 4 random cards plus a Defuse. The cards will then be shuffled into the deck so that the kitten cards will be less than the players by one. Also, Defuse cards will be returned to the deck. Taking turns, the players will then play as many cards as they can in their turn, and they should not be allowed to tell what cards they have with them. Played cards will be put in a discard pile. Should you end up drawing an exploding kitten card, you will explode, die, and be eliminated from the game, unless a defuse card is played, which will prevent kittens from exploding by using things like kitten yoga, catnip sandwiches, and laser pointers.