Sources for Coupons and Coupon Facts

The cost of living is increasing and wages seem to be standing still. There are still ways of stretching the family dollar and still be able to keep your current standard of living. You can even improve your standard of living. Many people think the only way to get coupons is through the Sunday paper but that is not true. Coupons can be printed from the internet, or found on store shelves.

Why would stores want to accept coupons? Well in addition to getting reimbursed for the face value of the coupon the manufacture will also pay 0.08 to 0.12 cents per coupon. That can add up to a lot of money. Coupons also bring shoppers into stores to spend money. Which is why this is beneficial for both the seller and the buyers. In addition to that, you get to save some money on your shopping bill as well as you apply coupon codes that are easily available online. 

Why would the manufacture want to give the product away at a reduced or free price? They want the consumer to become a repeat buyer. If someone tries a product for free or at a good price and they like the item they will buy again, even without a coupon.

Traditionally most people anticipate getting coupons from Sunday’s paper. These coupons are called inserts and are normally from Smartsource, Valassis, or P G.; Proctor and Gamble normally put out coupons once a month, the first Sunday of the month. Typically coupons vary from state to state so if you have a friend or relative that gets the Sunday paper in another state their coupons could vary by what is offered and the amount of the coupon may differ as well.

Printable coupons are coupons that can be printed from the internet. The downside is that all companys do not take them because of the risk of coupon fraud. If you ever find a coupon online and you question its authenticity then contact the company and ask them if it is legitimate. Authentic printable coupons normally have an expiration date, the spelling is correct, and there is an address for reimbursement. Ask your store manager if they take printable coupons. Check online for a coupon policy. It is surprising the number of store clerks, and management that does not know that they accept printable coupons. It is normally at the manager’s discretion so always ask if there is any doubt.

This is a few of the stores I use printable coupons at:

Walmart or Super Walmart

Target or Super Target


This is a few of my favorite online printable companies:

Blinkies are coupons that are normally found on store shelves. A flashing light makes it easy to spot. Most blinkie machines have a space on top for extra coupons, so check on the top of the machine if you need multiple coupons.

Peelies are coupons that are stuck on the side of merchandise. The coupon can be peeled off and used or saved. There is always a great debate on whether or not it is ok to peel off coupons from a product that you are not buying to use at a later date. Be aware that if you collect peelies while shopping someone may confront you.

Tear pads are just what they sound like. They are coupons on a pad and you peel off what you want. I never take an entire pad but I do sometimes get a few extras to use later. I usually find coupons and rebates that do not come out in Sunday’s paper. This makes them valuable to trade. Remember I said that different areas get different coupons offers. There are savvy coupon shoppers who like to trade and are willing to swap coupons for better deals. Coupon traders can be found online at a coupon club. While I have my favorites there are numerous online shoppers and it is a billion-dollar industry.

This is a few of the online coupon sites that I enjoy:

Wine tags are coupons that are not in all states. The coupon can be lifted from around the bottleneck and used now or later. Do not let the name throw you it is not necessarily a coupon for wine. If wine tags are not legal in your state then you may not want to trade for them because they may not be legal for your use. The coupon is usually sponsored by the beverage company but a liquor purchase may not be necessary.

Next time you are at your neighborhood pharmacy like CVS, Rite Aid, or Walgreens and they have free booklets sitting out you need to have a look inside. Many stores have booklets lying around full of coupons. Magazines are another source of coupons.

Let’s say you need more than one copy of a coupon. You can not buy coupons because it is illegal to sell them. There are people who charge for their time finding and cutting coupons. eBay can be an excellent source for coupons. Buyer beware if you buy on eBay. Check to see the sellers history before purchasing.

Once you start using coupons I must warn you, IT IS ADDICTIVE. You will suddenly start spotting coupons that you never noticed before, and all those mistakes at the register start getting noticed.