Everything About Farmville

A lot of my friends have asked me about Farmville. They wonder why the game is so popular and what it is all about.

Farmville, as the name suggests, is about farming. The main objective of the player should be to grow as a farmer. As you play, you collect experience points or XP. The more XP you collect, the more experienced farmer you become and move into the next level. You collect XP when you plough and sow the seeds. You also collect XP when you buy new items from the market.

To buy the items, you will need coins and farm cash. You collect coins when you harvest your crop. This will be your primary source for coins. You can also collect coins when you harvest your trees and farm animals. Selling farm items is another source for collecting coins. However, these methods do not work for farm cash. Farm cash is earned only when you graduate to the next level.

It is quite an entertaining game where you get to learn new things at every level and can serve as a precursor for your farming skills, which you can utilize to the hilt and may even think of taking up farming after retirement or take it up as a career and get into the agriculture field for good measure. It is something that you would feel proud of in the near future and it would yield good financial results, compared to how much you can earn and lose as an agen judi online which completely depends on the player’s luck. 

There is another means to grow richer with coins and farm cash in Farmville. You can use your credit card to buy the coins and farm cash. However, I do not know much about it as I never purchased any coins or farm cash.

Once you collect enough coins, you can invest it in your farm. You can plough more farm patches and sow more seeds and thereby increase your profits. Increased profits will, in turn, allow you to purchase buildings and farm decorations, which will again bring you more XP. You can also buy trees and farm animals and harvest them for extra coins.

Easy Farmville Tips

If you’ve noticed, the subtitle reads ‘tips’ and not ‘tricks’. I chose the word ‘tips’ because there are no real secret tricks here. To get ahead in Farmville, you will have to work hard just like a real life farmer.

My first tip would be about staying focused. Farmville often brings out new themes and items such as, the Holiday theme, New Year’s and the Valentine’s Day theme. While it is fun to have a new theme and new items in the market, do not lose focus. You are primarily a farmer and must always stay one. Make most of the themes by growing the temporary high XP crops introduced then. But do not spend unnecessarily on the decorative items and buildings.

Secondly, do not ignore the ribbons, collectibles and the mastering stars. Every ribbon you earn, every collectible you collect and every mastery star brings more coins and XP. These act as a bonus. And since Farmville is all about growing as a farmer, the ribbon and a mastery star become all the more important.

Next tip is on time management. If you sow your seed at 8:30 AM, then grow Blueberries and harvest it by lunch time. You can then sow Aloe, which will be ready to harvest by the time you return home. And before you call it a day, plant Carrots or Cranberries to harvest them the next morning. Always make sure you harvest the crop before it withers. If you cannot return to Farmville often, then grow crops that stand for long, such as Cotton, Wheat and Water Melon.

Space management is also important. Do not fill your farm with buildings such as the library, school or lodge. Instead use the space to grow high XP crops.

Farmville is the best place to be a farmer. Unlike in the real world, we do not have to worry about bad weather, pests or poor crops. The least we could do to pay tribute to a hard working farmer is to think like one. A little common sense and intelligent use of resources is all it takes to get ahead in Farmville.