Make Your Computer Hacker Proof- Tricks of the Trade

What do you do when you are at cross roads in life and are in the moral dilemma of choosing the right way forward. There are many things that interest the younger generation and they are unable to decide which profession to take up as a career.

Looking at the current trends, it is the IT industry that will rule the roost in the coming decade and there are many professionals in this field who are slogging it out day and night for technological breakthroughs that will prove beneficial to mankind.

Computers are the soul of IT professionals and tech savvy individuals who consider it as their tool of modernity. It has changed many lives for the better and at the same time has served as a source of entertainment for young children.

Tool Of Theft

However, it has also provided a platform for hackers who have used it to their advantage by conning innocent people online and siphoning off funds from them and this has become a norm today. 

No wonder that social media has played its part in helping coin the infamous term for computers called tool of theft.

Therefore, we are going to talk about certain steps that can keep these hackers at bay and they are as follows:

  1. Hackers are glorified for no reason and it just requires common sense to tackle them. Whenever you are using public wifi, kindly exercise caution as it is less secure
  2. Keep on testing your device for any sign of weakness or vulnerability and it can be only done by updating it to newer features
  3. Take care to read the app details from start to finish by taking in the finer details
  4. Secure your data by encrypting in the process library
  5. Overwrite deleted files as they can never be recovered by hackers
  6. Kindly practice the principle privilege and become its administrator