CES: Small Electronics Announced You’ll Want To Own

CES is the setting for several large company announcements and press releases bout high dollar items, but it is also a place where smaller lesser-known companies make announcements about products coming to the market that are priced and designed for the average consumer. You will find a full list of the small electronic appliances on https://www.dfydaily.com/ that were announced by CES recently. Although, after going through the list, here are some of the best electronics that you should consider buying.

CES: Microrobot Introduces UBOT

Roomba and Scooba, meet UBOT. UBOT is a cleaning robot designed by the company Microbot. UBOT not only sweeps floors, but it also vacuums and mops them, all at the same time. The company boasts that UBOT can completely sweep and mop a 100 square foot area in around 10 minutes. One really neat feature of the UBOT is that it will automatically return to it’s a docking station, no matter how far away it is from it, that way you will never run out of battery power. UBOT is currently only available in Korea, with plans to come to the US later this year.

Digital 3 Hero Sports Wrist Camera

Do you worry about losing your digital camera? Tired of walking around carrying your camera on a chord? Digital 3 has the solution for you. The Digital 3 sports wrist camera is a 3-megapixel camera designed with sports in mind. The digital camera is attached to a wrist strap much like a heavy-duty watchband. You can lock the camera flat in place when it’s not in use, and flip it up to take pictures. The camera is waterproof up to 100′ and can also shoot up to 54 minutes of video with sound.

Backup Pal

The company Advanced Wireless announced at CES the availability of their product Back-Up pal. Backup Pal is a device designed to instantly back up numbers from your cell phone, and easily transfer them to a new phone should your cell be lost or stolen. Your phone connects to BackupPal through either a USB connection or the phone’s serial port, the device can hold up to 2,000 names and runs off 3 AAA batteries.

Quick Pod Extendable Tripod

The Quick Pod is a Monopod designed for taking pictures of you. You simply attach your camera or camcorder to the end of the tripod, extend it to the desired length and take a picture. The accessory weighs less than a pair of sunglasses and is perfect for trips when you would like to have yourself in the shot as well.


Do you always lose your cell phone or keys and spend hours looking for them? The Loc8tor allows you to tag said items, and then use a homing device to find when you accidentally misplace them. The loc8tor can find things up to 60 feet away. Unfortunately in order to find anything you need the homing device, which if you are prone to misplacing things, you will more than likely misplace. The device also can allow you to set a “safety zone” around our items, and even your children, so if they leave a certain pre-specified area and alarm will sound enabling you to find them.