Having a Yard Sale with Kids: Getting Rid of Children’s Junk

A yard sale is not items that are junk. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Some things that may look like junk are not to some people. Yard sales are all about getting rid of things and cleaning the clutter out of the house or garage. Do not throw items away if you can make a buck on it or give it to charity. I have been to a lot of yard sales and one thing that makes a successful yard sale is cheap prices. If you’re trying to get rich off a yard sale, you probably won’t have any customers. If you mark everything too high, sometimes it sends customers to walk away.

Having a yard sale with kids is fun and good for them. It helps teach them to clean house. Sometimes they just have too much stuff. I am going to have a yard sale and I have asked my children to clean whatever baby toys they no longer needed and place it in the yard sale box. They are very excited about doing this. Some people have yard sales to help pay a bill or go to dinner or enjoy a movie. I am having a yard sale to buy my kids some school clothes. That is important right now to do. The kids are very happy to help. I had the kids mark each item at $1. My oldest will wear his apron and collect the money at the yard sale. It will be fun. Having kids help out is important teaches them to not be so selfish and to take on responsibilities. Having kids help makes it easy. Although, there are times when it is not possible for the kids to get rid of all the useless stuff and you would not be able to get rid of that because you need to take care of your kids. In such cases getting in touch with junk removal philadelphia pa will save a lot of your time and energy as they get rid of all your junk for you and allow you to host a yard sale properly. 

Having a yard sale takes a lot of planning. The week before you have the yard sale make the signs from cardboard boxes and write in black. Post them up near the busiest streets nearby. Have as many tables for all of your items. I like to take a piece of yellow poster note and mark the prices on it. Make sure all of your items are clean too customers do not like to see dirty things. It sends them away I think. If you mark something for $5 and a customer wants it for $3 be prepared to negotiate. Its either you do or you don’t sell. Start as high as the item should sell for. I have a cabbage patch doll going in the yard sale I paid $25 for her but I know in the yard sale to sell her for $10. Now maybe someone will pay $10 or not. If she does not sell the first day then the second day I will lower her price to $5. It’s all about luck you either got it or you don’t.

Having a yard sale is a lot of work too you got to be outside for a few hours at least. With kids sometimes they do not like to be out there for that long. You should bring some things they love to play with to make them comfortable. If you can have a family member be there with you too that will help so they can help with the kids. It makes the yard sale more fun if you can make some lemonade too and have one of the kids sell a cup for 50 cents that will have the sales.