The Big Four Platforms For Social Media Marketing

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When was the last time you opened the yellow pages to get information about a business, product or brand? Probably a long time ago. This is likely due to the fact that print marketing is rapidly becoming obsolete as businesses turn to internet marketing to spread their messages. In addition to the practice of search engine optimization, social media marketing is becoming the new norm for spreading the word on a good (or not so good) idea.

The practice of promoting a brand, business, product, service, or organization over social media platforms is referred to as social media marketing. There are numerous different platforms available for social media marketing, all of which vary in terms of use, functionality, engagement and privacy. One of the most commonly used social media networks for the purpose of social media marketing is is Twitter. Using SMS, or short message service, “tweets” are limited to 140 characters and are generally not all that private. Twitter’s main benefit is its effectiveness at virally spreading messages.

One of the most popular social media marketing platforms is used by over 400 million people. It is none other than Facebook, the infamous social networking site. Most Facebook users have personal accounts where they can connect with their friends and share photos and updates about their lives. However, Facebook allows for businesses, brands, organizations, services and products to have their own pages, where personal users can “Like” what is being promoted on the page. The subject of what users “like” is promoted their own social network established on Facebook for all others to see, serving as word of mouth advertising on the internet.

There are two other social networks widely used for social media marketing purposes. They are the photo sharing tool Flickr, and the video sharing hub YouTube. Flickr is used to upload, tag and share photos across the internet. Although not as popular as YouTube, it has been used by a variety of organizations to promote photos of their establishment, services and products. Photo galleries on Flickr can also be embedded on external websites. YouTube, on the other hand, is very similar to Flickr, yet its purpose is to share videos. Similarly, videos on YouTube can be embedded onto websites.

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