CLICK PER SECOND- Your Reliable Platform To Test & Improve Your CPS!

Are you one who is interested in improving your click per second so that you can play and win all manner of Minecraft competitive games? If so, then welcome to CLICK PER SECOND – an online platform that allows you to test and improve your cps in different periods.

For Your Benefit; We Offer You Several Cps Tests Ranging From –

  • 1-second cps test
  • 5-second cps test
  • 10-second cps test
  • 15-second cps test
  • 30-second cps test
  • 60-second cps test
  • And 100-second cps test

In addition to these tests; we also provide other click per second tests like 

  • Jitter Test
  • Kohi Test
  • Roler Test

Depending On Your Cps Score, We Even Allot You Different Ranks Namely 

  • Fox Speed For Those Having Cps > 10
  • Rabbit Speed For Those Having Cps <10
  • Cow Speed For Those Having Cps Ranging From 5-8
  • And Slug Speed For Those Having Cps < 5

By visiting, you can take up your cps test as many times as you want. And to use our online cps tester, you will have to open our website on your mobile/desktop/iPad and choose which cps timer you wish to use. 

The auto timer set is 5-seconds, although you can custom set your desirable timer by using the menu bar or the boxes present on the right-hand side of the web page. You have the option of setting them to – 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 100 seconds.

Once done, begin the cps by clicking on the vacant large box. Strive to achieve any many clicks as you can muster.

See, it’s that simple!

So, feel free to visit the site any time you feel like to practice as many times as you want to improve your overall click per the second score.