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What Are The 4 Ways To Keep Up The Potential Property With House Management?

One can manage the potential property as well as house management together because to acknowledge this, you need to know the qualities of time management as well as leadership …

One can manage the potential property as well as house management together because to acknowledge this, you need to know the qualities of time management as well as leadership qualities. Both the tasks are difficult and crucial for managing because house management requires responsibilities for baring up all the things together. Here you have to manage the household works as well as supervising staff members. Whereas when we talk about the potential properties, then one needs to always become available as well as dependable. You can consider професионален домоуправител в софия for making a mark in potential properties. Also, managing a house can be listed for managing and taking care of tenants’ responsibilities. 

Here in this article, you will be going to read about the 4 ways to keep up the potential property with house management such as:

4 ways to keep up the potential property with house management:

  • It is crucial to take care of properties and house management at the same time, but still, you can consider it. As a reason, both the platforms are different yet interesting to manage.
  • When we consider house management, then here a person needs to take care of the entire working going in a house. Whereas when we consider potential properties, then here you need to be attentive in terms of properties and ways for dealing it.
  • House management requires managing skills as well as organizing everything. Here you need to know about leadership and time management qualities because it will help you to manage all the entire things. 

  • Potential property acquires with availability so that the dealer can attain all the information from the advisor. 

All the 4 ways to keep up the potential property with house management is listed on the upper section for you. 


How to Get a Date for Valentine’s Day

No matter how old you are, your race, financial status, or anything else that makes you different from others, no one has the desire to be alone for Valentine’s …

No matter how old you are, your race, financial status, or anything else that makes you different from others, no one has the desire to be alone for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a day for love, romance, passion, and being with or finding that special someone. Here are five tips that will help you get a date for Valentine’s Day.

Online запознанства

If you are searching for that special Valentine’s Day date register with an online dating site. There are countless numbers of people out there who are also searching for the special someone to spend Valentine’s Day and possibly several other days with. Make sure to choose the online dating site that is geared toward the person you are looking for. Post a great profile that tells prospective dates about you, your likes, dislikes, your hobbies, and anything else you feel someone would like to know about you. When you write your profile make sure to spell check, use proper language, and proper capitalizations. You want to appear educated but with a profile full of spelling mistakes you will just be dropping the ball. Don’t forget to post a recent picture of yourself. People like to be able to see who they are talking too.

Leave the House!

For goodness sakes get out of the house! There is no possible way you will find your Valentine’s Day date while sitting on the couch in your underwear watching TV! But wait! Before you leave the house please shower, shave, brush your teeth and your hair. Don’t forget to dress as if you were actually meeting someone because who knows you might be and that person could be your date for Valentine’s Day.

Ask Your Co-Worker Out on Valentine’s Day Date

If you know that your co-worker is single and you think there might be a spark between you ask him out for Valentine’s Day date! You never know what might come of it and if nothing else you will have a date for Valentine’s Day. Remember there are a few things you should not do when dating your co-worker. Don’t spread office gossip, if things don’t work-out you never know what might get leaked. You don’t want to be the girl who gossips. Don’t kiss and tell at work. Leave your personal life at home and your office life at work. Mixing the two is only setting yourself up for problems that really are not even worth Valentine’s Day date.

Above all else, you must know that their only way to find Valentine’s Day Date is to actually ask someone out. Find that special someone that you want to spend Valentine’s Day with and just ask them. You never know who will say yes to a fun and exciting Valentine’s Day Date with you!

Guide to Mockingbird in Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Overview – Mockingbird is a difficult character to describe. In almost all circumstances her talents include massive debuffing and dealing major damage. But, due to her special abilities, she …

Overview –

Mockingbird is a difficult character to describe. In almost all circumstances her talents include massive debuffing and dealing major damage. But, due to her special abilities, she will play slightly differently in almost every battle. She is one of the best characters in the game, with her only drawback being that she is only moderately good against the rare enemy that is a generalist.

How to Obtain –

Mockingbird could only be obtained from special operation #1. If she wasn’t obtained then, there is currently no way to obtain her. The buying league of legends account should be in the consideration of the players. The experience and skills obtained from the game should be positive for the players. The charges will be under the funds available with the players. 

Special Abilities – Mock Combat / Tactical Insight –

These special abilities are unique to Mockingbird. The first ability changes Mockingbird’s class to the counter-class of any enemy that attacks her. The second ability gives her a 50% chance of gaining an immediate additional action whenever she changes her class. Combined, these abilities allow Mockingbird to gain the advantage against an enemy that attacks her and to potentially act immediately after that attack. As an important note, when Mockingbird changes her class, she still retains any buffs the previous class granted her. Thus, it is possible for Mockingbird to retain the enraged bonus to attack and defense from a bruiser while benefiting from the double attack advantage of a scrapper, for example.

Twin Strike (Level 1) –

For this ability alone, Mockingbird would be a great character. This moderate stamina cost attack deals moderate damage and potentially applies any and all of the following status effects to the enemy: slowed, dizzy, weakened, and exposed. This attack is also the attack Mockingbird uses to counter attack with and for follow up attacks. The incredibly high hit rate of this attack makes it one of the best attacks in the game.

Pole Vault (Level 2) –

Pole Vault might look like a good attack, but compared to Twin Strike it is basically worthless. It deals about half as much damage as Twin Strike and only has a 60% chance of stunning the target. Even if it does stun the target, the stun will have worn off by Mockingbird’s next action, which means the only real benefit Mockingbird gained was putting combo setup on the target. The best use of this attack is to setup an ally or save stamina when trying to get through avoidance effects on an enemy.

Critical Intel (Level 6) –

This ability makes Mockingbird absolutely devastating. When used, all enemies will receive a critical hit on the next attack against them. Furthermore, Mockingbird gains a buff that causes her to change to the counter class of the next enemy she attacks before the attack resolves. Thus, Mockingbird will gain the benefits of the counter class for that attack. The one downside of this ability is that it won’t apply the buff to Mockingbird more than once per battle.

Mocking Blow (Level 9) –

On paper this attack looks like a very high stamina cost attack that only deals high damage. In reality, it can potentially be the highest damage dealing attack in the game, delivering hits that deal up to five times the health of an enemy. The trick is that this attack deals additional damage to the target for each debuff on it, from the list of most common debuffs. If used after Twin Strike has applied all four debuffs, this attack will deal, on average, half again as much health as the enemy has.

Unlocks –

Mockingbird is not currently used to unlock any content and is unlikely to be needed in the future.

PvP –

Mockingbird is one of the best PvP characters in the game. Her flexibility in class means that she can face just about any combination of characters. Her massive damage potential allows her to remove enemies quickly and her Tactical Insight ability gives her the potential to gain multiple additional attacks during a fight. The only character that gives her any real trouble is Scarlet Witch, because Scarlet Witch can turn Mockingbird’s debuffs into buffs.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character Guide: Bowser

Bowser is the game’s largest and heaviest character and plays just like you’d expect a heavyweight character to play. He has great strength and can take a beating, but …

Bowser is the game’s largest and heaviest character and plays just like you’d expect a heavyweight character to play. He has great strength and can take a beating, but he has two very bad flaws: he’s slow and he’s huge. This means that you’ll be getting hit a lot, and in Smash Bros. that’s never a good thing, no matter how much endurance your character has. Still, Bowser manages to make it work, because he’s actually a good character. He’s not that hard to use either; in fact, Bowser can make quick work of less experienced players who haven’t learned the fine Smash art of proper dodging, since his brute strength allows him to get a lot of early knockouts. Just be careful against anyone who is fast and strong, especially those with projectiles. Bowser really doesn’t have much of a defense against someone like Fox who can stay out of the way and spam projectiles and use hit-and-run tactics, so you’re just going to have to make every hit count against those opponents. I’d also like to mention, for absolutely no reason, that despite being a giant mutant turtle, Bowser in Smash Bros. reminds me of a little doggy, for some reason.

Standard Attacks

Bowser’s standard combo is one of his most important moves since it is his only quick clearing attack. It can still be punished more easily than most standard combos if you miss with the second hit, so you’ll find that using just the first hit is often a better strategy in quick close combat. You’ll have to practice to get the timing right, but once you master it you’ll be able to quickly use just the first hit over and over without accidentally initiating the second hit. Bowser’s running attack is a good launcher or surprise attack, but be careful since it has pretty poor recovery time. The certificate of the character should be under the knowledge of the players at the Lvl 30 League Account. Before the players wants to Buy Lvl 30 League Account, proper research should be conducted through the players. The charges of the account should be under the funds of the players.

Bowser’s tilts are all pretty slow and powerful. His forward tilt is a good hard hitting horizontal attack, and you can be angled diagonally which may come in handy considering Bowser’s massive size. His up tilt is going to be your main upward attack; it’s pretty quick (for Bowser), has good power, and a good area of effect. The down tilt has good range, but it lasts a long time for a single button press which can work to your disadvantage (the down tilt gets you two claw swipes with just one press of the button), since you will be punished if you miss.

Bowser’s smash attacks are all very powerful. The forward smash is extremely strong but you won’t be using it that much since it can be easily punished. However, if you see a good opportunity be sure to use it, since it is one of the best killing moves in the whole game. Bowser’s up smash is great for attacking people who are standing on platforms above you, and you can also try to use it on people you are quickly falling towards you. Be careful when using it against aerial drop attacks; the up smash has good priority, but then again, many aerial drop attacks have very good priority as well, so it will be a gamble as to which attack connects. Link’s down air, for example, can break through most anything. Bowser’s down smash is once of his best moves, especially since it is an excellent defense against players who dodge a lot in close combat. If anyone is in front of you and tries to roll behind you, immediately do a down smash. Because of Bowser’s size and the duration of the attack, it will connect basically every time.

Special Attacks

Bowser’s specials are a mixed bag. His up special is very good. It can be used out of a shield which is always useful, and it is a great crowd clearing move. As a recovery move it is excellent for gaining horizontal distance, but you’ll notice that it gets very little vertical distance, so you should watch out for meteor smashes. Unfortunately, Bowser’s large size means it’s pretty easy to get hit by a meteor smash, and you may not be able to recover, even if you are fast enough to meteor cancel it.

Bowser’s fire breath is really only useful as an edge guarding tool, where it can screw up many player’s recover attempts pretty well. You could also try short jumping it as an offensive approaching technique, but a fast opponent could pretty easily punish you for it. It can, however, rack up good damage if you short jump it into someone and get a clean hit, especially against larger characters. Bowser’s down special is pretty bad. It could surprise a crowd that doesn’t see you coming, but otherwise most people will easily dodge it and counterattack.

Bowser’s side special is a very useful attack. It’s pretty safe to use and you can steer it left or right, meaning you can commit suicide with someone else in tow. Don’t go crazy though; you need to know when to do that. Basically, if you are at very high percentage and about to die, it can be a good idea to just grab someone and take him down with you. Also, if you are at least one stock ahead, you can use it to score cheap kills while staying in the lead, though this might make you rather unpopular. Be careful when using this move against foes with low damage, since they can get out of it or even take over the steering.


Bowser’s throws are pretty basic, and it doesn’t help that his side special is essentialy a better throw, and one that can be used in the air. His back throw is probably the most useful. The down and forward throws are kind of slow, but the up throw can be used to lead into Bowser’s excellent up air.

Aerial Attacks

Bowser’s main aerial attack is his great forward air. It’s quick and strong, just what Bowser needs. Short jumping this move will get you can excellent tool to use in close combat, and you can use it to intercept opponents in the air very easily. Bowser’s neutral and down air attacks aren’t that great, but his up aerial is very good…. if you learn to use it. Because of the delay in how the move comes out, it can be tricky at first to connect with this move (play a level 9 CP Bowser and watch how it does it; also note how it uses its down smash to punish rollers like I mentioned before), but the sheer power of the attack makes it worth it. You can score a lot of early kills if you use this move correctly. Finally we have Bowser’s back air, which is great until you realize how much landing lag it has (the animation is pretty funny though). If you have to use this move, try not to land with it unless you’re definitely safe.

Final Smash

Bowser’s final smash transforms him into Giga Bowser from Melee. His attacks become more flashy and powerful, and it’s generally a good final smash, especially in free for alls. Try to maximize his spinning attacks, since you might have some trouble connecting with his other moves, especially against experienced players or small, fast characters.

That concludes the character guide for our favorite giant turtle dog. Remember to keep this tips in mind and remember that with Bowser you can’t afford to get punished, so make every hit count.

Biggest Bitcoin Trends in 2020

With the market of cryptocurrencies thriving over the last few years, we are here to review bitcoin revolution and take a look at some of the biggest bitcoin trends …

With the market of cryptocurrencies thriving over the last few years, we are here to review bitcoin revolution and take a look at some of the biggest bitcoin trends that are there in 2020. 

The major change that the bitcoin market has witnessed this year is the decrease of rewards that bitcoin miners get as it halved in value this year as well. This also happened in 2106 and this process really affected the bitcoin market significantly.

This is going to affect the overall demand and supply of bitcoin over time. Moreover, the overall drop in the demand for bitcoins has also affected its value and demand over the last few years. As the production of bitcoins is reaching its saturation point you might see more stability with bitcoins in the next few years. 

Another really big change to the crypto world was the introduction of different cryptocurrencies beside Bitcoins. One of the most famous and used cryptocurrency is Libra. Libra was introduced to the market by Facebook and once it passes all the necessary regulations it is surely going to change the perception of people about bitcoin and might revolutionize the market completely. 

Bitcoins were seen as a lucrative option as there was no control of the government over them which with the integration of government regulations you will see some drastic changes in the world of bitcoin. This is also going to help improve the stability of the market since the value of bitcoins might get stable over time improving its market value as well. 

Lastly, the adoption of bitcoins by different tech companies is going to change a lot of things. This will make the use of cryptocurrencies more common among the masses as well. Moreover, the overall security and benefits that you get with these digital forms of currencies will also be increased over time once they get mainstream. 

These are the biggest bitcoin trends that we are going to witness in the year 2020.

The National Human Resources Association

National Human Resources Association Within the field of human resources there are several organizations available for helping professionals get into the human resources field and stay within the profession. …

National Human Resources Association

Within the field of human resources there are several organizations available for helping professionals get into the human resources field and stay within the profession. The National Human Resources Association is an organization designed with that goal in mind. The NHRA was founded to be an organization that focused on furthering the education and knowledge of other Human Resources personnel. The organization provides a vast array of programs and services to its members that can help Human Resource personnel in the advancement of their career. As a group, the NHRA wants to maintain a connection with each person through their career from when they first begin to when they retire. (P. Dagget)

Benefits as a Member

Transitioning into the field of human resources from another career can be difficult if you do not have a clear guided direction. As a member of the NHRA, one can expect to receive a wide variety of help towards their professional career goals. This includes exclusive job boards, legal resources, salary resources, and training programs that can further the education of an individual outside of formal training. (NHRA Member Benefits) In order to calculate the exact training salary, the use of cpf calculator salary software can be made through the person. All the resources should be used in the best way to get the desired results.

Being a member of this organization can also help put professionals in touch with other human resources professionals. Being able to ask questions and get answers from people who have experienced several difficult situations can be beneficial to gaining an understanding on how to handle certain issues as they arise. This can also provide valuable job leads through networking. Finding out what jobs are available before they become available on the market can give someone an edge over other people applying for that specific position. If the person hiring for the position is a member, they may take into account the members affiliation and recommend the position to someone who is also a member.

Applying the Knowledge

Within every position a person applies for, there will undoubtedly be someone better or more qualified on paper. Making sure that a candidate stands out to the hiring manager can be the difference between being hired and being passed by. Utilizing the organizations training programs may help an individual gain a better knowledge of the industry than someone who is not a member.

Knowing that organizations like the NHRA are an available resource for professionals in the field of human resources can be advantageous to their career. Becoming a member and participating will allow them to see how others react to different situations as well as help to avoid them. This will move forward their success as they gain valuable insight into the human resources industry.

An Expert Guide To Maintain A Healthy And Happy Relationship!

A relationship is the most important thing for a person to live a stable and happy life. Everyone needs some love, care, and affection in his or her life, …

A relationship is the most important thing for a person to live a stable and happy life. Everyone needs some love, care, and affection in his or her life, and that’s why it is necessary for everyone to have a relationship. Earlier, relationships were used to be the support system of a person and helped each other to grow and achieve better things in life, but as time passed, the relationships started to become a burden on people.

Nowadays, break-ups and divorces are quite common, and one of the biggest reasons for it is the lack of understanding and patience among the partners. Every relationship goes through some ups and downs, but is totally depends on the person how he/she handles it and solves the issues. You need to be mature and act like an adult. If you are an adult, then you must visit as it has some of the most useful blogs and information for you. Relationships are all about sacrifices and compromises, and if you are facing some issues in your relationship, then there some tips that you can follow to resolve them all and keep your love long-lasting.

Tips to improve your relationship and have a better bonding

Listen more

Most people of our age have a nature to speak more and listen less, but if you are keeping such an attitude in a relationship, then it is never going to work out. A relationship is a dual-effort as both persons have to make some sacrifices and compromises. One of the top secrets for a happy relationship is excellent communication, and for that, you need to listen to your partner. You should ask him or her for his opinion and listen to him. It will improve the level of communication between you.

Focus on the small aspects

Sometimes small things can leave a massive impact in a relationship. You must focus on little things such as saying please, thank you to your partner as it shows how much you respect them and love them. Giving respect to your partner and speaking to them with politeness will surely melt them away and will increase the love between both of you. Being respectful is the key to maintaining a long-lasting relationship.

Make some time for each other

In modern relationships, time is one of the most common issues. Everyone is so busy in their career, jobs, and businesses that they don’t have much time for their partners. Giving less time to each other destroys the root of your relationship and also leads to a lack of communication, trust issues, and arguments. So, you must ensure that you take some time out for each other and it will great if you can plan a short vacation so that you can spend some quality time with each other far away in some calm place.

Help each other

Helping each other is a sign of deep love and affection. If you want to make your partner feel loved and special, then you must help him or her in his or her work. It will lower their burden and will enrich the bond between both of you.

How to Make the Most of Expensive Horseback Riding Lessons

Horseback riding lessons (also called horse riding lessons) cost a small fortune. You get only a half hour or an hour in the saddle (if you’re lucky) and then …

Horseback riding lessons (also called horse riding lessons) cost a small fortune. You get only a half hour or an hour in the saddle (if you’re lucky) and then it’s back to the mundane horseless world until your next lesson. Many people can only take lessons once a week or only a couple of times a month. Here are a couple of things you can do to get the most out of your incredibly expensive horseback riding lessons.

Regularly Exercise

You can read all of the equitation books you want. You can watch videos of world champion riders until your eyes bug out of your head. But none of that will do any good when it comes to the actual physical coordination your muscles need to learn. The only way you can properly learn to ride is to actually ride. This is because horseback riding utilizes muscles in your body that no other activity does.

But, if you can only ride a couple of times a month, you’re not a lost cause. You can help your muscles by regularly exercising. Concentrate on leg exercises, especially those that cause a pulling sensation in your calf. Heel walking for as long as you can is a great way to keep your muscles toned in between lessons. You’ll enjoy your lessons more when your muscles aren’t screaming in agony.

Groom Your Mount

Don’t just show up to a horse already tacked up and waiting patiently for you to swing up into the saddle. That’s only like being allowed to sniff a freshly baked cookie without being allowed to taste it. In order to get to know your mount and horses in general, you need to groom them, clean up after them and learn how to tack them up. You should know how to take good care of them properly. Websites like will give you some important insights on how to properly take good care of them. This is an essential step for you to have a healthy relationship with your pets. 

By getting to know as much about your lesson horse or pony as you can, this not only makes you a better rider, but better to emphasize with someone else, whether they are a horse or another animal. You can see if your lesson horse likes cats or is afraid of them; which horses in the barn they like to hang out with and which ones they don’t; which muscles might be sore that day and so lesson plans should be altered to accommodate the horse.

With just taking the time to groom and tack up, the horse becomes more real to you. He’s not just a warm toy that plods around a ring and seems to purposefully ignores you. He’s a vibrant individual. Instead of feeling as if you have to make the horse do something, you find you want to cooperate with the horse. They appreciate the effort. When a horse likes a particular rider, you feel it all over from your hands holding the reins to the tips of your booted toes. That’s priceless.

Who was the Mona Lisa?

The Mona Lisa is a painting by famed artist Leonardo Da Vinci. Most probably known for her half-smile, the faraway gaze, and the almost stoic features of what is …

The Mona Lisa is a painting by famed artist Leonardo Da Vinci. Most probably known for her half-smile, the faraway gaze, and the almost stoic features of what is assumed by most to be the woman subject of Da Vinci’s painting, there is speculation about exactly who the model for Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa was. Moreover, you will find that there are tons of artists that always try to imitate this masterpiece. This is where will of great help for such artists and painters as they provide the best art kits at really affordable prices. 

Some have believed the portrait to be a self-portrait of Da Vinci he feminized, most historians have invalidated this theory. There is a striking resemblance between the portrait of Mona Lisa and Da Vinci’s own self-portrait. This is mostly attributed to the fact that Da Vinci painted both portraits, rather than the fact that both portrait subjects were the same model.

Amidst this speculation comes a book entitled The Mystery of the Mona Lisa, by Rina de’ Firenze. This book speculates that the portrait Da Vinci painted was actually that of his own mother, Caterina. While this book is fiction, it has a historically accurate setting with an interesting tale of one author’s idea of Da Vinci’s life, through his mother’s eyes.

One website that speculates about the origins of the Mona Lisa allows users to provide their own possible answers to the mysteries behind the Mona Lisa, some of which include: Leonardo Da Vinci’s grandmother, Da Vinci’s mother, Da Vinci himself, and a lady from the street Da Vinci picked at random.

On another website about Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, there was commentary that believed Mona Lisa was really the same woman in the painting of the Last Supper, the woman some believe who is next to Jesus in the painting, whom some also believe is Mary Magdalene, and that this portrait was painted after Jesus’ crucifixion when Mary Magdalene fled for safety. Of course, then there is the ensuing discussion of whether Jesus and Mary were married, which this article won’t even touch upon.

There are many other theories about the subject of the Mona Lisa painting not included here, but these tend to be the more popular theories. In addition to the speculation about who Mona Lisa represents in Da Vinci’s painting comes also much speculation about her smile – or rather, if she even is smiling – and if so, why she is smiling or what that smile is meant to represent.

However, the current ‘owner’ of the Mona Lisa painting is the Louvre museum in France. The official story behind the history of the Mona Lisa, as reported by the Louvre, is that Mona Lisa’s model was most likely a woman named Lisa Gherardini, who was the wife of an Italian merchant from Florence, Italy.

At the time the painting was created, it was not uncommon for families to commission painters, such as Da Vinci, to create family portraits, so the story that Lisa Gherardini was the model for the portrait that was commissioned by the family is, at least, plausible. However, this theory does bring up other questions such as why Da Vinci would move the painting to France instead of leaving it with the family.

In the end, there is no official story, and since Leonardo Da Vinci died in 1519, he has taken the secret of who was the real subject of Mona Lisa and why she was smiling the way she was to his grave.

Perhaps it is the mystery behind this somewhat ordinary portrait for its time period that makes this stand out as a spectacular work of art. After all, human beings do tend to love the air of intrigue and mystery that surrounds the unknown. Nevertheless, the true identity of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa will remain a mystery of the ages.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Next Doctor’s Appointment

Getting the most out of a visit with your medical provider takes planning. You must approach it almost as you would pack a diaper bag for a long outing …

Getting the most out of a visit with your medical provider takes planning. You must approach it almost as you would pack a diaper bag for a long outing with a newborn. Organization and thinking ahead are key.

First, make a complete list of all your current medications, dosages and how often they are taken or simply take all the medicines with you so that the doctor can look at them. This may seem like a simple thing, but much can be gained in a thorough review of a patient’s medication history. Side effects or misdosing can often be the culprit of many patient complaints. Don’t forget herbal remedies and vitamins also, for many of these “natural” products can have negative side effects such as elevation of blood pressure and insomnia. The availability of the best pills for good mental strength will be available at site, The reviews should be correct with the customers feedback at the site. 

Next, make a thorough list of all problems/complaints you would like to discuss with your doctor and take it with you. Many patients will call back to my office with a question that they “forgot” while in the examining room. This can be avoided by planning ahead and making a list of everything you would like to discuss at the visit and referring to it as a guide during the appointment. Include any questions regarding the plan of treatment and testing, as well. For example, “If this test comes out normal, what is the next step?”

When calling for an appointment, try to get the earliest appointment available. Medical providers get tired like everyone else, so most tend to be their best in the early morning when the day is fresh. It is only human nature to become fatigued as the day progresses and while listening should be one of our most valuable skills, it becomes more challenging throughout the day when ailments, complaints and stories from patients begin to mount. Also, in the morning our schedules haven’t had a chance to run awry making us feel pressed for time to get out of the office and home to our families like often occurs in late afternoon.

Once you arrive, make a point to be extra kind to the office staff. Believe it or not, they really can impact your care. They often are your only link to your medical provider and getting through them is a lot easier if you are on good terms. Consider taking them baked goods or other small gifts that will help you stand out in their minds. Nothing goes further than a kind gesture. They will be much more likely to remember you the next time you have to call the office whether it be for a prescription or to leave the doctor a message to return your call.

Once you have seen your medical provider do not leave until you have a clear understanding of the plan of care (i.e. what is the plan for diagnosing/treating the problem). This is the time to ask about any prescribed medications including what the intended goal of their use is, as well as, potential side effects or adverse reactions to watch out for. Ask specifically what follow-up is needed whether it be another appointment or whether you will be contacted by phone with any testing results. It is also a good idea to get an estimate of how long it will take to get test results back, for I strongly believe it is a good idea to call the office if you have not been contacted as planned just to insure your results were received and reviewed by your medical provider. I know first-hand you cannot always rely on the “no news is good news” theory when it comes to getting test results, for more often than not “no news” means the provider did not yet receive a copy of your test results and your call will prompt them to request them.

Finally, always end your visit on a positive note. Thank your medical provider for their time and attention. Gratitude and kindness speak loudly and make us want to go that extra mile for our patients. By following these steps you will feel like an educated consumer and your medical provider will be prompted to keep you informed of all aspects of your health care needs.