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Let’s discuss the meaning of secured and unsecured loans

Secured loans means when the person gets the loan on security. At the time of borrowing money from the bank the person needs to give their assets documents to …

Secured loans means when the person gets the loan on security. At the time of borrowing money from the bank the person needs to give their assets documents to the bank. It works like a guarantee for the bank that the person will make the payment on time. If the person fails to pay the loan amount on time then the bank four features their property or gold whatever think they have kept as collateral security. There are different types of loans & credit so the person needs to keep security amount accordingly. Next comes the unsecured loans which mean that when the bank issues loan without keeping any security papers. \

A detailed description about unsecured loans

The best part about unsecured loans is that the person needs not to give any property document to the bank. The interest-rate of unsecured loans is higher than secured loan. If they don’t want to give any security amount to the bank then for them and secured loans are best. It is the simple procedure as the receiver only needs to sign the document. 

Two important factors which affects unsecured loans

Time factor

The duration of unsecured loans is shorter than the other category of loan. They are usually granted for several months because the financial institution does not ask for any security. The maximum period of unsecured loan is up to 5 years. But when we talk about secured loans then the person can use the loan for more than 30 years. The category of loan depends upon the time factor like suppose if the person wants to buy a car then deal loan is issued for 5 to 7 years.

Income tax deduction

The person issuing unsecured loan does not get any income tax benefit as they are not keeping any mortgage. If the person gets income tax benefit then they can save money by paying less tax. Both types of loan have their own benefits.


Know All About The 18 Bangladeshi Players In CPL T20 Draft!

If you are interested in a particular sport, you are extremely likely to watch various tournaments and events related to it regularly. For all the cricket lovers out there, …

If you are interested in a particular sport, you are extremely likely to watch various tournaments and events related to it regularly. For all the cricket lovers out there, Caribbean Premier League is one such event that they cannot afford to miss if they are extremely enthusiastic about watching sports-related live-telecasts.

CPL is a tournament that is held annually with a different Cpl schedule every year. If you want to know about all the details regarding the CPL schedule, list of cricketers, and more, then you can search online for all sorts of queries that you might have and you will get curated results made specifically for people with similar questions.

Details regarding 18 Bangladeshi Players In CPL

18 final Bangladeshi Players have been selected and have made it to the final player’s draft that has been fixed by the Caribbean Premier League this year. Some of the names that are included in this list of Bangladeshi players are Mehedi Rana and Nasum Ahmed. This draft was scheduled to be held on Wednesday wherein the 6 franchisees will select the players that will also include at least 5 overseas cricketers out of the draft. 

Even in the past few years, some of the renowned Bangladeshi players have made it through the CPL list and have played regularly.  

When is the tournament supposed to begin?

The tournament, as per the recent Cpl schedule is likely to begin or start from 18th August this year and it will go on until finally reaching its end on 10th September. This decision has been made after keeping all the necessary factors in mind and making sure that any changes could also be welcomed if the urgency of the situation requires it.

Start watching CPL now!

Top Reasons Why One Should Wear A Perfume!!!

Having a bad body odor can be really disappointing thing in anyone’s personality. It is better to focus over the better perfumes that are suitable for your taste as …

Having a bad body odor can be really disappointing thing in anyone’s personality. It is better to focus over the better perfumes that are suitable for your taste as well as skin. It is really helpful for people to think why they wear or should wear perfume on regular basis.

Let us look into top reasons why should one wear a perfume on daily basis and how does it add to your look. If you are curious as well then continue reading to know amazing benefits of wearing a good perfume.

Top reasons to wear a perfume!!!

Smelling good:

fragrance is any day a primary reasons why people are really willing to wear a pleasant perfume on daily basis. Historically perfumes are used for the sake of pleasant fragrance that makes your personality even more charismatic.

Improves mood:

another reason in the listing is mood. Wearing a good perfume can help you with better mood. Perfumes are proven to be really helpful in lifting up your mood. A wide variety of perfumes are provided to enhance the mood and you can selective for the one that is more suitable for you for instance playful, timid, reserved, mischievous and others. You can be also selective for perfumes as per the occasion.


perfumes are believed to be helpful for relaxing and therapeutic benefits. Different perfumes like citrus fruit, floral and winter spice perfumes are helpful in calming mind and soothe the body. People with stress must wear a pleasant fragrance to improve their mood and getting rid of stress.

Hence, these are some of the prominent reasons why to wear a perfume more often and how they can lead to better mood and a charismatic personality as well. We hope you find details stated above helpful in understanding why to wear a perfume on daily basis.

10 Steps to Become a Money-Making Blogger

I’ve been making the assumption that just about everyone who comes to my website at Blogger Money Pro already has a blog. It turns out that this assumption was …

I’ve been making the assumption that just about everyone who comes to my website at Blogger Money Pro already has a blog. It turns out that this assumption was incorrect.

I’m happy to tell you that there are a large number of folks who make the decision to make a money-making blog before they actually even have a blog as they moved with!

I love this. I wish I’d of had the same insight and foresight before I began blogging. For many of us, blogging is just something we started to do, enjoyed, and kept on doing. Then one day, we woke up and realized, “Hey, there are people who actually make their living doing this!” From then on, it becomes a loving pursuit and a challenge. The problem is, that in order to reach the point where we are actually making money, most of us have had to stumble through a lot of mistakes, some of them expensive, some of them counter-productive, some of them just plain stupid.

In the spirit of helping those who are just starting to avoid these stumbling blocks and those who are stumbling to find their way quicker. I offer this short article on the bare basics of creating a money-making blog. If you already are blogging, I hope that there will still be some useful tools here for you to use. If you have key advice that I have somehow missed, please post in the comments and share your hard-earned knowledge with the rest of us.

The Basics

When I say the basics, I mean the basics. If you want to be a blogger and create a money-making blog the first thing you need is A BLOG!

You have several options. If you just want a free place to write about your topic, you can set up a blog at is non-monetized so you can’t sell ads or work with affiliates there. They maintain a fairly strict policy so since you want to make money, I will say to you, don’t build a free blog at

Blogger/Blogspot (owned by Google) is slightly less restrictive and allows Adsense and some affiliate networking. None the less, I am going to discourage you from using this or any free, hosted platform. You are serious about making money with your blog, right? So act seriously. Get a blog that you have 100% control over.

Now we are talking.

Here is what you do:

1) Figure out what your blog is going to be about. Think of a name that sums that up clearly. If you are going to blog about rain jackets, then you better make sure rain jackets is in the name you choose. Got your name figured out? Is it perfect? Great. Don’t get too attached to it, chances are it is taken already. But that’s okay.

2) Go to Google and search for GoDaddy Promo codes. Look for one that is current and that gives you the cheapest price for a .com domain. Usually, you can find one for around $7.49 as opposed to the $10+ that Godaddy charges. Copy that code down.

3) Go to GoDaddy and search for your domain name. If it’s not taken, try to figure out why. A good domain has your keywords, isn’t very long (the shorter the better), and clearly defines your topic. If you found it great. Register it right now. Use the promo code when you are paying. See, this article already saved you $3 and money saved really is like money earned.

If your dream domain is taken spend some time and search. It might take you hours, but you will find a good domain. I recommend you stick with .com and avoid .us, .info, .de and other extensions. .com is the mainstay, don’t settle. Okay, once you’ve got your domain, register it. Go ahead and register for two years and don’t buy any of GoDaddy’s other services. You don’t want or need them. Just the domain. If you’ve registered for two years, you’ve already saved $6 by reading this article.

4) Go to the GoDaddy domain manager and change the DNS (Domain Name Servers) to and You are not going to be hosting at GoDaddy. Trust me, you want to host your domain at Webhostingpad. Once your DNS is set, you can leave GoDaddy.

You won’t need to go back until you want another domain or it’s time to renew.

5) Go to Webhostingpad and sign up. Right now you can get hosting for as little as $1.99 a month with unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited hosting space. GoDaddy will charge you $3.99/month for one domain, limited bandwidth, and limited space. Webhostingpad offers all the same services and more.

6) But what about the blog? Don’t worry, I didn’t forget. Webhostingpad has a deluxe control panel. All you need to do is navigate to ‘Fantastico’ on the control panel, then select ‘WordPress’, install new. There is no charge for this. In seconds you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, which means you can do whatever you want with it.

7) Go back to your control panel and set up your email. It’s simple and there are video tutorials for every action you might want to take at Webhostingpad. Set up your money-making blog email. this is important so don’t use your college nickname “” instead of making it something strong like webmaster@, ads@, or even

8) Now, go to and start learning about the awesome and easy power of a self-hosted WordPress blog. You are set up with the same platform as the pros now. Now you just have to learn to use it.

9) Don’t just start throwing trashy content on your blog though. Take the time to read about how the pros make money online here at News Notion and at other money-making blogs like Problogger,, and

10) Set up a free Paypal account so that you can start collecting some cash.

Way to go Blogger! Welcome to the world of making money with your own blog. You just created your own future.


Cool Headed Investment Tips for Average Americans

Average Americans earning income through wages, tips, commission or compensation through self employment constitute collectively a significant portion of the investment dollars managed by funds, trustees, insurance companies and …

Average Americans earning income through wages, tips, commission or compensation through self employment constitute collectively a significant portion of the investment dollars managed by funds, trustees, insurance companies and banks. You may be surprised by the investment figures of average Americans. There are various ways to make an investment in your future even if you are not well off. Some employers offer deferred compensation programs. In this method you do not even see the money, it is deducted from your paycheck and goes into an IRA type of fund.

Other employers may provide contributions to a simple IRA-Sep investment account and you are allowed to contribute a portion of your income in addition to the employer contribution. There are various vehicles for you to become an investor. Your bank, insurance agent, stock broker or credit union manager can provide you with the nuts and bolts of setting up an investment plan. The range of products include mutual funds, annuities, stocks and certificates of deposit. The key factors are your age, income and the result you want from your investment dollars.

Traditional IRA Investment:

The traditional IRA has some advantages if you are young or mid-life. The IRS has guidelines as to age ceilings and the total amount that may be contributed. The advantage of the traditional IRA is that your annual contribution is deductible for your current tax year. The down side is that it isn’t when you take the money out. There are fees and penalties for early withdrawals. Review IRS Publication 590 for details and pay particular attention to maximum contributions for year 2006 because it is different from year 2005. Sit down and talk to your human resources benefits clerk at your place of employment or your bank or credit union. If something seems unclear you can call the IRS at their toll free number or talk to a tax preparer that has good qualifications.

The Roth IRA Investment:

The traditional IRA may have some tax advantages for you by allowing your contributions to be deducted from your current tax year. The Roth IRA, however is tax free when you take the money out for your retirement. The Roth IRA is not a method to reduce your taxable income. There are requirement of the type of funds you may participate. Most mutual funds, annuities and certificates of deposit are approved, but review the list of criteria the IRS sets forth in Publication 590. There is no upward ceiling for the age you are when you decide to set up a Roth IRA. The Roth is a flexible retirement account that allows you to invest through a managed mutual fund, bonds and annuities account. Your stock broker, any mutual fund manager, credit union manager, insurance agent or bank can provide you with what they may offer in terms of the Roth IRA. Many employers offer baskets of funds through a managed mutual fund account that will allow you to set this up at work. The important thing to remember is tax year 2006 is slightly different in the aspect of maximum contributions so you should be familiar with the current IRS Publication 590.

Disclosure Statement–IRA Investment:

The IRS requires all trustees, sometimes sponsors of the above mentioned funds to supply you with a detailed statement of the important aspects of your rights in the fund. This detailed and plain language statement must state how to revoke the IRA. It must state who to contact, their address and phone number. This statement should be given seven days before your IRA goes into effect, but at the least gives you seven days to revoke after you receive the statement.

If your revocation takes place with this period your entire contribution is returned to you and in most instances the sponsor must fill out the proper IRS form. Read this statement carefully and make sure this is what you were told by the trustee or sponsor when you initially signed up for the IRA. Ask your tax advisor or financial advisor to review the disclosure statement with you.

Self Employment Compensation

According to IRS Publication 590 compensation is the net earnings of your trade or business. The proviso is that your personal services are a material income producing factor. If you are a free lance writer your services are part and parcel to the production of income. Essentially what this addresses is hobbies and passive involvement in a business. Ask your tax preparer if you are confused.

Your net earnings from self employment are then reduced by the total deductions of a retirement plan made on your behalf and the deduction of one half of your self employment tax. Yes, there is a tax for being self employed. If you have earning from covered employment and self employment compensation, both are totaled to give you your net income.

Alert! Watch Year End Distributions by Mutual Fund Investments:

Mutual Funds are required to pass along any income and capital gains to investors before years end. Dividends and capital gains are taxed at 15 percent. The reason for this advice is let’s say you decide to take your Christmas bonus or mad money and put it in a mutual fund on December 15. If the distribution has not occurred for the year 2006, you get taxed on a gain you did not get. So, it is timing. If you invest in a mutual fund in December or early January, 2007 make sure the distribution for 2006 has already occurred.

Finally, Your Investment Attitude:

The most important tip is to read and review investment opportunities. Discuss your investment plan with someone your trust with a financial background. Look for investment ideas from banks, credit unions, brokers and human resources personnel, but remember you are the final decider of your investment future. There are a lot of investment platforms that you may consider but you have to be very careful with your options.

Rat Menace- Getting Rid of the Pests in the House

Whether it is the personal life or professional life, both are embroiled with challenges and problems at every step that simply refuse to tone down and keep increasing to …

Whether it is the personal life or professional life, both are embroiled with challenges and problems at every step that simply refuse to tone down and keep increasing to become bigger and more problematic than the previous one.

As if the regular run-ins with the boss in the office weren’t enough with the grueling work schedule, home life is at a worst phase as we are into July, which means that the rainy season has come up with full force that has provided the much needed respite from the heat wave.

But it has also brought a menace alongwith the relief factor in the form of rats that are now looking for safe havens in any house that they come across and they stealthily enter through peep holes or from under the kitchen sink and become the typical uninvited guests that become impossible to ward off.


Therefore, let us take a look at some important steps on how to get rid of these pests before they make a mess out of the house by gnawing and nibbling on the grocery items, rice bags and the clothes in the closet, which is their unofficial home.

  • The rats, like all living beings, need food, water and shelter to survive so the most obvious way is to use their favorite food like cheese as bait in a cage and lure them into the trap
  • The next step is to fill up each and every crack, hole or opening in the house so that they don’t find a way in

  • If and when all efforts fail, call up the rat exterminators to do the needful, which they would gladly oblige

The Ultimate Stress and Relaxation Workbook

We walk around in a world full of stressed out people. Anxiety, stress, fear, and restlessness are words that most people are familiar with at some level. The Relaxation …

We walk around in a world full of stressed out people. Anxiety, stress, fear, and restlessness are words that most people are familiar with at some level. The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook has been around since the early 1980’s, when the First Edition was published to respond to the increasing awareness of how stress impacts our overall wellness. Fast forward to the present time and you will find The Relaxation and Stress Workbook has sold over 500,000 copies and is in its Fifth Edition. Martha Davis, Ph.D., Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman, MSW, and Matthew McKay, Ph.D. co-authored this edition.

Kick Back and Relax

This book filled with a large amount of information and techniques for readers to try At the risk of putting counselors and therapists out of business, there are a number of counseling techniques and suggestions for working with anxiety, often used in practice. This is not a text book, however, and the writing is clear enough for most adult readers to follow. Based on the number of copies sold, this is a popular book.

Each chapter is dedicated to examining a specific topic related to stress or relaxation. There are self-score surveys included for individual assessment and a variety of actual counseling techniques that can be used at home. Though many of the techniques are not labeled in the book in professional counseling terms, the section on Refuting Irrational Beliefs is largely linked to Albert Ellis and Rational Emotive Behavioral Theory, as the book briefly notes in the chapter. Other cognitive and cognitive-behavioral techniques, such as thought stopping and worry control are also widely used in the profession for issues related to anxiety and stress reduction. Along with exercises, the treatment of the people is great with the mental toughness medications. Different solution is provided to the people to cover the mental illness with benefits. There is reduction in the anxiety and depression situation among the people. 

The Relaxation  amp; Stress Reduction Workbook is a soft-covered 294 page workbook. The topics are divided into 21 Chapters. The Introductory Chapters (1  amp; 2) are meant to be read prior to engaging in any of the activities or techniques presented in Chapters 3-21. Diagrams and pictures are included in certain sections of the book to illustrate such examples as yoga poses and breathing techniques. There are questionnaires and short surveys for the reader, as well as other exercises that can be completed by writing right in the workbook.

The Chapters

1 How You React to Stress

2 Body Awareness

3 Breathing

4 Progressive Relaxation

5 Meditation

6 Visualization

7 Applied Relaxation Training

8 Self-Hypnosis

9 Autogenics

10 Brief Combination Techniques

11 Recording Your Own Relaxation Tape

12 Refuting Irrational Beliefs

13 Thought Stopping

14 Worry Control

15 Coping Skills Training

16 Goal Setting and Time Management

17 Assertiveness Training

18 Job Stress Management

19 Nutrition

20 Exercise

21 When it Doesn’t Come Easy-Get Unstuck


Best Feratures

*The listed price for The Relaxation  amp; Stress Reduction Workbook is only $19.95. Compared to other books that related to relaxation or stress reduction, this is one of the best comprehensive stress reduction books.

* There are practical ideas for both issues for readers to work with at their own pace. The listed chapters (see above) offer a quick look at the main topics covered

* The authors provide instructions for each exercise and short answer summaries for the surveys and questionnaires

*This is a comprehensive book that addresses many topics in one book, rather than shorter issue-specific books on the market

*Many of the techniques offered are supported by research

*The book expects the reader to be an active participant in their own anxiety/stress reduction and empowers the reader with that expectation

One Minor Critique

Overall, this is one of the best books for people that are looking for a self-help type book for stress reduction and want to learn some techniques. The key part of using this book for self-help is that it is best geared to those that are able to do some independent work. This is not a replacement for professional counseling if a person is dealing with elevated levels of stress or anxiety. Though most of the writing is clear enough for an adult reader with some knowledge of basic psychology, not all readers may find this workbook easy to complete. Some of the techniques were difficult for undergraduate psychology students to grasp at first, and many are actual techniques that counselors or therapists have studied professionally.

What Goes Into Prison Coffee For Inmates

Better not become a prison inmate unless you like coffee with rat droppings and cigarette ashes in it. If inmates only knew just where the coffee beans come from, …

Better not become a prison inmate unless you like coffee with rat droppings and cigarette ashes in it. If inmates only knew just where the coffee beans come from, and how these coffee beans are moved here, they’d be grossed out.

Even the most hardened criminal can become sick to his stomach if he knew where the coffee beans came from, and how his coffee was prepared at the coffee roastery. I’m not a coffee drinker so I don’t know what this coffee tastes like, but I DO know that inmates really drink up the coffee.

A coffee roastery will put in a bid to a prison’s procurement division. The roastery is in competition with other roasteries who also want the prison’s business. They will sell coffee as cheaply as possible, and I mean dirt cheap. And it is baaaaaad coffee.

Because I’ve never been a coffee drinker, I say it’s disgusting coffee based on what I was told goes into it. I used to work for a coffee roastery whose highest grade of coffee was $15 a pound. The same roastery that brings you fine, top-grade Kona coffee, for instance, will be the same roastery that provides prison inmates with the lowest grade, filthiest coffee — remember, the roastery wants the prison’s business and the only way it’s going to get it is to sell them coffee at ridiculously low prices.

And the only way a coffee roastery can afford to do this, let alone profit from it, is to prepare a truly dirty blend of coffee.

In a coffee roastery warehouse are massive amounts of coffee beans, obviously. They are everywhere, being hauled, carried, transported, roasted, mixed, scooped, packaged, boxed, etc. And always along the way, throughout all this processing, some beans will end up on the floor. They are left there.

A warehouse floor is filthy. It accumulates gobs of dust balls, bits of paper, bits of maybe duct tape, cigarette ashes, cigarette stubs, rubber bands, screws or other fallen parts of machinery, oils from machinery, pencil stubs, pen caps, paper clips, and plenty of rat droppings.

At some point, the warehouse workers will sweep up the floors, gathering all the debris into a pile. Much of this pile of debris will consist of fallen coffee beans. The debris is NOT separated from the beans. Instead, the clump of beans-debris is treated as a blend of coffee to be processed, packaged, and delivered to prison.

The gobs of dust, rat feces, oils, paper bits, pen caps, paper clips, tiny metal parts, screws, nails, etc., all get ground up with the coffee beans. The finished product looks pretty much like regular coffee grounds — I think. But the inmates never see the grounds. They only see the coffee in their cups. And that coffee is more than just coffee. It’s a mix of anything that can end up on a warehouse floor.

But the inmates will never know this.

Stay- At- Home Moms Can Make Money Online

In the world today, many families feel the need to have two incomes in order to pay off debt or to pay the everyday costs of living. However, many …

In the world today, many families feel the need to have two incomes in order to pay off debt or to pay the everyday costs of living. However, many women suffer with the decision to go back to work, or to find a new job, after they have children. More and more women would love to be stay at home moms, but they find that one income living just doesn’t work.

There is a solution. With the wide availability, and ease of use, of the internet, there are many opportunities for stay at home Moms to make money online.

What You Need to Learn

There are several very important things you need to know before you decide to make money as a stay at home mom. First, you have to figure out how much money you need to make. You should keep in mind that you will lose many expenses such as gas, business clothes, take-out lunches and day care when you decide to be a stay at home mom. Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews checking will deliver effective results in online learning. No extra expenses are charged for wearing clothes to educate about email and digital marketing. Everything should be in the notice of the learners to get effective benefits with staying at home. Enormous benefits are provided to the learners with the Formula reviews.

After computing how much money you will need to make, there is still more to learn. You must know how to operate your computer and internet. Being able to navigate search engines and forums are other important tasks as you will get the bulk of your information on them.

Other important things to learn are these: you should not pay money to get a job, you will need to spend money to start a business, you can find any information you need for free online, you do not need to be part of a group, club, or opportunity to earn an online income.

Ways to Make Money

There are many, many ways to make money online. Of course, many moms have business or career skills already. If you do, these should be utilized in your work at home experience. Some of the popular ways for stay at home moms to make money online are:

  • Direct sales companies (Avon, Tupperware)
  • Affiliate programs (Commission sales)
  • Freelance writing, design, or programming
  • Multi-level marketing (Amway, Watkins)
  • Online Auction Sales (Ebay)
  • Ecommerce (Website product sales)
  • Taking paid surveys
  • Get Paid Programs (Email, Clicks, Searches)
  • Mystery Shopping (Online reporting)
  • Virtual Assistants  amp; Call Centers

How to Balance Work and Home Life

Balancing work and home life such as housework and parenting duties is one of the more difficult aspects of being a work at home mom. The only real way to create a balance is by creating schedules and sticking to them. You must become more organized as well. Also, you must realize that there is nothing wrong with leaving your child to play by his or herself while you work.

Stay at home moms can make money online. If you find that it is impossible to give up the income that two working parents provide, there are still many options if one parent wants to stay home to raise the children. With a willingness to learn, and good organizational skills, a stay at home mom will be able to balance work and spending time with the children easily.

How to Make the Most of Online and Internet Social Connections

We hear it all the time that online social networking is changing the way we interact with each other and how is changing the way people use Instagram. …

We hear it all the time that online social networking is changing the way we interact with each other and how is changing the way people use Instagram. For many of us, it certainly has made our “world” seem larger and we may find that we are constantly marketing, tweeting, twitting, and posting. But, how can a person really make social networking a positive way to grow business and improve networking? Does it take constant work and harassing of our friends or can it be handled with ease and grace?

There are several camps on how to make the most of online and internet social networking. 

Some people say you should constantly post, tweet, e-mail, twitter, and whatever technology you have at your fingertips. There are those who are posting messages and links every 5 seconds and say this is the way to generate and keep interested. There are others who think that by participating, one can let the connections evolve organically and they will breed and multiply with no effort of all. The fact is, there is probably a happy medium for most of us that will make it possible for us to make the most of these technological tools without getting burned out or burning out our connections.

It is a mistake to NOT take advantage of all the opportunities for connection that exist in this day and age. Of course, they do not take the place of “in real-time” conversations, friendships and working relationships, but they can augment connection and give you access to even more individuals, businesses, etc. It is important to keep your connections growing and keep your own information current and fresh, but you may want to watch out for growing your networks so large, so fast that you can’t keep up with people and things. This could be more detrimental than growing your networks slowly and paying attention to strengthening the connections.

Look for ways to “layer” your connections. For example, if someone is a “Twitter” follower, consider finding them on FaceBook as well. Send a personal e-mail once in a while just to find another way to connect with people. Just as in “classical” networking, you want to look for ways to layer and strengthen the connections without being obnoxious or overwhelmingly pushy. If you meet someone at a party, it is okay to add them to an online network, but you’ll want to continue to nurture a more personal “real-time” connection as well. Send a note, invite them to coffee or to another party-nurture, and strengthen the connections through direct contact whenever possible. Ask questions, share information, and use your actual social skills to grow your online networks.