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A Few Points to Think About when Selling Your Property

It is important to recognise that there is a difference between price and value. Price is the amount you are asking for the property. The buyer places value – …

It is important to recognise that there is a difference between price and value. Price is the amount you are asking for the property. The buyer places value – this point is determined by several factors;

Location – distance from local school, place of work and shopping areas.

Condition – How much work will need to be carried out on the property?

Similar properties in the same area- are you over/under valuing the property?

The target buyer – first time buyers, family house, buy to rent, etc

Some points that have an impact on the value:

The potential size impacts value, even more so than actual physical size. Empty rooms, with plain walls and little or no furniture in the rooms all combine to make the room feel bigger. If a property is empty when it is offered for sale at the time, this will help the buyer imagine ownership and add a personal touch to a empty property without looking at a wardrobe and room full of furniture. If it is not possible to do this then the seller should be absent during tours of the property and personal items such as family pictures should be hidden away.

The condition of the property will always affect the price. A property with maintained guttering, roof and rooms will always sell quicker and easier than a poorly maintained house of the same size. It is worth investing a modest amount of money in these areas, as the buyer will quickly ask to reduce the asking price if the house needs work

The smell and look of fresh paint, clean carpet or flooring, clean and clear entrance to the property – whether it has a drive or communal entrance, a clear basement, cellar and garage will give the impression of a seller who values the upkeep of the property and this small amount of extra work will pay huge dividends as the buyer can see very quickly that they do not need to spend a huge amount of work maintaining the property when they immediately move in. If it is not possible to clear the rooms then items should be stacked and sorted neatly. The kitchen and bathroom are two rooms that should be modernised or at least kept to a high standard. A property with a modern bathroom and a fitted kitchen will always sell quicker and easier than a house that needs both of these rooms updating. This is proven by Naples condo management. According to them, bathroom is very crucial to buyers.

It is worth the extra effort to make sure that all the paperwork for the property is in your or your estate agents possession and easily accessible. This will save large amounts of time – a potential buyer that has to wait an extra month whilst the seller searches for an surveyor or agent will probably pull out of the sale.

Probiotics is Pro-health supplement for maintaining good health

The world is made up of macro and microorganisms that interact with each other in order to survive. The term “probiotics” was introduced as early as 1953, it was …

The world is made up of macro and microorganisms that interact with each other in order to survive. The term “probiotics” was introduced as early as 1953, it was in 2005, when the use of live microorganisms in promoting good health was the spotlight and probiotic foods have started gaining good ground.

Probiotics can be found in foods and supplements, like capsules, tablets, powders and sachets. Without knowing it, you may have already been eating foods with probiotics. Foods rich in probiotics are not hard to find. In fact because of the interest that Americans took in probiotic foods and supplements, you can find them on your ordinary grocery isles nowadays. Examples of foods containing probiotics include yogurt, fermented and unfermented milk, sauerkraut and soy beverages.

The Korean staple kimchi and fermented milk drink kefir have enough live microorganisms or good bacteria that help promote good digestion. These bacteria are almost similar to those which we find in our bodies. The purchasing of the top rated probiotic should be made from online websites. The bacteria will kill the germs of the body efficiently. 

As proven by science these good or friendly bacteria or microorganisms play essential role in developing ones immune system, digestive system including absorbing food nutrients. And since there are good bacteria, there are also bad bacteria, which can be countered with these good microorganisms.

Probiotics are not the same as prebiotics. However, prebiotics, when combined with probiotics actually stimulate and promote the activity of probiotics in our colon and large intestines. The combination of prebiotics and probiotics produce a synergistic effect which is obviously called synbiotics. Whole grains, identified fruits and vegetables have prebiotics. Aside from these products, there are a number of companies that have developed and packaged prebiotics in more convenient forms like snack bars and cereals that are fit for the fast pac ed lives we live today. Now, more than a hundred prebiotic and probiotic foods can be bought in United States.

Probiotics are likewise popular in Asia, where kimchi, tempeh, tofu are food favorites. Europe and South America have also embraced probiotics in their diets and daily nutrition. Baby milk formulas and chocolate drinks rich in probiotics are also marketed all over the world.

If you want to prepare your own probiotic-rich food, creating kefir from milk culture is the simplest and cheapest method. Kefir grains are a combination of bacteria and yeasts which forms grains that look like cauliflower. In ambient or room temperature, soak kefir grains in regular milk for 24 hours. Once the kefir grains are placed in the milk, live microorganisms or good bacteria begin to grow. The end product will be curd and whey.

There are various ways to prepare kefir. The most traditional way hanging kefir in skin bags near doorways, which when knocked by the passersby help mix the milk and kefir grains. Now, some choose to prepare kefir with dried fruits fermented for a couple of days, while others prefer using teabags instead of the skin bags. After which, the kefir is stored and refrigerated until you eat it.

While kefir can be drank straight, the sour taste are not that desirable to many so fruits like strawberries, banana or blueberries are added to make a smoothie. Maple syrup, honey and other sweeteners can also be added to it making it a popular breakfast or dinner drink.

Go Team Go! The Sociology of Sporting Events

Last week I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation to the much-anticipated Game 3 of the NBA playoffs between the Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks. In …

Last week I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation to the much-anticipated Game 3 of the NBA playoffs between the Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks. In the midst of a record crowd (nearly 21,000) filled with ambitious expectations, my thoughts drifted to a sociology class that I took over a decade ago. I had a terribly interesting course that identified the general sociology and associated behaviors during organized sporting events. At first glance the topic may seem quite trivial, but my energetic professor went on to explain the euphoria that envelopes a crowd of strangers huddled in team spirit.

At any given sporting event, all fans have at least one thing in common-their love of the game. Although people from all walks of life are forced to sit elbow to elbow with perfect strangers, a camaraderie is naturally formed out of the passion one feels towards a favorite team. Even though most fans don’t know the players personally, they feel a sense of familiarity and comfort as if they’re cheering on an old friend. Fans become fascinated with the game, the intrigue, and the awe-inspiring feats. Before long, fans become completely encapsulated and caught up in the intensity of the game. Watching the game at home is like watching a DVD in your living room. Someone is always vacuuming down the hall, walking in front of the tv, or flipping during commercials. The intensity of a live game, not to mention a playoff game, is unrivaled.

The rambunctious Warrior crowd was cheering and chanting in unison for their beloved team-regardless of age, race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. I saw a cornucopia of fans that would no doubt make the United Nations proud; there were representatives of nearly every nation in the house that night. Not only did the crowd contain diverse cultures, but it encompassed various lifestyles. Regardless of marital woes, joblessness, or heartache, fans become completely absorbed with the business at hand, and lay down their burdens for just one night. There were single fathers with children, friends, college classmates, co-workers, families, and romantic couples. Older fans celebrated with teenagers, blacks celebrated with whites, and businessmen celebrated with college kids. Some fans wore scruffy tennis shoes, weathered jeans, and complimentary, golden “We Believe” t-shirts, while others sported Lacoste polos, True Religion jeans, and Christian Dior sunglasses. The apparel may have varied from Wal-Mart to Saks, but the sentiment was the same; the focus was on the Golden State Warriors, and the crowd slowly morphed into one singular fan.

Because of my aforementioned knowledge, I was able to watch the compelling drama play out with different eyes. For example, one person picked up their “thunderstix”, clacked them together and shouted, “Let’s go Warriors! Let’s go!” By the next click clack, several people had joined him, and by the time the chanting subsided, my neighbor had united our entire section. He didn’t have to beg or even ask for them to cheer with him; all he had to do was beat his stix, enlist a familiar chant, and shout with confidence in order to ignite the immediate area, and then it spread like wildfire. Whenever the Mavericks blocked a shot, caused a turnover, or scored a basket you could hear a pin drop. Everyone seemed to hold their collective breath whenever a Warrior released a shot, but then a tremendous sense of relief permeated the crowd when the ball sank through the hoop. A great sense of pride and accomplishment seemingly rushed the court whenever Baron Davis sunk one of his many field goals. The excitement was mesmerizing and infectious. There wasn’t a dry armpit in the arena.

Athletes earn ridiculous amounts of money, yet faithful fans skip work, spend millions of dollars a year on tickets, jerseys, and other sports memorabilia just to feel connected to their favorite team and/or athlete. Enthusiastic fans brave the rain, snow, and extreme heat. They paint their naked bodies and don ferocious or ridiculous costumes for no other reason but to display passion, solidarity and tremendous loyalty. The unity and commonality that one feels at a game is a healthy, vital part of the community that promotes tolerance and understanding.

An unfortunate example of sporting event sociology gone wrong is when opposing fans collide. At some venues, alcohol sales are closed after the 3rd quarter of basketball to prevent excessive aggression or violence. Fans from different sides of the court have been known to yell and scream obscenities, taunt each other, and at times regrettably attack one another (or the athletes–remember when Antonio Davis rushed the stands after an overzealous fan berated his wife?) all in the name of sports.

After the third quarter of Warrior playoff action, a downtrodden Maverick fan began shuffling towards the exit. As he walked past my row, boisterous Warrior fans booed him and yelled, “Get outta here! Go home!” Not only was the man a stranger, but he was completely innocent of any wrongdoing. His jersey alone was an obvious symbol for abuse, ridicule, and hostility. Another negative illustration of crowd sociology occurs when fans release their anger by dangerous, illegal means. In the past couple of years, there have been occasions when fans have resorted to fighting, looting, setting cars on fire, and assaulting police officers because of a team loss. Ironically, fans have nothing to gain or lose by the outcome of the game (unless they placed a wager), but they take a win or lost so absolutely personal, mostly because of the angry mob mentality.

During my first trip to the NBA playoffs, frenzied fans were even more animated than usual, giving random high fives to anyone in the nearby vacinity, hugging one another, and jumping around like they had winning lottery numbers. Under the bright lights, loud music, and steamy quarters the contagious electricity shot through the crowd effortlessly.

Ultimately, the passion and excitement closely resembled a one-night stand; the fans didn’t know each other before they met in the arena, they shared a heart-stopping, exhilarating night, but slipped back into the seediness of the dark, anonymous parking lot without exchanging numbers.

Sports is no easy game but it is no rocket science either as all it requires is to willing to put it all on the line and if your focus and determination is rock solid, there is nothing that can stop you from becoming an icon yourself. But at the same time, exercising caution is a necessity so treat the workout locations as a 안전놀이터 while you’re practicing

Guitar Hero 3 for the XBOX 360 – A must game for music enthusiasts

Guitar Hero III for the XBOX 360 rates 8 out of 10 in my book. For those of us that are not musically inclined and will never have the …

Guitar Hero III for the XBOX 360 rates 8 out of 10 in my book. For those of us that are not musically inclined and will never have the chance to be on a stage performing for a sold out crowd, Guitar Hero allows everyone that opportunity to a point. This game is a must for the music enthusiasts.

The sound track offers some great songs that you can rock out to. The song list is huge there are over 45 songs. A few of my favorites on the list are; Rock you Like a Hurricane, Knights of Cydonia, and Slow Ride. There are songs from the 60’s to now that are ready to be played.

I bought the game at Game Stop. Game Stop for those who do not know is a store that buys and sells new and used video games. I paid $89.99 plus tax for the game that came with a wireless guitar controller. The game without the guitar is $59.99. The great thing about the game is, is that you don’t need the guitar to play. I must admit playing with or without the guitar is very fun but if you do spend the thirty bucks extra the game will have more of a realistic feel. The guitar really makes the game come alive.

The character selection is limited, you can only choose preset characters which are fine but the ability to customize just more than the clothes and guitars like their body and face would have been nice. The other thing that I have found that I don’t like is that the game skips once in a great while and that can mess up your timing and ruin perfect streak.

The game offers tutorials on how to become a better player. The practice mode lets you play through songs in different speeds ranging from slow to fast and you can even choose what part of the song you want to practice. Practicing can greatly improve the way you play the game.

There are different modes of play available. You can play quick play mode that lets you play songs and not have to worry about it affecting your career. There is career mode that lets you start out at the very bottom and work your way to the top. In career mode you earn money at the concerts you play. The better you play the more you earn. You can also play the game with two players. You can challenge each other to see who is the better rock star, or you can play gigs together, one of you plays guitar part and the other plays the bass guitar part. The developers should not use copyright music in their games. The information about the copyrighted music can be obtained from the 먹튀사이verification websites.

You can download extra songs on Xbox live to add even more playability to the game. There are some accessories available for the game as well. You can purchase an extra guitar so two players can rock on without having to fight over who’s turn it is to use the guitar. Additional face plates are available to give each guitar its own personality.

Guitar Hero III has provided my family and friends hours of enjoyment.

Profiles on Favorite TV Shows from the 1960s

Lets start with Bonanza. Remember Little Joe, Haus, Hop sing? Remember the ranch, the fist fights? Do you remember many women on that show? That great theme song? The …

Lets start with Bonanza. Remember Little Joe, Haus, Hop sing? Remember the ranch, the fist fights? Do you remember many women on that show? That great theme song? The author can smell the rawhide, that mountain air. Hop-Sing was the cook, an everything else that a so called butler or maid would be looked at. Was there a hidden agenda for the sponsor’s to suggest that an all male television show may have underlying phobic issues? What did these characters do for fun? They fought more than loved. Hop -Sing was typecast, but why did he always have to do the chores? What is the underlying tone for names like “Little Joe?’ and Haus? They all seemed to ride horses more than date. What do you the readers think? If you are still now aware of what all these shows were all about then you can get catmouse, the app that is your ultimate destination for watching all these shows along with some other popular tv shows of that time.

“Leave it to Beaver” a great show. Beaver seemed to be the Add kid. But it was Wally who had the problems. Some “Beaver”episodes from memory suggest that Ward would “slaughter” the Beave when he got home from work. It was Wally who hooked up a towchain to Lumpy’s car and the rear axle separated from poor Lumpy’s vehicle. Ward’s initials were plainly on that tow chain. Wally should had known that his dad was anal retentive and would probably still put his own initials in his underwear. Wally was bent on self destruction. He had a girlfriend named Mary Ellen Rogers who he was obsessed with. These days a Wally type may be called a stalker. Who the heck names a kid Whitey? Whitey was a buddy of Beaver’s. Larry another friend of the Beaves, always eating an apple. This author could never figure out Larry’s mom who appeared to be 60. Larry wasn’t adopted or was he? He was said to have a sister. Never saw her.

Two real characters. Eddie and Lumpy. Eddie was real. He really did what teen agers do to the extreme at times. For example he told Mrs. Cleaver who was a knock out how good her hair looked. Hey on Eddie’s behalf June would wear a dress, jewelry, and high heels to do the housework, and Eddie did always go to the Cleavers when June was always home. Was leave it to Beaver a sign of things to come to the big screen. Could Beaver have been the preceptor for The Graduate or The Summer of 42? Ah May December romances quite popular.

“Andy Griffith.” Did you notice in the early version of this great show at the intro Opie wore no shoes but his Dad did? One could think that Barney and Otis could had been under cover drinking buddies. When Barney became drunk he was funnier than Otis. Otis, you really did not see much of him after Andy, but Barney was everywhere. Barney was in “The Ropers” He wore an ascot and artsy flamboyant clothes yet always kidded Jack about being “different.” How many people do you know named freak’n Barney? Barney Rubble, Maybe a Barney on Sesame Street. Is Barney a code word for dork? Did Barney destroy Otis? Where is the love?

Top Websites for Elo boosting services

League of Legends is a competitive game and with several players of this game from across the globe, the competition is quite fiercer. Hence, a lot of players are …

League of Legends is a competitive game and with several players of this game from across the globe, the competition is quite fiercer. Hence, a lot of players are aiming to be the best and be competitive. There are different ways that players do to advance their ranking. But one of the most effective methods is through the help of ELO boosting services. Basically, ELO boosting services help players to get high ranking in the game and to get more creep scores. But with several ELO boosters page and providers in the market, looking for the right one for you can be daunting. So to help players like you, this article will go through some of the best ELO boosting service websites.

Eloboost Company is one of the trusted websites when it comes to ELO boosting services. One of the main reasons for this is because this website offers almost everything that a player needs. It has high rating on customer services, functionality and order speed. The price also matches the quality of service so it is a good deal.


Another popular ELO boosting site is GGBoost. This website has been operating for more than 3 years already. It is also considered as the number one go to place of players who are looking for quality and reliable ELO boosting service. Just like Eloboost Company, GGBoost also offers full package. is another reliable with high reputation website. It has high ratings when it comes to order speed. This website also offers ease in choosing champions, boosters, orders and other items that players need. 

The above mentioned websites are the most common and popular ELO boosting service providers. But if you want to try other websites, you can still vhoose from wide variety of options like,, and others.

Useful Tips On How To Level Fast In World Of Warcraft

First of all lets speak about general strategy in leveling with World of Warcraft that are used by all the players in Slot Online websites, which helps the individual …

First of all lets speak about general strategy in leveling with World of Warcraft that are used by all the players in Slot Online websites, which helps the individual to grow their potential into the game. If you don’t know about WoW the it is one of the best MMORPG games on earth with about 12 million subscribers. Money, XP and items are those reasons we play on-line roleplaying games. World of Warcraft strategy guide has huge amount of tips on fast leveling. There are a few tips you should remember before going to the guide.

With any World of Warcraft strategy guid you need to put your time and effort into it. If you’re at the position that you’re learned few tricks and are already thinking of dominating in World of Warcraft, then stop and read the WoW Strategy Guide first. Three types of leveling exsist in WoW. To begin with you need to do quests. Going to instances is the next best thing. You must choose your main strategy for leveling first. It is very important that you have the right strategy for a level your character is at the moment.

At the beginning of the game (1-30) the best way is to level by doing quests. Following this will get you some nice experience points and wonderful items. Repeat this untill your character is leveled up to 30. Remember, that untill you reach level 30 you should concentrate on quests and them alone. If you have quests that must be accomplished in instances, don’t hesitate go there. When you have a low level character, focus on doing a quest and get someone from guild to help you “train” you through the instance. Having a high level player with you will impact your XP from killing mobs, however experience and gifts from quest completion can not be underestimated. If you feel you’re not leveling fast enough, please use the WoW Strategy guide (Link is available at the end of the article). There is a link to strategy guide which is at the bottom of this article you should definatelly dig. Stay with the article for now though, there more great tips.

Good time to start doing both quests and instances is when you’re turned 30. Sure the great way is to do your instance quests for huge amount of experience and wonderful rewards. After about level 30 you may sure get a group of 5 same level players, who will help you completing quests in instances. Remember, this is not the time yet to go to instances just for experience for killing mobs. Going to instances should be done only in case of some precious drops or having an instance quest.

So you’re at the level 60 and by this time you should start signing up for random instances. Healing and tank classes have higher chances of getting into random instance. Instance waiting can sometimes be hard to deal with, so do your quests while you’re at it. You will gain much more experience points by doing instances instead of simple mob killing. The regular playing day would be doing quests and signing up for random instances all the time. Remember, when you’re in the instance you’re earning more experience then where you’re just doing a simple quest. Do you have a feeling that this information is just too general and vague. I assure you, if you’re still leveling not fast enough, take you’re time and visit WoW Strategy Guide. It’ll improve leveling and give you great rewards. ,ṀṀṀṀṀṀṀṀṀṀṀṀ

Handy Football Gadgets for Men

NFL Football Universal TV Remote: Numerous retail stores carry an Excalibur “Official NFL” football remote. This football gadget for men costs $24.99 or less at most stores. It is …

NFL Football Universal TV Remote:

Numerous retail stores carry an Excalibur “Official NFL” football remote. This football gadget for men costs $24.99 or less at most stores. It is compatible with most TV brands on the market and can come in handy during game night. The Excalibur “Official NFL” football remote can be enjoyed during special football events at home or for everyday use. It resembles a regular football and has flat TV control buttons on one side. There is an NFL logo near the top of this remote. Stores and private sellers market this football gadget for men under several teams including the Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers. However, most product images do not include team logos which cause some confusion about the brand.

SportsCast Wireless Football Scoreboard:

This is one of the football gadgets for men that come in handy all year round. Users can keep track of their favorite football teams without needing a computer jack, extra wires or special software subscriptions. The SportsCast Wireless Football Scoreboard provides updates every quarter and comes in handy during circumstances where a TV, radio or computer is not available to football fans. This football gadget gives men schedules, standings, and scores in addition to playoff, preseason and off-season stats. The information is updated every 15 minutes.


This football gadget for men also has a built-in clock that automatically resets. Users can get updated information about every team and every football game. The SportsCast Wireless Football Scoreboard used to be $99 but can be found for $69 and under. Most computer related stores, game stores and sporting retailers carry this football gadget. It can be given as a great Father’s Day present or bought as an individual treat.

Logitech Football Mouse: Men who work in a relaxed atmosphere may find the Logitech Football Mouse to be a handy gadget for the office. If strict work rules persist, it is a great way to personalize a home computer. This football gadget for men is smaller than the standard Logitech mouse but can work without a mouse pad. It is designed like a football and has a black base. The Logitech Football Mouse is not easy to find but is available through private sellers and few stores. This is one of the least expensive Football Gadgets for Men, costing around $19.99.

Virtual Distance Football: Men who play football games as often as watching their favorite teams on TV may find the virtual distance ball to be a handy item. It is made of durable foam and accurately measures the distance that a football is thrown. The results are displayed on an LCD screen located on the football. This can help to clear disputes or brag when playing football with friends. The Virtual Distance Football is intended for throwing, not kicking and is a very cheap football gadget to buy. This football gadget is priced between $14 and $19.99.

The above gadgets are quite useful for budding players who want to try it out from a young age but are unable to find the correct platform to showcase their skills. With regular practice and better utilization of these gadgets, football will seem like child’s play and who knows you might get a football index sign up offer from any reputed team at national level.


Tips on Standing up your Points to a Health Care Professional

Now first of all, I have to say, that I’m not a doctor or a pharmacist. But I’m a human being who has experienced the arrogance that many “know …

Now first of all, I have to say, that I’m not a doctor or a pharmacist. But I’m a human being who has experienced the arrogance that many “know it all” professionals adopt when you go to them for help. And in most cases, they do care and do have a large amount of expertise in how to help you when you have a health problem. So I’m not suggesting that you don’t listen carefully to what they say and recommend.

However, there are many thousands of people who have a bad experience with their professional health care specialist and not always because they are arrogant or not following the guidelines that are laid down form the vast research that is done on drugs and procedures to treat the millions of health challenges that we face. For example, despite of the verifiable scientific test results you’ve read on testogen review, some doctors simply dismiss it as fraud.

The reason can be that you are not a text book case. You are human, You are not a laboratory rat or a statistic on a graph that determined the process or beneficial result of a drug.

Surprisingly, no test or procedure ever found 100% positive result from a drug or treatment. In fact, scientific research uses a statistical tool that measures the “best fit” of the results to their theories. The factor about how good the fit is is know as the “Correlation Factor” and a result that allows the scientist to say the “evidence” is reliable, can be only 60% accurate.

So, what do you do when you find you are not getting better doing what the doctor or specialist says or taking the drug that is supposed to do the job?

Well, the first thing is to not be a victim. Start asking questions, get on the internet, join a group that has been formed to talk with each other about their experiences when things didin’t go right. Often you can find out more about the subject than your health care professional, especially if they are a general practitioner!

What are your rights as a customer? Just like any other business transaction, you are the person who is paying for the service, whether it’s being paid for by the government, the insurance company or yourself. You should expect to get detailed information in accordance with what you’ve asked for, to be treated as a mature and responsible individual, to have a say in your treatment and you have the right also to refuse the advice.

Don’t shy away from complementary medicine, there is growing evidence that the many other ways of treating a problem work better, but you may find an arrogant professional will try and use some big words to put you off such as “evidenced based based medicine” or pretend that scientists know everything there is to know about the amazingly complex human body.

Packing for Paris: Keeping Your Wardrobe Chic and Your Luggage Light

Paris is a fantastic city to visit with its vast museums, elegant architectural sites, and chic night spots. Yet packing for Paris means being ready for active days and …

Paris is a fantastic city to visit with its vast museums, elegant architectural sites, and chic night spots. Yet packing for Paris means being ready for active days and stylish nights in the fashion capital of the world. It’s easy to load suitcase after suitcase with different changes for every occasion, but with these tips you can keep your luggage light and still be ready for the city of lights.

Those Boots Better Be Made for Walking

The streets of Paris are a pedestrian paradise, so make sure you bring shoes that are ready for trekking the miles of galleries and shops. Stay away from sneakers/tennis shoes as even casual French dress tends to be a bit more formal, but don’t go for those gorgeous 6″ stilettos either. A pair of sensible flats with a good sole will help you look polished without gathering blisters.Wear a neutral colored pair on the plane and you shouldn’t have to pack any others!

Stick with Tops

Wear tailored black pants on the plane and pack either a second pant in a different style/color or a neutral colored skirt. Use the rest of the space for well-fitted blouses and layering pieces to mix and match. Paris is a bit more formal than most American cities, so leave your faded college t-shirt behind and stick to soft blouses in solid colors or subtle prints. Poly-blend fabrics are great if you don’t have an iron, while linen and silk are lightweight and add a touch of elegance. Make sure you have one or two matching sweaters to layer over and wear a well-fitting peacoat on the plane if you visit during the colder months. Peacoats are perfect for both casual and formal events!

Let Your Accessories Do the Talking

The key to packing light is having a few pieces that can be mix and matched. By picking the simple wardrobe pieces described above, you’ll have plenty of choices but things can get dull. To spice up your look, pack lightweight accessories that take up little space yet can completely transform your look. A small, ornate clutch can turn corporate casual to nightlife chic. Statement necklaces give a bold vibe while a light silk scarf gives a breezy, elegant look. Keep the tacky Coach logo bag at home and opt for small and polished wristlets that you can mix an match with your outfits.

Leave Room

Plan on buying clothes once you get to Paris. From the best flea markets in the world to designer boutiques, your shopping options are boundless. Leave room in your suitcase for these Paris finds and try to pick things you’ll wear on your trip. Buy the things you didn’t pack because they didn’t mix and match well: dresses, bold colored skirts, or a chunky necklace.

Follow these tips and you’ll look great… especially since you won’t be red-faced and sweaty from dragging around you whole wardrobe!

Keeping your luggage quantity minimal is quite difficult when traveling abroad, but you can always go ahead with getting rid of useless items and keep only the basic necessities like important papers and personal documents but take care not to compromise on the quality aspect and end up with odavad kohvrid that are of little value and last no more than a week or month at most.