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Is It Advisable To Use A Unique Caption On Instagram?

We all know that likes, comments, and sharing play the most crucial role on various sites like Instagram and youtube. The more number of likes a person has, the …

We all know that likes, comments, and sharing play the most crucial role on various sites like Instagram and youtube. The more number of likes a person has, the more are the chances of the post getting popular.

The main focus of Instagram is on creating an engagement of the general public. And in creating engagement on Instagram, caption plays the most crucial role.

Is caption helpful in creating engagement?

There is no doubt in the fact that the photo that a person has posted on Instagram is always worth it, but in case if we talk about the caption, then it plays an essential role in creating the engagement as it perfectly depicts the picture. So if a person gives proper attention to the Instagram caption, he will for sure notice the success of his page.

Not the only caption plays an essential role in the personal profile of a person. Still, on the other hand, if we talk about the business profile, then also caption plays the most critical role as the caption depicts the posts that the business owner has done. Therefore, the user will be able to better understand the business and accordingly take the step.

How to write the caption in an effective manner

Once a person is clear regarding the importance of the caption, then another question that strikes his mind is how a person can effectively write a caption. There are some tips that a person must keep in mind:

  • Write the vital information in the starting.
  • Make sure that you keep the caption concise, but it should be informative.
  • The caption must be framed in such a manner such that it looks unique and also engaging.

These are some of the tips that will help a person in writing a good caption for insta for girls.

How Do Social Media Influence Attitudes – Know the essentials!!

What comes to mind when you think of Chobani? Now, consider Dannon and what that brand means to you. The associations you made could lead to different types of …

What comes to mind when you think of Chobani? Now, consider Dannon and what that brand means to you. The associations you made could lead to different types of attitudinal and behavioral responses and responses in social media. Perhaps you want a thick Turkish yogurt with clear bold flavors or a more traditional French yogurt? Maybe you are feeling like a little Paris in your life today?

Encouraging consumers to develop brand associations can help your social media marketing strategy by actually reducing communications costs. When people have a clear picture in their minds of what your brand represents you don’t have to spend as much time, effort and expense telling them. Not only that, but people may share their ideas and thoughts about your brand in social media matching the associations that are clear to them. That’s great for your earned media strategy right?

So what is the science behind these attitudinal processes? Basically it comes down to a type of learning called associative learning or classical conditioning. Market researchers have examined variations on Pavlov’s original research with dog saliva and applied it to consumer salivation.

When consumers develop associations between advertisements and brands two processes may take place: direct affect transfer or inferential belief formation. Direct affect transfer occurs when consumers feel positive about elements in an advertisement and transfer the feeling to the brand. Inferential belief formation is when consumers develop cognitive thoughts about a brand from a communication, which could arise from an association.

From site, you will get the information about the essentials. The purchasing of the followers and views is easy and simple for business people. It will results in the promotion of the products and brands. The awareness about the brand is increasing with the promotion at the social platform. 

When the consumer actively considers the information presented to him or her through a process of elaboration, the person enters into the realm of cognition, the act of learning through thinking and reasoning. Marketers using social sites for engagement can attempt to influence customers through either direct affect transfer or inferential belief formation. Both types of learning and the subsequent attitude formation can take place through social media or mobile vehicles.

For example, Domino’s Pizza wanted to change consumer attitudes toward their product after discovering that people thought the pizza tasted like cardboard. After some soul searching and sincere focus groups with customers, Domino’s improved the product and released a YouTube video discussing their problem and highlighting their solution. The purpose of the video was to change people’s beliefs about Domino’s. On the other hand Coca-cola’s app contest resulted in “open happiness” a mobile app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry that generates positive feelings, but does not provide a specific brand message.

Brands Influencing Attitudes Through Social and Mobile

Attitudinal Response Example Direct Affect Transfer Attitudes are developed when the individual pairs the positive stimuli in an ad with the brand. Coca-cola creates “open happiness” a mobile app to share positive feelings. Inferential Belief Formation Attitudes are developed through active thinking and reasoning of the message in the ad. Domino’s pizza releases a YouTube video showing their improvements to the product following customer complaints.

The Big Four Platforms For Social Media Marketing

Thanks for visiting! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to our RSS feed for the latest and newest updates about social media. When was …

Thanks for visiting! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to our RSS feed for the latest and newest updates about social media.

When was the last time you opened the yellow pages to get information about a business, product or brand? Probably a long time ago. This is likely due to the fact that print marketing is rapidly becoming obsolete as businesses turn to internet marketing to spread their messages. In addition to the practice of search engine optimization, social media marketing is becoming the new norm for spreading the word on a good (or not so good) idea.

The practice of promoting a brand, business, product, service, or organization over social media platforms is referred to as social media marketing. There are numerous different platforms available for social media marketing, all of which vary in terms of use, functionality, engagement and privacy. One of the most commonly used social media networks for the purpose of social media marketing is is Twitter. Using SMS, or short message service, “tweets” are limited to 140 characters and are generally not all that private. Twitter’s main benefit is its effectiveness at virally spreading messages.

One of the most popular social media marketing platforms is used by over 400 million people. It is none other than Facebook, the infamous social networking site. Most Facebook users have personal accounts where they can connect with their friends and share photos and updates about their lives. However, Facebook allows for businesses, brands, organizations, services and products to have their own pages, where personal users can “Like” what is being promoted on the page. The subject of what users “like” is promoted their own social network established on Facebook for all others to see, serving as word of mouth advertising on the internet.

There are two other social networks widely used for social media marketing purposes. They are the photo sharing tool Flickr, and the video sharing hub YouTube. Flickr is used to upload, tag and share photos across the internet. Although not as popular as YouTube, it has been used by a variety of organizations to promote photos of their establishment, services and products. Photo galleries on Flickr can also be embedded on external websites. YouTube, on the other hand, is very similar to Flickr, yet its purpose is to share videos. Similarly, videos on YouTube can be embedded onto websites.

Social media marketing has increasingly become adopted by organizations, over the four aforementioned platforms in particular. However, many organizations have come to recognize that the effective promotion of a business over the internet is a significant time commitment. Luckily, Stikky Media exists as a place for businesses to turn to outsource their social media marketing efforts. Contact Stikky Media for additional information on what they can do to spread the word about your business.If you want to get tonnes of active users and audiences on your youtube account, buy youtube subscribers legit could be the correct plan that anyone can embrace. Getting an enhanced no. of visits can provide plenty of advantages, such as improving your standings and putting you in first search pages engine leaderboard.

A Consultant’s Primer to Content Strategy

Social Media Examiner published an excellent post on How to Develop a Social Media Content Strategy, written by Rich Brooks, that I think everyone who is struggling with social …

Social Media Examiner published an excellent post on How to Develop a Social Media Content Strategy, written by Rich Brooks, that I think everyone who is struggling with social media should read. Mr. Brooks quotes another source that said to him:

Well said. All you have to do is look around to see how many businesses have Facebook Pages or Twitter accounts with little to no content or no interaction with their followers. The reason is they have no strategy behind the social media platform, content or otherwise. It stands to reason why they jumped into social media in the first place – everybody is doing it, including their competitors. Unfortunately, jumping in to social media takes commitment and you need to have a plan in order to make it successful. This plan is usually centered on the content you create and purpose of that content to your business.

After reading Brook’s post, I wondered how a business-to-business consultant would adopt a similar social media content strategy? Just about everything Brooks suggests is feasible for the independent business professional to create a brand and establish thought leadership in their respective field.

According to Brooks, there are three fundamental elements you should include in every content strategy you develop:

  • Know what your clients are talking about and the conversations they actively participate in.
  • Know where your clients like to have these conversations.
  • Determine what metrics you’ll use to measure success (direct sales, “Likes”, total number of followers, etc.)

Deciding whether to use tools like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube should not drive your overall social media strategy. Remember, they are a means to an end. As mentioned in points number 1 and 2, you have to know what your target audience is talking about and where they are holding conversations that interest them. If it so happens you can reach or attract them through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, they you should attempt to do so. Instagram is also a powerful tool nowadays for advertisement. A lot of businesses are now also  present on Instagram because this platform has millions of users everyday. If you want to grow your followers, you can check this site:

Always keep in mind that content is king. You must have quality content that engages and prompts your followers into the action you desire whether it is something as small as getting them to sign up for an e-mail newsletter or buy your products and services. Ultimately, you want to demonstrate thought leadership within the conversations your clients are having and show them you have the content they need to solve their most pressing issues.

I try to hold true to the following question whenever I need to make an important decision:

If I can’t come up with a valid reason, I simply don’t do it. Does it always work? Most of the time it does so, if you are a consultant wishing to jump into social media ask yourself what is your intent regarding social media. Are you doing it to be doing it, or are you using it as a means to get your content out there and develop your brand as a thought leader in your respective field? Chances are you can come up with some valid reasons and develop a purpose behind your actions in social media. If not, perhaps you should consider other avenues to promote your consulting business.

Social Media Card – What is the use?

Social media has pulled advertisers and marketers into the eco-system of conversations. However, the audience has rejected their presence and their methods. Now through an integrated innovative offering advertisers …

Social media has pulled advertisers and marketers into the eco-system of conversations. However, the audience has rejected their presence and their methods.

Now through an integrated innovative offering advertisers and marketers can both reach and add value to the conversations.

You Ask How?

Integrated technology aimed at the financial sector has created a huge opportunity to create the means to turn conversations into revenue.

The new technology enables consumers to access discounts from their favorite merchants by downloading coupons, rewards and even cash incentives directly to an affinity debit MasterCard or Visa. Besides discounts, coupons or cash incentives the technology also enables other “rewards” such as points for usage or blog post, direct cash contributions to others and basically any kind of reward you can imagine. This technology will revolutionize “advertising, marketing and the entire rewards industry”. Consider the following:

  • In 2008, 72 percent of consumers indicated they used a debit card in the past year. In 2007, that number was 65 percent. (Source: Javelin, “Credit Card Spending Declines” study, March 2009)
  • Debit card usage grew from 2007 to 2008, with 66 percent of consumers indicating they used a debit card in the month preceding the September 2008 survey, compared to 57 percent of consumers in 2007. (Source: Javelin, “Credit Card Spending Declines” study, March 2009)

The integrated technology provides valuable propositions for brands, merchants,affinity groups and consumers. The best scenarios for this new technology to create the most value are the following which insures its success:

  • A group, organization or common audience which has an affinity to people, interest, products and related rewards
  • The host has an existing audience of at least 25,000 people or businesses
  • The host has relations with sponsors, brands and existing advertisers
  • The host currently provides value as defined by the audience
  • The host has demographic information, emails, and related data relative to their audience
  • The host has members, whether paying or non-paying
  • The host currently provides value and desires to provide more value to their audience and to be a market leader

How Does It Work?

This new technology is one example of the convergence of conversations with financial instruments aimed at transforming old processes into new value through and with conversation. Think about the waste of pushing coupons, gift cards, membership cards, spam and the host of “cards” brands and merchants try to push onto consumers, see “How Many Cards Do You Need?”. Now innovation will again disrupt entire markets who have been living in the legacy of old methods.

Fundamentally instead of paper rewards now any and all rewards or loyalty programs offered by brands, merchants, associations, affinity groups and even individuals can now be handled on one card that can be used in over 35 million locations worldwide. What you can offer “people” and be able to send or receive any kind of offer is only limited by your imagination. Additionally the technology also integrates “social media communications” thus enabling individuals to share the value they received with like minded friends, family and entire markets of consumers. The technology also enables brands and merchants to inform consumers, who opt in, of new value propositions which they have an affinity to ready to be loaded onto their card and used at local retail outlets.  If people have less subscribers at the YouTube channel, then they can purchase them from site. The quality of the subscribers is high and the charges are less as per the requirement of the people. The use of the social card is done with skills and excellence. 

Besides the value for card holders the illustrated “social media card” provides brands and merchants with real time data on the effectiveness of their offerings to an audience. Unlike old reward methods that produced 1%-3% ROI this new method produces 100% ROI!

If you run an association, community or any kind of affinity group you can now create more value than expected to brands and merchants that have an affinity to your group and more importantly to fans and members of your association/group. The technology provides unique features and function all digitally and with seamless integration into web sites, blogs and social networks.

Think of sports, entertainment, associations, mommy bloggers, music, trade groups, niche publishers and magazines and any kind of market segment that has an established relationship with consumers who have affinity to certain merchandise and brands. The opportunity is endless. This once and for all solves the issue of Social Media ROI and it promotes the reduction of waste caused from paper and print.

If you are a advertising agency, marketer, association or large group Social Media Directions can provide you the knowledge and the technology to create new value that is in alignment with where markets are moving.

Live Facebook Streams On FOX Sports

On Sunday, Facebook announced a fascinating relationship agreement with FOX Sports. On the statement, it is usually says this offer would have the social chat too Facebook data to …

On Sunday, Facebook announced a fascinating relationship agreement with FOX Sports. On the statement, it is usually says this offer would have the social chat too Facebook data to look combined with live NFL college soccer and football broadcast for the following six months. Sources advised that Fox Sports will make using Facebook data in a variety of ways so they provides additional social analysis of actual time to the live put out that even consists of the modern FOX Sports 1 network. Fox has become likely to utilize Facebook to be able to ask viewers field viewer questions before broadcast, their judgment regarding specific match or team along with supplying a genuine time stream of discussion from the users in areas for example ticker. Over this, FOX Sports desires to produce a Fan Volume Meter that will identify the best productive fans on Instagram and Facebook. Facebook data can also be utilized by FOX Sports to create many different kinds of charts and graphic maps. It really is worth to cover which the half-year deal is completely articles related or in short, no enterprise would pay together.

On the words of VP of media relationships and online operations for Facebook, Justin Osofsky, one of the main areas of discussion developing on Facebook relates to sports. He additional advised that they are really fascinated along with thrilled to get FOX Sports for their companion as on Facebook, there are many than 1.6 billion contacts between sports entities and people. Moreover, he wished which the relationship provides a whole new sizing of watching for the viewers along with incorporate the concept from the game lovers on the match. To make the discussion incredibly easy before, Facebook features extra features like confirmed balances and retrievable hash tags. Before Q2 earning call from the company, Facebook asserted that near about 88 to 100 thousand people are using social platform in the primetime television hours. It really is advised that Facebook experiences improvement in user wedding specially when it handles some type of sports, especially football. Sources advised which more than 60 million relationships which are linked to NFL are generated on the starting weekend from the league.

It really is notable that near about 30 million Facebook users engage in these interactions. Most interestingly, obviously almost 20 million posted following the first NFL game. It really is valued at to cover right here that in Extremely Bowl of past year between San Francisco 49ers plus the Baltimore Ravens generated almost 250 million relationships. SVP of FOX Sports Electronic, Pete Vlastelica, expressed their pleasure is the first broadcaster of sports that will consider the advantage of the enriched group of data that Facebook would supply for the media partners. He extra added the purpose of this package is always to produce fantastic articles along with increase their telecast to be able to serve the listeners in their best. It really is critical to see that the relationships began Saturday, but if the two organizations continue the deals after finishing of six months is not exposed from the supply. With a visit and purchase from The building of the relation is effective with the customers. The delivery of the likes and comments is made fast for the benefit of the people. The promotion is done with proper knowledge.

How to Choose Keywords and Topics for Content Marketing

Learn how to choose topics and keywords when writing blog posts or working on a content marketing campaign or get professional here from Choosing the right topic is …

Learn how to choose topics and keywords when writing blog posts or working on a content marketing campaign or get professional here from

Choosing the right topic is important to the success of your content marketing activities. Before starting any content marketing campaign, it is important to do keyword research. Find out what types of articles and topics are popular with your target audience.

This can be done by monitoring what articles your colleagues and potential customers share with one another and by reviewing search engine data.

Finding topics to write about can be challenging and time-consuming. Covering a topic that is growing in popularity or important to your product or service will help maximize the return on your content marketing efforts.

One simple method for finding topics that are popular is to review leading industry websites and news sources. Most online magazines today have social sharing buttons that display how many times a piece of content has been shared on social media sites. After checking a few industry websites and news sources, you should begin to notice a few kinds of content that are more popular than others.

When choosing your topics, it is important to focus on developing content that is relevant and engaging to potential consumers. You will want to also make sure to target topics that are likely to receive a lot of sharing.

Want to learn more about the content market? Here are a few articles and infographics:

Content Marketing Infographic – History, Trends, and Opportunities

Improve your understanding of the history of content marketing (with infographic). Learn how content marketing has been used over the last hundred years to influence consumer behavior.

Infographic on Trends in Content Marketing for B2B Marketing

If you in the Business to Business (B2B) market, content marketing can be a very effective strategy. Learn about trends in content marketing from the B2B marketing world.

If you are already monitoring news sites, blogs, and social media for content marketing ideas, you might want to consider using a content curation tool to make it easier.

Learn how recent changes in the way Google ranks websites make content marketing even more beneficial for search engine ranking. Understand how the future of search will be impacted and how content marketing can help.

Keyword Research for SEO: The Best Keyword Research Guides, Advanced Strategies, Meta Tags, Long Tail Keywords, etc…

Content marketing can do wonders for a website’s search engine ranking. Before you start writing content for blog posts, ebooks or infographics take the time to make sure you’re targeting the right keywords.

How to Make the Most of Online and Internet Social Connections

We hear it all the time that online social networking is changing the way we interact with each other and how is changing the way people use Instagram. …

We hear it all the time that online social networking is changing the way we interact with each other and how is changing the way people use Instagram. For many of us, it certainly has made our “world” seem larger and we may find that we are constantly marketing, tweeting, twitting, and posting. But, how can a person really make social networking a positive way to grow business and improve networking? Does it take constant work and harassing of our friends or can it be handled with ease and grace?

There are several camps on how to make the most of online and internet social networking. 

Some people say you should constantly post, tweet, e-mail, twitter, and whatever technology you have at your fingertips. There are those who are posting messages and links every 5 seconds and say this is the way to generate and keep interested. There are others who think that by participating, one can let the connections evolve organically and they will breed and multiply with no effort of all. The fact is, there is probably a happy medium for most of us that will make it possible for us to make the most of these technological tools without getting burned out or burning out our connections.

It is a mistake to NOT take advantage of all the opportunities for connection that exist in this day and age. Of course, they do not take the place of “in real-time” conversations, friendships and working relationships, but they can augment connection and give you access to even more individuals, businesses, etc. It is important to keep your connections growing and keep your own information current and fresh, but you may want to watch out for growing your networks so large, so fast that you can’t keep up with people and things. This could be more detrimental than growing your networks slowly and paying attention to strengthening the connections.

Look for ways to “layer” your connections. For example, if someone is a “Twitter” follower, consider finding them on FaceBook as well. Send a personal e-mail once in a while just to find another way to connect with people. Just as in “classical” networking, you want to look for ways to layer and strengthen the connections without being obnoxious or overwhelmingly pushy. If you meet someone at a party, it is okay to add them to an online network, but you’ll want to continue to nurture a more personal “real-time” connection as well. Send a note, invite them to coffee or to another party-nurture, and strengthen the connections through direct contact whenever possible. Ask questions, share information, and use your actual social skills to grow your online networks.

Using Social Networking Sites to Our Advantage

Over recent years, social networking has emerged as a primary form of communication for many people in keeping up with their social circles amidst their busy lives. One of …

Over recent years, social networking has emerged as a primary form of communication for many people in keeping up with their social circles amidst their busy lives. One of the major social networking sites, Facebook, has become the number one choice of many who use these types of sites. As with anything, there are always positive and negative aspects of technology and the way in which it changes our lives.

What many people do not realize is how much it is changing the dynamics in how we tend to interact with each other. Years ago, people were able to keep things private. With technology, our lives have become an open book and keeping our information private is next to impossible. As a result, we have to learn as a society what is acceptable and what is a social taboo when it comes to the use of sites such as Facebook.

Because social networking is so new, we do not have those unspoken rules ironed out, and as a result, we see postings with what most would consider inappropriate. The problem is the poster does not exercise restraint and is oblivious to their fopaux. Other times information is posted that someone would never bring up in a face-to-face conversation, but because they are behind a computer monitor and not seeing the reaction of their readers, they don’t even realize that their post may be a bit too much.

Then there is the whole privacy concern. People can take pictures anywhere and post them onto their pages and even “tag” you if you are on their friend list without your permission. Even though you can remove the tag, sometimes the damage is already done. Privacy is also a heated discussion due to the fact that Facebook is continually changing their privacy controls and their privacy policies. This makes it hard for the average user to keep the information they want private out of the hands of others.

With the newness of social networking sites and society’s need to catch up with social rules that come along with this new type of social interaction, many of us need to reconsider what information we are releasing on these sites, things that we post, and other things we display. Just because you cannot be physically seen when posting something, it doesn’t mean that others are not forming negative opinions about what was just posted. Personal information that would not be stated to someone in person does not need to be stated on a cyberspace wall. Remember that people from all social areas in a person’s life will be reading what is posted. Grandparents do not need to know in detail what just happened at a friend’s house last night. Employers are now looking you up on social networking sites to see what type of person someone presents to the world. Do they really want someone who can’t hold their tongue representing their organization?

Furthermore, with the aid of technology, new services are being introduced to the online community. This is because of sites like that allows people to go extra mile in exploring social networking sites.

When using a social networking site, we all need to realize that we are in public for everyone to see. Knowing how to handle yourself will be key as we move into a new era of socializing and interacting with others. We can use this new type of social interaction for our benefit or our demise. It’s all up to us based on how we handle ourselves and what information we give .

Art of Managing Your Time and Content on Facebook

Are you someone who struggles to find time for social media? Here are few simple tips on managing your time and getting the most out of your Facebook engagement. …

Are you someone who struggles to find time for social media? Here are few simple tips on managing your time and getting the most out of your Facebook engagement.

  1. Draw A Plan!

Before you post on Facebook have a goal in mind of what you are trying to accomplish.

Create a weekly short list of 3-5 items you want to post. Include interesting quotes, links to videos or links to articles that you find helpful. Having a plan cuts down on time wasted on unnecessary tasks.

Try adding current events or news that occurs during the week that complements or offers additional insight to your posts. I get New York Times news alerts that come directly to my blackberry. This is a great resource for up to the minute news content.

  1. Post often! Post quality!

Set a goal for daily or weekly posts. Most experts will tell you to post daily to your facebook page, while others may say 2-3 times per week. However, it really depends on your audience. You have to gauge how responsive your audience is to the messages you put out.

The quality of the post makes the greatest impact rather than the quantity. If you’re flooding your audience with multiple posts per day, make sure they are interesting and add value.

  1. Make It Your Daily Routine

Can you remember a time when you didn’t have email ?

Now email is a normal part of business communication.

In the same way Social Media engagement or communicating with your customers online is now a regular part of doing business. Set aside time to post questions or comments just like you would to answer emails.

  1. Post Content that Engages Fans

Ask yourself, what type of content does my audience typically respond to?

What tone of voice does the audience prefer? humor, sarcasm, inspiration etc.?

Most of my posts are a combination of interesting quotes, motivational, current news and educational. I’ve found that fans are most responsive when you are personable. Fans also respond when you offer solutions or reference resources for overcoming personal growth and business challenges.

  1. Determine If You Need Help

If you find that you have little time to manage your work load and post to Facebook, consider getting help. Some businesses may have multiple social media accounts, yet little time to manage them. If you don’t have additional staff to take this on, consider hiring help to manage your updates. Remember delegation is a good thing!

Interacting with fans on Social Media can be fun if you take the time to plan how often and what you post.

Keep in mind fans are interested in hearing what you have to say. Otherwise they never would have followed you. The key is to engage them by posting content that aligns with their interests.

To conclude, take care that you don’t resort to cheap tactics and vulgar content so as to increase your fanbase as that is quite an immoral thing to do and may lead innocent youngsters astray be it facebook, twitter or instagram. If you want to buy real instagram followers, then it should be through good content and organic means and not through notoriety and unethical conduct.