Simple ways to Grow Black Hair Faster

You want to know how to grow black hair faster? Read this!

  1. You may not believe this, but the way we sleep, and on what we sleep also has a role to play in the kind of hair we have. It is believed that if you use cotton pillowcases, you should ditch them this instant for a smoother and softer case of materials like satin and silk. Although they might be on the more expensive side of the line, but they are totally worth every penny. The reason is that because of friction your hair gets prone to breakage, but there is no story of friction and rubbing when it comes to satin materials.
    When you sleep, don’t let your hair down. Instead, go the old age way of tying your hair loosely into braids. But make sure they aren’t too tight, because that will lead to breakage and will also damage the cuticles from the roots.
  2. After every wash, we tend to wrap our hairs into a towel. But what you don’t knwo is that doing so will lead to breakage of hair. Because after every wash the scalp is wet and weak, if pressure is put on the hair, it leads to breakage of hair right from the roots! This is more dangerous than having weak hair because often that hair lost from the roots does not grow back.
    This is the reason why it is always suggested to never comb or brush your wet hair. No matter what happens, apply serums but stay away from combing your hair right after shower. Wait till your hair is dry before getting down to detangling it.
    Also, never leave the house with wet hair! I have seen many women travelling with wet hair and letting the polluted air of the outside dry their locks.