Selecting The Perfect WordPress Theme

  1. Blog Navigation.

Now the second most important feature in any premium wordpress themes or free is navigation system. No matter how high quality your theme is if it has no or very poor navigation system than it will make your blog fail. Perfect navigation is as important as SEO of your blog. Imagine you are a visitor on any blog but you haven’t find any way to browse the blog than what happens is that you will immediately leave the blog.

  1. Browser Compatibility.

With so many browsers now a days it very difficult to build theme that will run on all browsers. That is why i recommended you earlier to choose premium theme because most of the premium themes run on almost every modern browsers. This issue is getting more serious with internet explorer which is still been used by one third of the internet users. Internet Explorer has failed to respond to the latest CSS-3 advancements and hence your highly graphic oriented blog may look ugly in IE.

  1. Go for Simple, Neat and Clean Theme.

At the end of the day dont choose a blog with full of features and graphics because nobody like to wait and if your blog is too heavy to download than people will start leaving your blog. I know many people like funky themes with full of features but your blog is not a place to show your art work. Instead keep it very simple and try to use one color throughout your blog.

With so many blogs already exist and thousands of new blogs adding to blogosphere everyday it’s really very hard to remember the names of blogs. Also if your blog design or theme is very similar to the other blog or website than you are going to be in trouble because your blog visitors will not differentiate the blogs and hence you may lose precious blog readers.

Also note that you should always consider premium wordpress themes over free themes since it would have several features and future updates.