How Can You Benefit By Using The Star Citizen Referral Code

Cloud Imperium Games. It is set against a space trading background. This amazing computer game has been designed for platforms like Microsoft Windows and Linux. The upgrades in the game include a single-player campaign which has been named as Squadron 42. If you seeking information about Star Citizen Referral code Then you have come to the right place.Each player gets a unique Star Citizen Referral code. These referral codes can help you get several rewards and bonus points.

You can benefit from using this referral code to introduce new players to this online game. It should not be a difficult thing to do, given the fact that the game is really attractive. You can share the unique Star Citizen Referral Code through the social media, through an email campaign or by your own website.You may think of various advertisement and promotional strategies by which you can get more people click on the link and join the game.

What is the benefit of Star Citizen Referral Code?

Both you and the person you add as a new player can mutually benefit from the Star Citizen Referral Code. When a new player signs up to play using the referral code that was generated for you, they instantly get 5,000 UEC.  Here UEC stands for United Earth Credits. The new joinees can use the 5,000 UEC to spend on various websites to buying weapons, manage decorations or ship components. You can at anytime check their status from the My Referrals section

Apart from them getting a reward, you also get several perks when a person joins under you. After joining the game, the recruit can go ahead and becomeStar citizen.  Hope these above steps will help you understand the Star citizen referral codes benefit.