How Much Do You Know About Pizza? Learn 8 Scrummy Facts About It!

By hearing the word ‘pizza’, a smile is immediately formed onto the lips of everyone. Regardless of the variety or style, pizza always makes it to the list of favorite foods.

But, how much do you know about this dish? Learn some interesting, palatable facts about pizza and see how many you knew.

  • Formerly a grocery store, Lombardi’s (located in New York City) is the first pizza place. It began selling pizza in 1905.
  • Pizza was initially sold and eaten by working class Italian settlers in the first decades of the twentieth century.
  • Trenton, N.J., Conn., New York, New Haven and Boston were the first American cities to begin selling pizza.
  • 1962 is such a memorable year for pizza lovers, as it is when Hawaiian pizza was invented. All thanks to the creative mind of a local Greece Sam Panopoulos who, at that time, is managing a pizza shop in Canada.
  • Around 36% of all pizzas include pepperoni, which makes it a popular topping in and out of America.
  • Do you think it is only humans who have cravings for pizza? Dogs also love the taste of this dish! There is even a mini pizza made for dogs known as Heaven Scent Pizza. It contains parmesan cheese, carrots, flour and celery.
  • Though pizza was invented in Italy, countries across the globe have created their own local twists on this classic food. For instance, China boasts a crust made of mini hotdogs. While in Brazil, chefs put green peas on their pizzas.
  • The biggest pizza around the world weighed 51,257 lbs. and was 131 ft. in diameter.

The popularity of pizza will never decline, and we can expect for more styles and varieties from different professional chefs.

Savor each bite of a delicate pizza!