Best Headphones For The Xbox 360

A good gaming session creates the kind of rush in your body like no other. That’s why we need a great console and a high definition screen for the perfect gaming experience and a great pair of headphones would just be a cherry on the top. Nothing improves our gaming experience like a great headphone that provides us with the monumental experience of the virtual gaming world. You can visit to get a detailed insight on the best headphones that you require.


If you are really passionate about gaming and want to spend good amount of money on your headphones and don’t want to sacrifice on the quality then you can go for the SteelSeries Siberia 840. This well built, impressive looking headphone includes a 7.1 surround sound, a streaming box and Bluetooth connectivity for superior connectivity and sound. It is also very comfortable which is very important for gamers as they require to game for long periods of time. There are various audio profiles that you can select on the OLED screen available on the transmitter box. All these high end features are available just for 260 Euros.


Now that we have covered the costlier section, recommending something for the cheaper section is important as many people don’t care too much about the design and don’t care if their headphones have the fancy features or not. The Hyper X Cloud Stinger headphones are below the 50 Euros price range and you will be happy with the headphones if you have sensible expectation. These are just gaming headphones and are not ready for outside rugged use as their entire body is made of plastic. The bass response and sound range is very impressive for the price and you will be very happy with them. The headphones are wired and are compatible with every single system you can find. The PVC coating on the foam cups makes the headphones very comfortable.