Deep Information About Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Us Citizens

Many people of America visit the Vietnam for see the beauty of historical places. Since 1996, U.S citizens easily get Vietnam visa on arrival. There are many tourist attractions in the Vietnam, when you visit this country then you definitely happy to see the culture and tradition. Its historical places will attract you and give the privilege to learn unique things from their tradition.  In this article, you will read about the Vietnam visa on arrival for us citizens, read and enlarge the knowledge about it.

Vietnam visa business B3 issued at airport of Vietnam

Deep information about Vietnam

Vietnam is a country which is situated in the southeast area of Asia. The area of Vietnam 332,698 km and there are 92,700,000 population live there. The capital of the Vietnam is the Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh is its largest city. If we share the knowledge about tourist attractions then, Ha long bay hold top place in the best tourist places. In addition to this, Thien Mu Pagoda (Hue) which is the tallest temple in the Vietnam and it was built in 1601. Vietnam has many other attractive places that are why, people from USA visit this place.

Get visa on arrival

Vietnam visa is valid for us citizens 1 month, 6 months or 12 months by single or multiple entries. If we talk about the entry requirements then you need to a valid passport for the cross the border. After that, you need to fill and submit the online application form which you get on the Vietnam government’s website. Moving further, travelers need to submit the fees of the visa the processing of the approval is about 2 working days.  The visa approval will send on your given email address, after getting the visa you need to pay the fees of the stamping. At last, you will get all the documentation and you can easily put the step on the roads of Vietnam.