Choosing Wall Art for Your Space

Deciding to install wall art in your home may not be as easy as you initially thought; you have to invest a good amount of time, money and emotion in choosing and that’s even before the wall art arrives in your home. There are a handful of guidelines and tips that you can follow to make sure that the wall art fits the area or room that you intended it for.

  1. Choose the Wall Art You Love

Well this is the most obvious rule that you have to follow; why post art that you don’t really like? Any and all art work that’s displayed in your humble abode should be something that you’d appreciate looking at every day. For some of us, this is easy enough but for others it’s the biggest challenge; what if you only thought that you’d like it? What if you want a new one? What would you do with the other?

  1. Pick Out the Room

In some instances, the fixed size of the wall art you brought home makes it all that easier to decide exactly where it’s going to go. Either you choose the room that you want to decorate first before deciding on the wall art or the other way around. Smaller pieces can be placed in powder rooms and hallway nook. In case the wall art is made up of multiple pieces then you can install it in the living room.

  1. Measure Everything

Have the art hang at the average eye level which is measured at about 57-60” from the floor all the way up to the very center of the artwork. For those of you who are way above average in height, consider a measurement of 63-65”; this is ideal if you also have high ceilings.