Purchasing Figure Skates For The First Time

The seemingly simple task of choosing and buying figure skates can be a bit too overwhelming for a figure skating beginner of a skater parent. You’ll likely bombard yourself with questions like “what would be the best brand?” or “Is this ideal” and “what exact size should I buy?” and more. Kinzie’s Closet is one of only a handful of online skate shops that actually provides detailed information to help potential clients in choosing exactly what is they need.

Best Figure Skating Brand

We often ask this question since we don’t really want to purchase low quality equipment for sports apparels; the user might end up getting hurt because of it. In truth, there is no single ‘best brand’ but there are numerous trusted and reliable brands available. But do take note that the best figure skates model or brand depends on the boot that best fits your foot and can meet all the skating needs.

Majority of buyers and users don’t realize that whenever skaters and skater parents highly recommend a specific brand, they recommend it because it best fits them but the same may not be applied to you; some people even recommend skates just because they’re the latest fad which isn’t ideal.

Another factor that you should keep in mind is that, not because a specific pair of figure skates is the most expensive in the market doesn’t mean it will automatically be the best pair for you. Figure skates have a variety of models and price range, have you heard of ‘cheap skate’? Well, they’re actual cheap skates which were exclusively made for pure pond skating. These kinds of skates are not ideal for the execution of spins and jumps since they just don’t have the durability. They’re common with a lot of skate stores but not at Kinzie Closet.