Ways To Increase Penis Size Without Surgery

Most males want to make their penis a lot bigger, even though they are already blessed with what they currently have. The truth is that a latest research by the students at the University of Kentucky found that around 46 percent of males want to make their penis bigger. Though several men underwent penoplasty or penis growth surgery to make their penis larger, that is not the only choice. There are natural penis extenders out there, here are some of them:

Have a Trim

You could quickly make your penis look larger if you trim your pubes. Grab a razor or a pair of scissors and trim the pubic hair around the penile base to make the shaft more visible. This is likely the easiest and quickest method you could do to make your penis larger in few seconds.


If you are overweight, then your penis would appear small. Aside from that, your sex life would be a lot more difficult. A huge tummy would get in between your partner and you. This means that you cannot deeply penetrate your partner.

Take some Pills

If you prefer some supplements, then you should take some pills. Gingko Biloba is one pill that you could take. This is a herbal supplement from the leaves of the tree. This supplement was mainly used by the Chinese to enhance their memory.

The concept of this is that the supplement would enhance the flow of blood to the penis. That is why men with particularly bad blood circulation would feel like they have a bigger penis down there. Men using anti-depressants should also use this supplement because it is known that gingko biloba could help males that are currently suffering from sexual dysfunction by helping the blood circulate properly.