Simple But Fun Adventure Games From UG5

Across the globe, the most popular games involve consoles, PS4s and Xbox ones that facilitate games with what feels like hundreds of levels or against players that are worlds apart in skills. Sometimes you just want a simple computer game that won’t ask to download much, is not nearly as frustrating and won’t put your dignity at stake against professional players. Well that’s where unblocked games UG5 comes in; it’s a website with the fun little online games we were used to a few years back and below are their top adventure games.

Zombie Impaler

In Zombie Impaler, players will take control of a bow and arrow in killing zombies. That’s pretty much it, sure it sounds simple enough but the placement of the zombies on the screen, and limited number of arrows as well as other additional factors makes it a challenge. Not to mention that the best score that players earn comes from headshots, time to bring out your inner archer. Players that are acutely sensitive to blood and gore, including the virtual cartoon ones, are advised to try another game because this certainly is not for them.

Detective Conrad

Players here control a small avatar called Detective Conrad, he has the task of finding a certain missing item from a client. Detective Conrad is controlled using the arrow keys and levels become more and more challenging. Clues are displayed on the upper left corner of the screen; a different clue is available for each level. The requirements and challenges may be different but the main goal across the stages is to do everything to reach and open a red door. Sounds simple, players just have to jump from one platform to the other while avoiding traps and pushing buttons that activates the door.