Charlotte’s Web: A Must-Try CBD Oil for Depression

Depression and Anxiety are some of the most common mental issues that plague several age groups in the society. While conventional medicine, in the form of SSRIs or Selective Serotonin Uptake Inhibitors have been deemed as the best treatment for clinical depression and other more severe cases, but it is not bereft of any side effects. An alternative that is gaining popularity nowadays is CBD oil, which can be ingested in various forms. There are a lot of sites for cbd oil for depression reviews that could be found online. This review would just be focusing on one, however, and this is Charlotte’s Web. What makes this brand worth the focus? Let’s find out below.

A Brand with a Unique History

Charlotte’s web is named after a real young girl, whose real name is Charlotte Figi. She has suffered a seizure disorder for most of her life. She has gone through several treatments for modern medicine, but it ended up futile. To help with her problem, her parents wanted to try out a high-CBD hemp strain which is was designed by the Stanley brothers. Since then, Charlotte has had marked improvements for her condition.


Charlotte’s Web offers discounts for families who have children that suffer a similar case to that of Charlotte. Its hemp source is from Colorado, and the extraction process is gentle yet is of a broad spectrum. They sell Creams, Balms, Capsules, and Oral Tinctures of CBD and their oils can be availed of in mint and chocolate flavors, also in various sizes. The capsules are of a large size and are perfect for those who are more accustomed to ingesting CBD orally, and don’t have the luxury of time to inhale CBD vapour. Dosage is still dependent on the CBD oil experience of the person.