The Hidden Jewels Of Premier League

The Premier League is a ground of competition for numerous teams and Liverpool and Tottenham are the teams that really need to win some silverware to prove their mettle amongst the other giants. Whereas Liverpool have reached the Champions League semi-finals, Tottenham have been highly unsuccessful in their fight for the title is the last few season, managing just a top for finish but sbobet asia wap believes that with the right signings and the correct handling these teams could become world class.


Liverpool destroyed teams last season both domestically and in international tournaments. Their attacking trio of Salah, Mane and Firmino will moving into the new season with high spirits and will have expectations for their new season. Klopp has most importantly answered Liverpool’s greatest problem last season by purchasing Allison from Roma at world record 67 million euro. This will provide very important for Liverpool and in Allison Liverpool have ended up signing one of the best goalkeepers and have confirmed their solidity at the back for years to come. They have also signed Naby Keita and Fabinho to replace Emre Can and convert Liverpool into a world class team. Signing XherdanShaqiri was one of the moves of the transfer window and he is a very good back up option for any team in the world.


Tottenham on the other hand have been in the market looking for a few players, but they most probably don’t need another signing with the kind of quality and quantity that Ponchetino has at his disposal. Eric Lamela just signed a long-term contract, tying himself to the club for the next 5 years. Ponchetino will just need to keep his star players in the squad with fantastic Premier League seasons and a great World Cup. It is necessary that Alderweild stays at Tottenham as he has been the spine of Tottenham for the last few season.