Best Alcohol Rehabs In The United States

Looking for a top notch alcohol rehab center in the United States? There are a good number of options when it comes to local alcohol treatment center. We have taken the liberty to generate a short list of the most efficient and highly rated centers where you or your loved one can get the best care, support and rehabilitation you need.

The Recovery Team

South Florida is home to one of the most authentic and well equipped alcohol and drugs rehab facility. With 20 years of recognition as an industry leader, the recovery team has gotten great reviews and success stories, changing lives every day with a highly focused team of professionals who tailor every treatment to suit the individual.

Their services are, but not limited to, family programs, psychiatric evaluation and management, counseling and therapy, health and nutrition education, cognitive behavior therapy, trauma therapy, massage and fitness therapy.

Center City Recovery

A calm and serene environment located in the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; this facility is a quick response recovery facility which provides evidence based results on treatment fast recovery.  Alcohol addiction comes with certain behavioral instabilities that affect communication and lifestyle. The center city provides individual and collective therapy that caters to every aspect of patient’s life.

Services include, but not limited to detoxification, monitoring and evaluation, anger management and counseling, medication, family counseling, withdrawal symptoms therapy, and lots more.

Arrow Passage Recovery

The resort style rehab provides a magnificent environment with experienced team of professionals working round the clock to provide a well-seated service and to ensure quick recovery from alcohol abuse. This facility is located in the Mid-west, canton Ohio; a place with a high statistic of drug and alcohol abuse. Afflictions of alcohol addiction are treated here with the option of inpatient and outpatient care.