Black Ops 4 Hacking Consequences

Cheating and/or hacking is one of the most common events that take place in games. These hacks will allow you to have an advantage over other players, which in the process, could be unfair for you. This is because you get something such as victory so easily, while other players, who follow the rules will get theirs hard. Despite this unfair advantage, however, there are bo4 hacks that are available on several sites, some of which make use of the glitches that are found in the system. Aside from the unfair advantage, and the utter disrespect for rules, hacking, and getting caught in the act of doing so can have an array of punishments. What are some of these? Let’s find out below.


This is one of the most common punishments that are imposed on people who violate the gaming community rules, and that is regardless of the game that they are playing. There are two kinds of suspensions, namely temporary, and permanent. The former will prohibit you from playing under your account for a few hours at least, to a few months at most. Getting banned temporarily is usually a result of minor offenses, and upon the decision of the core team. There also are permanent suspensions, which are, as the name implies, final and lasting.

Minor and Major Offenses

There are some violations that could have dire consequences in terms of the welfare of other players, and this includes those who may threaten their safety and security. These are tagged as major offenses, and these can get you more than just a suspension, but if could also get you into legal trouble and even get jailed if the ones affected will be firm in terms of pursuing a legal case against you.