Reasons Why Kids Not Play Games

Gaming is something which every child loves to do. It includes a lot of fun activities and thus becoming an addiction to every child. Thus, in this way gaming destroys the bright future of every child by making them diverted from studies. Even it has been published in previous studies which clearly states that video games are making children’s violent and affecting their overall development negatively. As:

  • Continuous exposure of the child’s eyes to the LED screen for long hours affects child’s visions. All this leads to the blurry vision and sometimes eye diseases like myopia. Even too much involvement of the kid in video games leads to the inadequate development of brain growth also. This all not also let the child think innovatively.
  • Some games make children’s very aggressive and violent. In this way, it creates an adverse impact on their personality. There are violent video games, where there is too much fighting or killing, making them adamant and leaving an overall effect on their persona.
  • Addiction to games is not that bad, but the heed of earning money is not right. Kids often get in the race of earning cash with agen dominoqq and so they are not able to learn other necessary lessons of their life.
  • Gaming also arises a myriad of health problems in kid’s body like obesity, stomach issues, vision problems, and many others. However, they do not even try to work out. So a less workout means laziness and no physical activities.

  • This way they won’t get exposed to the outer world and remain unaware of what is happening. Furthermore, playing video games continuously will deprive kids of getting a night of sleep. So because of the whole day involvement in gadgets they don’t get sound sleep.

All this now makes every parent responsible for taking care of their child properly. They can prevent their kid by not engaging them in these gadgets.