A Primer On Deer Hunting

Are you planning to try out your hand in deer hunting? Now, deer hunt has had been a tradition since time immemorial in the United States. Apart from the delicious advantage of fresh lean meat, responsible hunting of deer also helps to manage deer populations. Here is a guide on deer hint for the beginners.

Know your weapon

Beginners are usually advised to start their venture in deer hunting with rifles. Later, once you get seasoned, you may branch out to other options like pistol, bow etc. Your deer rifle should fit you (the shooter) and be able to complete the hunt quickly and efficiently.

Practice hard

You should begin your practice aiming at a short distance initially, say 25 yards. Position yourself on a bench & target your rifle towards a still/stationary object. Once you get acquainted with the rifle and shooting, increase the distance gradually. Go for 100-yard-shots once you gain confidence as a shooter.

Safety course

You need license to hunt deer. So, make sure to sit for the required certification safety course as scheduled by the conservation department of your state.

Get the right dressing

Here are the essentials which you should carry with you while hunting

  • Your rifle
  • Ammunition
  • Blaze orange vest and hat
  • A sharp knife
  • Rubber gloves (tall), warm gloves and jacket
  • Your permits
  • Ziplock bag, pen

Where to hunt?

You may hunt in high deer fence hunting properties. You may also hunt in public hunt land near your area or in the woods. Regardless of the place for hunt, make sure to attain permission before any shooting.

Take the shot

Don’t shoot the moment you see a deer. Wait for a broadside position where the animal will stand perpendicular to rifle barrel. Make sure you are able to see the animal from nose till tail. Then, aim behind front shoulder, take a deep breath and pull the trigger.