Sweet Summer Styles: A Teen Girl’s Guide to Summer Fashions

In the midst of summer, we tend to get bored with wearing the same thing every day. Sure, a t-shirt and shorts is easier than pulling together a cute and snappy outfit, but the same look day-in and day-out can make you feel boring, unstylish and, in some cases, just plain sloppy. Finding a new style can add a little extra excitement to your summer, as well as set the tone for what you want to wear during the following school year just like the Persian ladies who wears Caftan in their daily routine for their own preference and comfort. Since there isn’t any pressure about how you look during the summer, try something new and see how your friends like it. Or, of course, you can always play it safe, and add a few new twists here and there. 

Putting together a cute outfit isn’t as time-consuming or expensive as you may think. The look this summer is sporty-meets-chic. This is a great trend, as it meets the needs of both girly-girls and tomboys alike. 

For those that like the frilly side of fashion, you can match a simple skirt with a pair of flip-flops and a tank top. Clothing companies such as Danskin offer skirts with a sportier look, like a decorative “racing sripe” down the sides or a pull-string waistband. You can wear either a short skirt or a loose, long skirt made out of a breathable fabric, such as cotton, to remain cool in warm or hot weather. Plus, you have the added versatility of being able to wear this outfit to the beach with your friends during the day or on a date at the boardwalk in the evening. 

If skirts aren’t your thing, you can keep those shorts on, but accessorize with fancy tank tops that have embellishments, such as piping or embroidery. Another good option is a pair of capri leggings matched with an oversides t-shirt or tank top cinched at the waist with a belt. 

Pastel colors are really in style this summer, especially when matched with black or beige. The difference between a black tank top and pastel green shorts can make a bold statement, while a pastel pink tank top paired with khaki shorts can make a more innocent and subtle statement. 

Of course, you can always accessorize any outfit with fun and funky earrings, bracelets and other jewelry. Hair accessories, such as a wide headband, also add a little flair to an outfit. Oh, and don’t forget about belts and handbags! Accessories are a fun way to let your own personality and style shine through. 

Speaking of accessories, one of the biggest problems that girls have when trying to look cute and co-ordinate an outfit is finding shoes to match and be comfortable for the warm weather. Let’s face it: Guys have it easy in the shoe department. All they need for the summer is some sandals, sneakers and maybe boat shoes or loafers. Girls Fortunately, shoe companies such as Groove Footwear, have come up with a terrificcure for female footwear woes: Ballet Flats. These shoes are similar in design to ballet slippers, but come in a variety of stiles. Some can be laced up the ankle with a pretty ribbon while others are just slip-on shoes. Some have buckles while others have buttons. There are even ballet flats that have flashy embellishments on them, such as glitter and sequins. 

Often times at night the temperature tends to drop. Make sure that you are prepared by bringing along a denim jacket or a pull-over hoodie just in case you get cold. An added benefit of bringing something to wear if it gets chilly is that it adds a whole new dimension to your outfit. Make sure it matches! 

This summer is the time for you to focus on yourself and your friends. The sporty-chic trend allows you to do just that without worrying about your appearance. It’s a fashion statement that everyone can make. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the summer while it lasts.