Packing for Paris: Keeping Your Wardrobe Chic and Your Luggage Light

Paris is a fantastic city to visit with its vast museums, elegant architectural sites, and chic night spots. Yet packing for Paris means being ready for active days and stylish nights in the fashion capital of the world. It’s easy to load suitcase after suitcase with different changes for every occasion, but with these tips you can keep your luggage light and still be ready for the city of lights.

Those Boots Better Be Made for Walking

The streets of Paris are a pedestrian paradise, so make sure you bring shoes that are ready for trekking the miles of galleries and shops. Stay away from sneakers/tennis shoes as even casual French dress tends to be a bit more formal, but don’t go for those gorgeous 6″ stilettos either. A pair of sensible flats with a good sole will help you look polished without gathering blisters.Wear a neutral colored pair on the plane and you shouldn’t have to pack any others!

Stick with Tops

Wear tailored black pants on the plane and pack either a second pant in a different style/color or a neutral colored skirt. Use the rest of the space for well-fitted blouses and layering pieces to mix and match. Paris is a bit more formal than most American cities, so leave your faded college t-shirt behind and stick to soft blouses in solid colors or subtle prints. Poly-blend fabrics are great if you don’t have an iron, while linen and silk are lightweight and add a touch of elegance. Make sure you have one or two matching sweaters to layer over and wear a well-fitting peacoat on the plane if you visit during the colder months. Peacoats are perfect for both casual and formal events!

Let Your Accessories Do the Talking

The key to packing light is having a few pieces that can be mix and matched. By picking the simple wardrobe pieces described above, you’ll have plenty of choices but things can get dull. To spice up your look, pack lightweight accessories that take up little space yet can completely transform your look. A small, ornate clutch can turn corporate casual to nightlife chic. Statement necklaces give a bold vibe while a light silk scarf gives a breezy, elegant look. Keep the tacky Coach logo bag at home and opt for small and polished wristlets that you can mix an match with your outfits.

Leave Room

Plan on buying clothes once you get to Paris. From the best flea markets in the world to designer boutiques, your shopping options are boundless. Leave room in your suitcase for these Paris finds and try to pick things you’ll wear on your trip. Buy the things you didn’t pack because they didn’t mix and match well: dresses, bold colored skirts, or a chunky necklace.

Follow these tips and you’ll look great… especially since you won’t be red-faced and sweaty from dragging around you whole wardrobe!

Keeping your luggage quantity minimal is quite difficult when traveling abroad, but you can always go ahead with getting rid of useless items and keep only the basic necessities like important papers and personal documents but take care not to compromise on the quality aspect and end up with odavad kohvrid that are of little value and last no more than a week or month at most.