Art of Managing Your Time and Content on Facebook

Are you someone who struggles to find time for social media? Here are few simple tips on managing your time and getting the most out of your Facebook engagement.

  1. Draw A Plan!

Before you post on Facebook have a goal in mind of what you are trying to accomplish.

Create a weekly short list of 3-5 items you want to post. Include interesting quotes, links to videos or links to articles that you find helpful. Having a plan cuts down on time wasted on unnecessary tasks.

Try adding current events or news that occurs during the week that complements or offers additional insight to your posts. I get New York Times news alerts that come directly to my blackberry. This is a great resource for up to the minute news content.

  1. Post often! Post quality!

Set a goal for daily or weekly posts. Most experts will tell you to post daily to your facebook page, while others may say 2-3 times per week. However, it really depends on your audience. You have to gauge how responsive your audience is to the messages you put out.

The quality of the post makes the greatest impact rather than the quantity. If you’re flooding your audience with multiple posts per day, make sure they are interesting and add value.

  1. Make It Your Daily Routine

Can you remember a time when you didn’t have email ?

Now email is a normal part of business communication.

In the same way Social Media engagement or communicating with your customers online is now a regular part of doing business. Set aside time to post questions or comments just like you would to answer emails.

  1. Post Content that Engages Fans

Ask yourself, what type of content does my audience typically respond to?

What tone of voice does the audience prefer? humor, sarcasm, inspiration etc.?

Most of my posts are a combination of interesting quotes, motivational, current news and educational. I’ve found that fans are most responsive when you are personable. Fans also respond when you offer solutions or reference resources for overcoming personal growth and business challenges.

  1. Determine If You Need Help

If you find that you have little time to manage your work load and post to Facebook, consider getting help. Some businesses may have multiple social media accounts, yet little time to manage them. If you don’t have additional staff to take this on, consider hiring help to manage your updates. Remember delegation is a good thing!

Interacting with fans on Social Media can be fun if you take the time to plan how often and what you post.

Keep in mind fans are interested in hearing what you have to say. Otherwise they never would have followed you. The key is to engage them by posting content that aligns with their interests.

To conclude, take care that you don’t resort to cheap tactics and vulgar content so as to increase your fanbase as that is quite an immoral thing to do and may lead innocent youngsters astray be it facebook, twitter or instagram. If you want to buy real instagram followers, then it should be through good content and organic means and not through notoriety and unethical conduct.