Writing Online Copy – Communicating with Your Customers in the Proper Format

When communicating with your customers you can do so in a variety of formats. Learning which one is successful for your target audience is essential in online marketing and utilizing each of the available formats can help expand your customer base exponentially.


A large majority of the world communicates via email these days and you, as an online marketer, should be ready to take advantage of that. Creating and keeping a mailing list is simple and has several advantages. This account based marketing is one of the most effective ways of interacting with any customer. This is where you create a credible image in front of your customers and get the very best lead for your business. 

In order to create a mailing list, you should offer your customers something in exchange for their email address. This could be something as simple as offering them extended access to the content of your website or even a monthly or weekly newsletter. The value of a newsletter goes even further as it allows you to send them additional content at their request as well as grants you more advertising space which directly affects your bottom line.

Direct Website Content

Even the content on your website can be offered in various formats that may attract specific customers that prefer various delivery methods. Audio, video and text are all viable formats that will target different segments of your audience.

When you produce an article or a piece of website content you should produce that content in all three formats if possible. While the majority of website content is done in simple and easy to read the text, translating that content into an audio file and making it available to listen to on your website is quite simple and will drastically expand your customer base.

Video and be a little more difficult and is not a viable media for every bit of content on your website, when it is viable it should be taken full advantage of. Video and other visual media also allow you to deliver information in a different way that may not only appeal to some customers but may make it easier to understand for several of them. Not only video but providing visual aids to help clarify the points you are trying to get across will help elevate the usefulness and professionalism of your content.

Another advantage of audio and video delivery is that it can shorten the apparent amount of information that a customer has to take in. Many of your customers would be put off by a 2,000-word document they have to pour through in order to understand what it is that you are selling but a simple 2-minute video that demonstrates your product is not only more convenient for the customer but is also often a lot more effective of a delivery system. Many clients will respond well to this sort of delivery more than the typical article or document.

Download-able and Accessible Content

The average internet consumer these days often browses not only on their computer but using their phone or other remote viewing devices. Having content that is easily accessible via these devices is integral in running a successful online business. Using things like CSS scripts and even video and audio recordings, as discussed above, if available for download can make the consumer’s life a lot easier. The more simple you make accessing your information, the more likely you are to make that ever-important sale.

Following these points of advice can help any online entrepreneur increase their sales margin and provide the content they rely on to their customer base. Making information accessible to your customers is the backbone of any successful internet business and making it as accessible as possible can do nothing but increase your sales and profit margin.