Adult Swimming Classes in San Diego

Adult Swimming Classes in San Diego are conveniently available as a part of the Community Education Classes offered through the Community College District of San Diego. If looking for an alternative exercise program, or water therapy, the Adult Swimming Classes in San Diego, which are offered throughout the year, are an excellent alternative.

There is really a great variety of Adult Swimming Classes in San Diego offered. The seasonal classes offered include the following; Cardio Aquatics, Cardio Sculpt, Fit for You Aquatics, Combo Cardio Class, Stretch-Tone-Relax, Arthroswim Plus, Arthroswim, Aqua Light, Aqua Challenge, and Adapted Aquatics. All classes are offered in two sessions per season, one at the beginning of the season, and one at the end of the season. TriFactor swimming adult lessons will improve the mental health of the adults. The stress and anxiety of the students will be reduced through the swimming. Different styles will be taught to the adults in the lessons. 

One of the most popular of the Adult Swimming Classes in San Diego is the Cardio Sculpt Class, which includes several exercise techniques. Participants use a variety of aqua equipment for an overall body sculpting. The Cardio Sculpt Class is considered a low aerobics class, is not too strenuous, and would be beneficial for most fitness levels. Offered in two sessions the cost for attendance is $65.00 per person.

Another popular Adult Swimming Class is the Arthroswim Class. The Arthroswim Class is designed specifically for those suffering with arthritis. The exercises and movements performed in the Adult Swimming Class are designed to help participants increase mobility and overall improvements in well-being. Offered in two sessions per season the cost for the Arthroswim Class is $65.00 per session.

Then there is Aqua Challenge which is one of the most popular of the Adult Swimming Classes in San Diego. The Aqua Challenge is a 35 minute cardiovascular workout designed to burn fat and to create a challenge. Perfect for both genders the Aqua Challenge is offered in two sessions throughout the season. The cost for the Aqua Challenge Adult Swimming Class is $65.00 per person.

One of the most in demand Adult Swimming Classes in San Diego is the Adapted Aquatics. The Adapted Aquatics class is specifically designed for the physically challenged self-motivated person who wants to exercise. Participants exercise in individual personalized programs to meet their specific needs with an instructor present. Two sessions are offered per season at a cost of $65.00 per person.

Registration for the Adult Swimming Classes in San Diego may be faxed in, or interested parties may also register online at the Vista Adult School Web site. All of the Adult Swimming Classes in San Diego discussed in the article are held at the Marylou Clack Center in Vista, California. For more information on the abovementioned Adult Swimming Classes in San Diego visit the Web site for Vista Adult School or call 760-758-7122.