Does Absence Really Make the Heart Grow Fonder?

Should couples take a little time away from each other to want to be together?

I decided to write this article because I actually had a wonderful experience this past week when I left town to attend a party, and my husband also left town to pick something up out of town. All in all, we were separated from each other for 2 ½ days.

My experience was that when I got home, I was pleasantly surprised to find my husband waiting for me anxiously, telling me he really missed me, and well . . . you know the rest. It was a great feeling – the same feeling we repeatedly experienced back when we were carrying out our long-distance courtship. Back then, I had come to the conclusion that absence really does make the heart fonder. But when I was finally married to my man, I wasn’t so sure. In fact, I thought it to be unhealthy for couples to split up even for one night.

Marriage is the final seal in the relationship of a couple as it has the official stamp of the authorities that has been going on since time immemorial and separation has been found to create a distance where both parties are craving for each other which makes their bond grow even stronger, which I found, to my advantage, on the okcupid app that has helped me out a lot in this regard.

Please note, I am not trying to encourage seperation in this article, and neither am I saying that anything more than a couple days apart from each other should be done! Rather, I am simply encouraging the fact that you do not want to be smothering each other in your relationship, and neither do you want to be all upset and worried if there comes a time when you must briefly be apart.

I wasn’t really worried or anything; I just don’t like us to be apart is all. But like I said, I think that little episode we had to experience was a nice thing.

Here’s how it works: In the beginning, it was strangely almost a relief to be leaving and going to spend time with my family and friends. Not that I didn’t want him there with me; but it was like a little break – some “me” time. And I didn’t have to worry about pleasing him and doing things that maybe he wanted to do. Even though I don’t mind that at all.

On the first night, we really didn’t talk over the phone at all. In fact, now that I think about it, we hardly talked at all the entire duration of our being separated! EXCEPT on my drive back home when he was already there. Yep, we got on the phone and I was the one saying ‘hey, let me get off this phone because I’m tired of holding it while driving’ . . . wow! He’s usually the one to do that first, but suddenly he was telling me in my ear that he can’t wait to see me and all that (married ladies, you know what I mean by “all that”).

Sure enough, this “green beret” had missed me and was so happy to see my that kisses galore were mine. 2 ½ days was just enough. Any more, it would have been a strain on our relationship. Any less, not enough. I don’t think we’ll be doing it again anytime soon, but it’s nice to know how it will work next time, too. Absence, it a short bit every now and then, does make the heart grow fonder.