College On a Shoestring Budget

College was an important factor in my life. But when it came time to go to college I had no money. Many American children know this feeling. It is a tough feeling to think that you might be denied the American dream because you don’t have enough money. But thankfully almost any student can qualify for student loans and finance their own educational dream.

I considered student loans but I decided they were a last resort. There were tactics I used on campus that many students don’t know about. There are college scholarships available on campus.

Students need to ask about funds that their departments have to help in their education. Some departments have several thousand dollars in scholarships that students can apply toward their tuition. I found scholarships on campus like the Honors Scholarship and President’s scholarship that helped fund 50% of my education.

This made the atmosphere quite easier for me as education loans cause a fortune these days and my family simply cannot afford that big an amount so I am glad things worked out this way and I would get the scholarship that I rightfully deserve so to speak. I hope that reputed companies will come up to me for an rfp review and I can provide my valuable inputs in this regard.

Most students think that all funds have to be found on-line before they arrive at college. Students need to know that you never stop looking for tuition funds. You should also continue to look as the years go by. Some of my colleagues worked hard to gain in-state residency after two years so their tuition would go down. A smart student works hard to reduce fees at all times and decrease tuition. While a student is in college he or she owes it to parents and family to preserve their financial power.

The traditional approach also has merit. Students are often taken aback by the level of competition that is out there in the academic world, but fighting for a place is just the beginning in the real world. Parents need to train their children to understand that competition is a part of the real world and it starts with funding college. Some parents who have saved for children will still have hardship as the price of college increases every year. There is no guarantee that you have saved enough. Some lucky parents will have saved more than is necessary and these extra funds can be used for perks in college and after college. Unfortunately most students won’t have this luxury. Less than 40% of college students will be funded by their parents. The majority of student matriculation will involve student loans of some kind.

Vigilance is the key tool that led me to fund my college career. I had only $1500 in college scholarships when I left high school. But I kept looking for money my entire educational career. By the time I left college, had funded my entire college career with only $1500 in loans. I paid off my loans within 6 months of graduation and went straight to grad school, while maintaining a job. If I can do this, any student can. Just never stop looking for money for your tuition. It can be done.