How to Learn HTML

HTML is the easiest way to begin learning web design. Basic HTML knowledge will allow a person to create their own web page. There are many different ways to learn to develop web pages using the Hyper Text Markup Language. Within a few hours, people can begin to develop basic web pages using the resources below.

~Free Tutorials

Just because they’re free, doesn’t mean they’re worthless. One of the best places to learn HTML for free is at This site takes you through basic tutorials and even provides quizzes to make certain you have grasped the material. Another good place to check out is You can visit the website to see for yourself some of the most important things to know if you want to learn more about HTML’s advanced and basic usage. This site provides some basic reference material as well as a Beyond HTML section to make your HTML more dynamic. For other sites, type “free HTML tutorials” in your browser’s search bar.

~Buy A Book

There are numerous HTML books on the market. Sam’s Teach Yourself , Dummies, and O’Reilly’s are some of the best. Pocket guides are great since they are small and can be referenced easily as you stumble across a new element you wish to learn. Check user ratings at places like to find the best book for you.


The best way to make sure you learn and more importantly remember HTML is by building your own web page. You can use any basic text editor such as Notepad with Windows. If you search places like for HTML editor, you will find other text editors with a few more features such as syntax highlighting. You can also use web site creation software such as Microsoft’s Frontpage or Dreamweaver. However, these will cost you.

Try using your tutorials or books to create your very own web page. Search the internet for “free web hosting” or “free website” to find free space for your page. Having your very own page on the internet that you can show your friends will help what you’ve learned stick with you.

~Formal Class

You can also take a formal class in high school, college, or online. Many colleges provide online versions of their classes, especially HTML. With the exception of high school, these classes will cost you. However, many people learn better with a set curriculum and tend to pay a little more attention when they are paying for the lessons. This may not be for everyone, especially if you only want to learn HTML for a simple web page.

~Source Code

If you run across something on someone else’s web page that you absolutely love, you can learn how they did it by viewing the page’s source code. Depending on your browser, you should find View Source under View, Page, or Tools. This will bring up the pages HTML source code. You will need to have some basic understanding of HTML before trying to decipher the different parts. However, this is a great way to learn some more advanced techniques.

As you can see, there are many ways to learn HTML, all of them easy. For the absolute beginner, free resources may be best to judge a person’s interest in the subject. If you still want to learn more, books, classes, and even just hands-on experience will take your level of understanding from beginner to advanced in no time.