Rat Menace- Getting Rid of the Pests in the House

Whether it is the personal life or professional life, both are embroiled with challenges and problems at every step that simply refuse to tone down and keep increasing to become bigger and more problematic than the previous one.

As if the regular run-ins with the boss in the office weren’t enough with the grueling work schedule, home life is at a worst phase as we are into July, which means that the rainy season has come up with full force that has provided the much needed respite from the heat wave.

But it has also brought a menace alongwith the relief factor in the form of rats that are now looking for safe havens in any house that they come across and they stealthily enter through peep holes or from under the kitchen sink and become the typical uninvited guests that become impossible to ward off.


Therefore, let us take a look at some important steps on how to get rid of these pests before they make a mess out of the house by gnawing and nibbling on the grocery items, rice bags and the clothes in the closet, which is their unofficial home.

  • The rats, like all living beings, need food, water and shelter to survive so the most obvious way is to use their favorite food like cheese as bait in a cage and lure them into the trap
  • The next step is to fill up each and every crack, hole or opening in the house so that they don’t find a way in

  • If and when all efforts fail, call up the rat exterminators to do the needful, which they would gladly oblige