Know All About The 18 Bangladeshi Players In CPL T20 Draft!

If you are interested in a particular sport, you are extremely likely to watch various tournaments and events related to it regularly. For all the cricket lovers out there, Caribbean Premier League is one such event that they cannot afford to miss if they are extremely enthusiastic about watching sports-related live-telecasts.

CPL is a tournament that is held annually with a different Cpl schedule every year. If you want to know about all the details regarding the CPL schedule, list of cricketers, and more, then you can search online for all sorts of queries that you might have and you will get curated results made specifically for people with similar questions.

Details regarding 18 Bangladeshi Players In CPL

18 final Bangladeshi Players have been selected and have made it to the final player’s draft that has been fixed by the Caribbean Premier League this year. Some of the names that are included in this list of Bangladeshi players are Mehedi Rana and Nasum Ahmed. This draft was scheduled to be held on Wednesday wherein the 6 franchisees will select the players that will also include at least 5 overseas cricketers out of the draft. 

Even in the past few years, some of the renowned Bangladeshi players have made it through the CPL list and have played regularly.  

When is the tournament supposed to begin?

The tournament, as per the recent Cpl schedule is likely to begin or start from 18th August this year and it will go on until finally reaching its end on 10th September. This decision has been made after keeping all the necessary factors in mind and making sure that any changes could also be welcomed if the urgency of the situation requires it.

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