What Is Brazilian Keratin Therapy – Learn about the therapy

Brazilian Keratin was introduced as a means of reviving and restoring damaged hair, in addition to directly tackling some of the more common problems and issues experienced with the management of unruly hair. In particular, frizz and excessive curling have been identified as two key issues that the treatment can alleviate and in some instances, eliminate entirely.

The procedure derives its name from the inclusion of keratin a worthy ally given that keratin is a fibrous protein that is found throughout the body and specifically, within the exterior layer of dermis (skin). In addition, keratin is one of the active components found within hair and nails and is utilised extensively by the body in the production and repair of all of these areas.

The Brazilian keratin procedure involves the direct application of a soluble keratin base in liquid form which is then sealed into the hair with the usage of extreme heat that is generated via a hair iron. The usage of the hair iron, in conjunction with the preservative agent found within the supplement will then bond with the hair and begin to be circulated throughout the entire structure of the hair as well as the scalp. You can learn about the therapy with the checking of moroccan keratin hair treatment information. The calculation of the results is the best method to have the benefits. The experience of the individual is the great one with the therapy. The structure of the scalp and hair Is the right one.

There has been a great deal of comparison drawn between the Brazilian Keratin procedure and a highly similar hair treatment process which has its origins in Japan, with the Japanese method known as the “Yuko System.” However, there is a crucial difference between these two seemingly similar hair treatment options.

Whereas the Yuko System relies exclusively upon the strategic application of heat to the hair to shape and manipulate the hair cuticles with greater ease; the Brazilian one relies upon heat in so far as is necessary to seal the keratin concentrate within the pores of the skin and of the hair strands.

Controversy and criticism of Brazilian Keratin

A warning was issued by the Occupational Health and Safety Adminstration (OHSA) in America; due to concerns over the potential health risks associated with one of the key components found within typical Brazilian keratin based treatment products, namely, formaldehyde. Long term exposure to formaldehyde has been identified as posing a significant elevation in the incidence of certain types of cancer, as well as causing permanent damage to the skin and ocular tissue.

In response to this, a pioneering entrepreneurial cosmetician, Marcia Teixeria recognised the void in the market for a quality product that provided consumers with the exemplary results associated with the Brazilian keratin procedure and so launched the Marcia Teixeira® Keratin Treatment product.

Advantages of Marcia Teixeira® Keratin Treatment

In order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and safety, in addition to maintaining full quality control, this product is available from a series of licensed vendors who will be required to comply with stringent guidelines to keep their vendor license. Consumers can be rest assured that a purchase from such a vendor will guarantee that they have a safe and reliable product.

The results of the treatment are long lasting, providing excellent results for up to four months for people whose hair has already been treated in some way previously, and two months for people who currently have virgin hair.

This product can also be used on hair that has already been subject to relaxation methods previously, without any ill-effect or risk of damage. The only caveat to this is that the hair of is healthy enough to withstand an additional course of treatment.

Particular attention must be drawn to the fact that this product is not a hair relaxer; itself a relief due to the fact that hair relaxer products have been invariably identified as causing potentially permanent and long-lasting damage to the hair roots.

Hair is strengthened, improving volume, gloss and texture. This in turn makes the hair more controllable and reduces the time and money needed to maintain it.

Issues to be aware of

The OHSA may have led a campaign to crackdown on the usage and distribution of formaldehyde based hair products but there are some unscrupulous traders out there who misled consumers deliberately. With this product however, you are always guaranteed quality results without putting your health at risk.