Travel Movies to Watch During Quarantine

The global crisis that we are facing right now restricted us from traveling and going to different places for a vacation. Some of us may have had flights that were cancelled due to the pandemic as the government and authorities encourage us to stay at home for our safety. But do you know that we can still experience travelling even if we are at home? This is possible by watching travel movies. Watching this kind of movies allow us to go to different places and experience an amazing journey. So, are you ready for your new adventure? Here are some of the best travel movies to watch during social distancing.

One of the popular travel movies that you can watch online is Pretty Woman starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. The movie took place in the magical Beverly Hills. This movie gives you an experience about the primping Four Star Beverly Wilshire Hotel where you can do your own shopping spree.

Next on our list is Couples Retreat. This is the best movie for couples whose marriage is falling apart like Kristen Bell and Jason Bateman’s characters in the movie. This movie takes you to the Five Star The St. Regis Bora Bora Resorts that gives you chills, breathtaking view and an amazing travel experience

Wedding Crashers is another great travel movie for you. The movie’s setting took place in coastal Maryland where you can find historic mansions, luxurious yachts and others. You can also get to discover seasonal cuisine, maritime elegance and world-class golf through this movie.

If you are a huge fan of James bond, then Live and Let Die is the best ดุหนัง for you. It takes you to the Western hemisphere from New York City to New Orleans and then onto the Caribbean.