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Are You Looking For The Best Assault Rifle In The Warzone? Points To Consider

No doubt, great assault rifles in the warzone are always making a lot of noise in the meeting & for a perfect reason as they continue to be a …

No doubt, great assault rifles in the warzone are always making a lot of noise in the meeting & for a perfect reason as they continue to be a reliable option for a lot due to their power. Choosing the best assault rifle can be a challenging task for a person because you need to pay attention to lots of important things. If you are already searching for the best website for a warzone tournament, then it is your responsibility to find out the best platform where you can easily participate in any tournament and will be able to make a lot of money.

If possible, then one should create a particular checklist of the best modern warfare weapons and opt for the best one that will help you in winning the complicated battle. To know more about the best assault rifles in the Warzone then, one should read the following important paragraphs carefully.

Great Assault Rifles In The Warzone

If you are already searching for the best assault rifles in the warzone, then you should pay close attention to the following important paragraphs.

  • C58

When it comes to the best assault rifle, then C58 is the first name that comes to our mind. It is the only rifle that always comes with a slow rate of fire as compared to others in such tier list, but this was always compensated by the decent recoil and tones of damage. If you want to win the war, then it would be better to make use of C58 in the warzone.

  • AK47

Are you looking for the best assault rifle? If so, then one should opt for an Ak-47 Cold war that can easily produce enough damage.

Moving Further,  these are some great assault rifles that are offering lots of benefits to us.

Elder Scrolls Online – How To Play Better In The Game?

When it comes to the best game, then Elder Scrolls is the first name that comes to our mind. It has become one of the great games which try …

When it comes to the best game, then Elder Scrolls is the first name that comes to our mind. It has become one of the great games which try different kinds of approaches to the genre. If you want to also become a better player, then you need to pay attention to the best character build. It has become one of the great ways to create a powerful character in the game.  It is a choice-driven game that depends on the strategies. Elder Scrolls online boasts one of the great immersive questing experiences. In case you are facing any issue while winning the toughest battle, then it is your responsibility to create the proper strategies.

The majority of the folks are also facing lots of complicated problems related to the backpack space that has become an issue for the beginner players, especially if they don’t have access to the bank space or upgraded bags. If you want to play Elder Scrolls properly, then one should consider following important paragraphs carefully.

Don’t sell the conventional gears

Elder Scrolls has become one of the most interesting and complicated games which take inspiration from single-player counterpart games. It is a complicated game where players will surely deconstruct weapons into the few parts that are already used for the crafting.  Make sure that you are also paying close attention to the weapons. Try to opt for a powerful weapon that will help you in winning complicated battles with ease. 

Consider The Skill Tree

This particular game is completely different from the other MMO games due to its skill tree system. In case any player wants to become a nightblade, then it doesn’t mean that they will not be able to use the ranged spells or learn important hybrid skills that will not fit the conventional rogue archetype. If possible, then one should take the assistance of a professional gamer who will surely suggest the effective strategies that will help you in winning the complicated levels in the game.  

Looking For Some Ways To Find The Shiny Pokémon? – Check This Out!

If you play the Pokémon game and get the shiny Pokémon, it is just like the honor you get if you are a hardcore player. You have a collection …

If you play the Pokémon game and get the shiny Pokémon, it is just like the honor you get if you are a hardcore player. You have a collection of rare monsters uniquely colored; this can make the game even more interesting. If they have the in-game items, then you can get the shinnies. There are many ways that make it easier for you to look out for the special monsters; otherwise, it takes so much time and makes it kind of interesting.

How can you hunt for the shiny Pokémon?

If you want to know how you can hunt or get the shiny Pokémon, it will require a lot of patience, and for an extra boost, you will have to become the Pokémon Master first. To get the shiny Pokémon, you need to capture several Pokémon of the same species, and if you will reset and exit to the home menu and if you catch the different Pokémon, non-shiny misters or a Pokémon runs away from the fight.

Next, you have to do is wait; you can catch the same Pokémon again and again till you get the shiny one, or you just roam around or pace around until you get to see the shiny one. Once they appear, you will get to know about them. You will see them immediately on the overworld map and recognize them when they will sparkle.

If you have the shiny charm with you in the bag, then the chances to find the shiny Pokémon becomes even better. You can even check pokemongoaccshop.comfrom where you will be able to buy Pokémon’s. It is the best and easy way through which you can get the shiny Pokémon and fight the battle with them.

FAQs Of The Players About Pokémon Go Meltan Answered

Pokémon is played by millions of people across the globe. It is not only famous in the kids’ section but even the youth community plays it passionately. Many versions …

Pokémon is played by millions of people across the globe. It is not only famous in the kids section but even the youth community plays it passionately. Many versions of this game were introduced at different intervals of time and all of them were loved equally. But the Pokémon GO module has gained immense popularity for its AR specialty. Players have a unique kind of admiration for catching the Meltan. The new players can rest their curiosity about the same on this page.

FAQs About The Meltan

There are too many Pokémon to remember all of them. Especially a newbie may find it a bit difficult to keep up with the pace of the pro players. For someone who has heard a lot about the Meltan would be intrigued to know more.

What is Meltan?

It is a mythical creature in Pokémon Go. Meltan can generate electricity by absorbing metal from its exterior environment. It uses this electrical energy to attack its enemies with the eyes.

How is Meltan unique?

It evolves into Melmetal and the GO players cannot stop praising this growth. They find Melmetal as indispensable creature for the GO Battle League.

When did Meltan get caught and evolved?

Ash caught this Pokémon Meltan in the episode of Got Meltan? It was probably Ash’s fifth catch in the Alola region and fifty-second catch in the whole collection. It met with other Meltan to get evolved into Melmetal in the episode of Final Rivals!

When will Shiny Meltan come back in 2020?

The exact date has not been disclosed yet. But it is being projected that the players will be able to catch Shiny Meltan by the end of the year 2020.

How to get Shiny Meltan?

The connection of Pokémon GO and Pokémon HOME would enable the players to open the mystery box. The lucky openers may get a Shiny Meltan in it.

To know more about the shiny creatures and their powers, may be a good help.

Guide to Mockingbird in Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Overview – Mockingbird is a difficult character to describe. In almost all circumstances her talents include massive debuffing and dealing major damage. But, due to her special abilities, she …

Overview –

Mockingbird is a difficult character to describe. In almost all circumstances her talents include massive debuffing and dealing major damage. But, due to her special abilities, she will play slightly differently in almost every battle. She is one of the best characters in the game, with her only drawback being that she is only moderately good against the rare enemy that is a generalist.

How to Obtain –

Mockingbird could only be obtained from special operation #1. If she wasn’t obtained then, there is currently no way to obtain her. The buying league of legends account should be in the consideration of the players. The experience and skills obtained from the game should be positive for the players. The charges will be under the funds available with the players. 

Special Abilities – Mock Combat / Tactical Insight –

These special abilities are unique to Mockingbird. The first ability changes Mockingbird’s class to the counter-class of any enemy that attacks her. The second ability gives her a 50% chance of gaining an immediate additional action whenever she changes her class. Combined, these abilities allow Mockingbird to gain the advantage against an enemy that attacks her and to potentially act immediately after that attack. As an important note, when Mockingbird changes her class, she still retains any buffs the previous class granted her. Thus, it is possible for Mockingbird to retain the enraged bonus to attack and defense from a bruiser while benefiting from the double attack advantage of a scrapper, for example.

Twin Strike (Level 1) –

For this ability alone, Mockingbird would be a great character. This moderate stamina cost attack deals moderate damage and potentially applies any and all of the following status effects to the enemy: slowed, dizzy, weakened, and exposed. This attack is also the attack Mockingbird uses to counter attack with and for follow up attacks. The incredibly high hit rate of this attack makes it one of the best attacks in the game.

Pole Vault (Level 2) –

Pole Vault might look like a good attack, but compared to Twin Strike it is basically worthless. It deals about half as much damage as Twin Strike and only has a 60% chance of stunning the target. Even if it does stun the target, the stun will have worn off by Mockingbird’s next action, which means the only real benefit Mockingbird gained was putting combo setup on the target. The best use of this attack is to setup an ally or save stamina when trying to get through avoidance effects on an enemy.

Critical Intel (Level 6) –

This ability makes Mockingbird absolutely devastating. When used, all enemies will receive a critical hit on the next attack against them. Furthermore, Mockingbird gains a buff that causes her to change to the counter class of the next enemy she attacks before the attack resolves. Thus, Mockingbird will gain the benefits of the counter class for that attack. The one downside of this ability is that it won’t apply the buff to Mockingbird more than once per battle.

Mocking Blow (Level 9) –

On paper this attack looks like a very high stamina cost attack that only deals high damage. In reality, it can potentially be the highest damage dealing attack in the game, delivering hits that deal up to five times the health of an enemy. The trick is that this attack deals additional damage to the target for each debuff on it, from the list of most common debuffs. If used after Twin Strike has applied all four debuffs, this attack will deal, on average, half again as much health as the enemy has.

Unlocks –

Mockingbird is not currently used to unlock any content and is unlikely to be needed in the future.

PvP –

Mockingbird is one of the best PvP characters in the game. Her flexibility in class means that she can face just about any combination of characters. Her massive damage potential allows her to remove enemies quickly and her Tactical Insight ability gives her the potential to gain multiple additional attacks during a fight. The only character that gives her any real trouble is Scarlet Witch, because Scarlet Witch can turn Mockingbird’s debuffs into buffs.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character Guide: Bowser

Bowser is the game’s largest and heaviest character and plays just like you’d expect a heavyweight character to play. He has great strength and can take a beating, but …

Bowser is the game’s largest and heaviest character and plays just like you’d expect a heavyweight character to play. He has great strength and can take a beating, but he has two very bad flaws: he’s slow and he’s huge. This means that you’ll be getting hit a lot, and in Smash Bros. that’s never a good thing, no matter how much endurance your character has. Still, Bowser manages to make it work, because he’s actually a good character. He’s not that hard to use either; in fact, Bowser can make quick work of less experienced players who haven’t learned the fine Smash art of proper dodging, since his brute strength allows him to get a lot of early knockouts. Just be careful against anyone who is fast and strong, especially those with projectiles. Bowser really doesn’t have much of a defense against someone like Fox who can stay out of the way and spam projectiles and use hit-and-run tactics, so you’re just going to have to make every hit count against those opponents. I’d also like to mention, for absolutely no reason, that despite being a giant mutant turtle, Bowser in Smash Bros. reminds me of a little doggy, for some reason.

Standard Attacks

Bowser’s standard combo is one of his most important moves since it is his only quick clearing attack. It can still be punished more easily than most standard combos if you miss with the second hit, so you’ll find that using just the first hit is often a better strategy in quick close combat. You’ll have to practice to get the timing right, but once you master it you’ll be able to quickly use just the first hit over and over without accidentally initiating the second hit. Bowser’s running attack is a good launcher or surprise attack, but be careful since it has pretty poor recovery time. The certificate of the character should be under the knowledge of the players at the Lvl 30 League Account. Before the players wants to Buy Lvl 30 League Account, proper research should be conducted through the players. The charges of the account should be under the funds of the players.

Bowser’s tilts are all pretty slow and powerful. His forward tilt is a good hard hitting horizontal attack, and you can be angled diagonally which may come in handy considering Bowser’s massive size. His up tilt is going to be your main upward attack; it’s pretty quick (for Bowser), has good power, and a good area of effect. The down tilt has good range, but it lasts a long time for a single button press which can work to your disadvantage (the down tilt gets you two claw swipes with just one press of the button), since you will be punished if you miss.

Bowser’s smash attacks are all very powerful. The forward smash is extremely strong but you won’t be using it that much since it can be easily punished. However, if you see a good opportunity be sure to use it, since it is one of the best killing moves in the whole game. Bowser’s up smash is great for attacking people who are standing on platforms above you, and you can also try to use it on people you are quickly falling towards you. Be careful when using it against aerial drop attacks; the up smash has good priority, but then again, many aerial drop attacks have very good priority as well, so it will be a gamble as to which attack connects. Link’s down air, for example, can break through most anything. Bowser’s down smash is once of his best moves, especially since it is an excellent defense against players who dodge a lot in close combat. If anyone is in front of you and tries to roll behind you, immediately do a down smash. Because of Bowser’s size and the duration of the attack, it will connect basically every time.

Special Attacks

Bowser’s specials are a mixed bag. His up special is very good. It can be used out of a shield which is always useful, and it is a great crowd clearing move. As a recovery move it is excellent for gaining horizontal distance, but you’ll notice that it gets very little vertical distance, so you should watch out for meteor smashes. Unfortunately, Bowser’s large size means it’s pretty easy to get hit by a meteor smash, and you may not be able to recover, even if you are fast enough to meteor cancel it.

Bowser’s fire breath is really only useful as an edge guarding tool, where it can screw up many player’s recover attempts pretty well. You could also try short jumping it as an offensive approaching technique, but a fast opponent could pretty easily punish you for it. It can, however, rack up good damage if you short jump it into someone and get a clean hit, especially against larger characters. Bowser’s down special is pretty bad. It could surprise a crowd that doesn’t see you coming, but otherwise most people will easily dodge it and counterattack.

Bowser’s side special is a very useful attack. It’s pretty safe to use and you can steer it left or right, meaning you can commit suicide with someone else in tow. Don’t go crazy though; you need to know when to do that. Basically, if you are at very high percentage and about to die, it can be a good idea to just grab someone and take him down with you. Also, if you are at least one stock ahead, you can use it to score cheap kills while staying in the lead, though this might make you rather unpopular. Be careful when using this move against foes with low damage, since they can get out of it or even take over the steering.


Bowser’s throws are pretty basic, and it doesn’t help that his side special is essentialy a better throw, and one that can be used in the air. His back throw is probably the most useful. The down and forward throws are kind of slow, but the up throw can be used to lead into Bowser’s excellent up air.

Aerial Attacks

Bowser’s main aerial attack is his great forward air. It’s quick and strong, just what Bowser needs. Short jumping this move will get you can excellent tool to use in close combat, and you can use it to intercept opponents in the air very easily. Bowser’s neutral and down air attacks aren’t that great, but his up aerial is very good…. if you learn to use it. Because of the delay in how the move comes out, it can be tricky at first to connect with this move (play a level 9 CP Bowser and watch how it does it; also note how it uses its down smash to punish rollers like I mentioned before), but the sheer power of the attack makes it worth it. You can score a lot of early kills if you use this move correctly. Finally we have Bowser’s back air, which is great until you realize how much landing lag it has (the animation is pretty funny though). If you have to use this move, try not to land with it unless you’re definitely safe.

Final Smash

Bowser’s final smash transforms him into Giga Bowser from Melee. His attacks become more flashy and powerful, and it’s generally a good final smash, especially in free for alls. Try to maximize his spinning attacks, since you might have some trouble connecting with his other moves, especially against experienced players or small, fast characters.

That concludes the character guide for our favorite giant turtle dog. Remember to keep this tips in mind and remember that with Bowser you can’t afford to get punished, so make every hit count.

Game Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

There were very high expectations for this game once the movie was announced. There has not really been many good Spider-Man games since the release of Spider-Man 2 on …

There were very high expectations for this game once the movie was announced. There has not really been many good Spider-Man games since the release of Spider-Man 2 on the older consoles like the Nintendo Gamecube. There are a lot of different pros and cons to this game, but my personal favorite was web swinging around Manhattan and I think that this is going to be everyone’s favorite part of this game as well mainly because the missions and storyline are not too fun to play. The web swinging its fun because of the freedom, but the physics based swinging that was featured in Spider-man 2 is not featured, which means that you are not really swinging off of anything but what makes up for it is the new “web rush” mode. This allows you to lock on to any place in the city close by and reach it automatically doing many different stunts.

This move is used throughout the game and is an extremely important part of it. It allows you to slow down the world around you and move onto any surface, flagpole, or even empty space in Manhattan. Additionally, one of the fun things to do is catch one of the seven hundred comic book pages scattered around Manhattan, that’s right seven hundred! When you get enough, you can view some of the original Spiderman comic books that started the series. You can also get multiple costumes by finding hidden spider symbols in Manhattan, which is pretty cool seeing that you can use them in a variety of situations, it also works in cutscenes too.

There were some cons too, the bosses are not very fun to fight. There was only one good boss in the game and it was the “hunter” but it was extremely repetitious just like the rest of the bosses. They usually consist of the usual three-hits while the enemy is weak and the enemies doing the same exact moves through the fight. Side missions are also not to great, they are almost always bringing a mental patient or an infected citizen to a hospital, and you can do this about a hundred times, if it does not bore you to death. Additionally, you can find a couple gang fights and beat them up, but that too gets repetitious. There is about two hours of solid mission gameplay, which is not much but considering how boring and repetitious they are it’s a blessing.

Missions are often the same and involve a huge amount of web rush mode, stealth, and tons of crawling through air-ducts. Lots and lots, of air ducts. If I had a penny for the amount of ducts I had to go through I would be billionaire, it gets pretty annoying. Enemies aren’t too great either, robots are not too fun to fight and neither are cross-species rat-humans but a ton if beating is required in order to defeat an enemy. Upgrades can fix that though, but not completely. Stealth is also a factor because you can perform instant-kills by sneaking up on enemies ant taking them out. Combat is very compelling and fun to do, crazy acrobatic moves are used but also get really repetitive from level to level. The graphics in the game are not good at all either, there could have been a lot more done but it does not seem like graphics were a priority at all.

Overall, the missions and bosses are a bust. But Manhattan is worth the buy. Also, the combat is extremely fun and web rush can make it a lot better for the player. Finding something to do other than the detrimental missions and side missions, and finding comic books is very rare in this game so do not expect it to have too much replay value. The ratings of the Pokemon go accounts for sale should be excellent at the search engines. A contact with the previous customers can be made for knowledge about the catching of the pokemon.

Get Better At Fortnite- Make It More Enjoyable

Well you can’t say that you weren’t warned when it is a known fact that it is difficult to master many things in one go. People who somehow manage …

Well you can’t say that you weren’t warned when it is a known fact that it is difficult to master many things in one go. People who somehow manage many things at the same time are termed as ‘jack of all trades’ and ‘master of none’.

While this may seem a valid argument but it is far from the truth as you can find many people around the world who are quite good at anything they try out and learn the process quickly.

Video games are no exception as you just can’t master it in one go and have to understand the basics first. These games are favorites of young children and are universally regarded as the best form of entertainment.

The Best Of All

There is one that is considered the best of all and which continues to be a perennial favorite of many people since its launch in 2017 and it is called fortnite. It is quite entertaining and engaging right up to the final round and has achieved universal acclaim amongst the experts and admirers.

However, even the best of players falter a bit when there is increase in pressure to perform better and fortnite is no exception in this regard.

Therefore, we are going to provide certain tips on how to improve your skills and they are as follows:

  1. Never confine yourself to anyone device and keep on changing it as that would help in increasing flexibility of the fingers so as to cross levels better
  2. Buy fornite account in the immediate aftermath of clearing the first level and proceed further after accumulating other objects
  3. Make sure that you jump off the flying bus the moment the coast is clear and there is no danger in sight
  4. The aim of the battle royal is to survive the ordeal and not to kill, so never kill if you could avoid it

Final Fantasy XIII: Review of the Paradigm System

This will be the first article in a series which will review several of the key mechanics present in Final Fantasy XIII, from Square Enix. I’m not one of …

This will be the first article in a series which will review several of the key mechanics present in Final Fantasy XIII, from Square Enix. I’m not one of those video gamers who will be happy with any game, just so long as it has leveling, equipment, monster encounters, or any other mechanics which are inherent to the RPG genre. Also, I am not someone who is easily wooed by games as simple as judi casino either. To tell you the truth, I generally have a lot of misgivings about RPGs, simply because they’re generally boring. However, the Final Fantasy series has challenged a lot of the staple concepts in RPGs with its latest releases, which makes it stand out from the pack. I will leave the general reviews to other reviewers and focus on the specific mechanics that make Final Fantasy XIII different from the rest of the pack.

For me, the lynchpin of any RPG is the battle system. In an RPG (and FFXIII is no exception here), you spend the vast majority of your time doing one of three things: (1) wandering around the map, (2) watching cutscenes, or (3) battling. The battles are, by far, the most interactive and dynamic part of the game, so even if a game has beautiful settings (FFXIII does) and masterfully directed cutscenes (FFXIII does), a lame battle system will make the whole game a drag. Even though the battle system in FFXIII does have its flaws, it is, on the whole, incredibly strong. It is solidly menu-based, and utilizes an ATB (active time battle) system which will remind fans of older games. However, it is the dynamics of the Paradigm system and balancing the functions of the different roles in the game which really makes the battle system incredibly strategic and fast-paced.

Basically, the Paradigm system utilizes very specific character roles. In a more standard RPG, characters will have sets of abilities which they can use at will, and their role in battle is dependent on the abilities you choose to have them use. If you have a character that has strong magic and healing spells, you’re probably going to use them as a healer to keep your characters from dying. If a character has strong physical attack, you’re going to use them to deal damage. However, often these roles blend together. Your healer may also have strong offensive spells, and be a serious damage dealer as well. However, in FFXIII, the abilities each character may use are divided up into different “roles.” Each character may have multiple roles, but they may only use one at a time, so the abilities which a character may use at any given time are only a small portion. Not only that, but since you only control the lead character in the party at any given time, character “role” also defines the AI which directs the supporting characters.

A “Paradigm” is a particular configuration of roles in your party. These are set in the menu outside of battle, and offer a potentially huge number of combinations (as the game progresses and more roles are unlocked). During battle, you can switch between the paradigms which you have available to you to change the party’s composition. The real key to the strategy in this game is understanding the purposes of specific paradigms and using them at the correct times. For example, Relentless Assault (Commando, Ravager, Ravager) is a great Paradigm for dealing damage and amassing chain bonuses, but there is no Medic in the Paradigm. If you’re fighting against enemies who deal a lot of damage, you will eventually need to switch to a different Paradigm to heal your characters, such as Diversity (Commando, Ravager, Medic). In the next article in this series, I will cover the specific roles and their functions.

The real interest which this creates is that you must, at all times, be aware of the needs of your party and the weaknesses of your enemies so you can adjust the Paradigm appropriately. You lose a bit of efficiency when you Paradigm Shift (because characters cannot act during the shift), so you want to keep the changes to a minimum, but you also want to have the most effective roles for the moment. Most battles (especially as the game progresses) require frequent and well timed shifts, so it’s difficult to get bored.

The next article will cover staggering and the individual roles, so tune in next time to flesh out the skeleton I’ve given you here.

Everything About Farmville

A lot of my friends have asked me about Farmville. They wonder why the game is so popular and what it is all about. Farmville, as the name suggests, …

A lot of my friends have asked me about Farmville. They wonder why the game is so popular and what it is all about.

Farmville, as the name suggests, is about farming. The main objective of the player should be to grow as a farmer. As you play, you collect experience points or XP. The more XP you collect, the more experienced farmer you become and move into the next level. You collect XP when you plough and sow the seeds. You also collect XP when you buy new items from the market.

To buy the items, you will need coins and farm cash. You collect coins when you harvest your crop. This will be your primary source for coins. You can also collect coins when you harvest your trees and farm animals. Selling farm items is another source for collecting coins. However, these methods do not work for farm cash. Farm cash is earned only when you graduate to the next level.

It is quite an entertaining game where you get to learn new things at every level and can serve as a precursor for your farming skills, which you can utilize to the hilt and may even think of taking up farming after retirement or take it up as a career and get into the agriculture field for good measure. It is something that you would feel proud of in the near future and it would yield good financial results, compared to how much you can earn and lose as an agen judi online which completely depends on the player’s luck. 

There is another means to grow richer with coins and farm cash in Farmville. You can use your credit card to buy the coins and farm cash. However, I do not know much about it as I never purchased any coins or farm cash.

Once you collect enough coins, you can invest it in your farm. You can plough more farm patches and sow more seeds and thereby increase your profits. Increased profits will, in turn, allow you to purchase buildings and farm decorations, which will again bring you more XP. You can also buy trees and farm animals and harvest them for extra coins.

Easy Farmville Tips

If you’ve noticed, the subtitle reads ‘tips’ and not ‘tricks’. I chose the word ‘tips’ because there are no real secret tricks here. To get ahead in Farmville, you will have to work hard just like a real life farmer.

My first tip would be about staying focused. Farmville often brings out new themes and items such as, the Holiday theme, New Year’s and the Valentine’s Day theme. While it is fun to have a new theme and new items in the market, do not lose focus. You are primarily a farmer and must always stay one. Make most of the themes by growing the temporary high XP crops introduced then. But do not spend unnecessarily on the decorative items and buildings.

Secondly, do not ignore the ribbons, collectibles and the mastering stars. Every ribbon you earn, every collectible you collect and every mastery star brings more coins and XP. These act as a bonus. And since Farmville is all about growing as a farmer, the ribbon and a mastery star become all the more important.

Next tip is on time management. If you sow your seed at 8:30 AM, then grow Blueberries and harvest it by lunch time. You can then sow Aloe, which will be ready to harvest by the time you return home. And before you call it a day, plant Carrots or Cranberries to harvest them the next morning. Always make sure you harvest the crop before it withers. If you cannot return to Farmville often, then grow crops that stand for long, such as Cotton, Wheat and Water Melon.

Space management is also important. Do not fill your farm with buildings such as the library, school or lodge. Instead use the space to grow high XP crops.

Farmville is the best place to be a farmer. Unlike in the real world, we do not have to worry about bad weather, pests or poor crops. The least we could do to pay tribute to a hard working farmer is to think like one. A little common sense and intelligent use of resources is all it takes to get ahead in Farmville.