Closure Of Europe’s Oldest Casino Leaves Italy’s Historic Como Exclave In Crisis

There are many casinos in Europe and most of them are very popular and working well. The oldest casino in Europe is situated in a coastal city called Como. This was the largest employer in the municipality and this was closed putting the entire community in crisis. About 500 employees had not received their salary since July 2018 and the court ordered that the place is closed down in August 2018 as it had a debt of about €73 million according to the court filings.

The effects:

This is one of the many towns that are built depending on the single industry. There were not only workers who were directly employed to the casino. There were a lot of people indirectly dependent on the success of the casino. This fueled nearly everything in the village including restaurants, salons, bars, hotels and so on. Once this was closed, the whole place faced difficulties in getting what they need. The prosecutors conducted a proper deep investigation while the 200 creditors rushed to the court to get back at least a part of the money they owed. From a beautiful illumination and crowd at night, it turned into dark and dusty tables. It was on the news and Italy was left in a financial crisis. It took a very long time for them to get back to normal and start living their lives with proper income.

Though the gamblers just moved to online gambling like Judi online, these people found it very tough. They did not get any benefits for their loss. The people in Switzerland can get benefits from the government but people in Italy are still surviving to get back to normal and start surviving. The 30-day period set has passed without any actions. The workers are still thinking of what to do and what will happen next.